Car accidents happen almost every hour in Oklahoma. Despite the frequency of car accidents, most people involved in a car accident do not know what steps to take after a motor vehicle collision and do not want to participate in a lawsuit. Many of our clients are not the suing type, yet their damages and injuries are so great that they cannot accept the low car accident settlement offered by the insurance company.

Victims of car accidents are quickly confronted with painful or potentially severe injuries, which require expensive medical treatment and the stress and costs of replacing or repairing their vehicle. It is very important to understand the total damages you have suffered in order to negotiate your case from an education position. 

The Fierce Advocates at Cannon & Associates – Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyers created this overview to help you protect your interests and prepare you for being involved in negotiations. 

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How can a Fierce Car Accident Attorney help me?

A Fierce Advocate for a victim of a car accident can take many steps to help ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and damages that go far beyond medical bills and repairing your vehicle. The following is a list of some of the ways our Fierce Advocates can fight for you in your Oklahoma car accident case: 

  1. Investigate your car wreck: Our team will help investigate your car accident and identify the legally responsible party for your injuries and the crash itself. Often one party is responsible for the accident; however, in many instances there are multiple parties that played a role in the car accident. We will help you evaluate the negligent / responsible party.
  2. Identify Insurance Policies: our accident team will identify every insurance policy that may provide coverage for your accident and injuries. This process is more encompassing than determining which parties / insurance companies will be responsible for your claims.
  3. Collect all medical records: we will request, collect, and evaluate all medical records in your case to determine the full extent of your injuries and the likelihood of your recovery.
  4. Identify ALL your damages: we will identify all your costs, injuries, and damages in your car wreck. This is especially important, if you have been permanently disabled or you have had other life altering effects from your car wreck. We will collect opinions of medical and vocational consultants or experts on the projected impact of your injuries. Additionally, we will consult financial or economic professional, if necessary, to determine an accurate forecast of the long-term financial hardship that will be caused as a result of your car accident. Your diminished earning capacity or inability to return to your trade deserves fair compensation.
  5. File Insurance claims: we will file claims will all appropriate insurance companies and seek maximum compensation for you in a prompt settlement for your car accident. 
  6. File a Car Accident Lawsuit: we use our experience and Fierce Advocacy to fight for maximum, yet fair compensation for every client, which sometimes requires taking our client’s claims to Court. In a car wreck lawsuit, we seek compensation for our clients from the Fault parties, if a fair settlement cannot be reached. 
  7. Use FIERCE ADVOCACY to seek settlement for you: even after a car accident lawsuit is filed, the majority of cases settle during the discovery phase or motion phase of personal injury litigation. The laws concerning discovery in Oklahoma afford attorneys the ability to seek a very wide range of information with questions (Interrogatories), Requests for Admissions, and request for Production of documents and other material. As the evidence and issues in the case become clear, settlements often result from insurance companies realizing the strength of our client’s cases. 
  8. Use FIERCE ADVOCACY to Fight in Court: Although most car accident claims are settled outside of court, it is crucial to know the car accident attorney you hire is an experienced trial attorney and ready to fight for you. We have tried many cases with successful outcomes for our clients and will fight for you, if necessary. 

Do I need to speak to an Attorney before the Insurance Company?

Yes, you should seek the advice of a personal injury attorney prior to speaking to insurance companies, especially for other drivers. An insurance adjustor working your car accident will likely contact you before you see this information; however, it is very important that you do not give a statement, sign an agreement, or accept payment from an insurance company; without the advice of an experienced car accident lawyer in Oklahoma. 

Insurance adjustors do not know how serious your injuries are or the accident you suffered. The insurance adjustor will consider the facts available immediately following your accident and make a low-ball offer based on prior similar accidents in easily settled car accident cases. Additionally, regardless of the insurance company, they work for a business that wants to be profitable, i.e. your interest in an adequate settlement is not their priority. 

The experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyers at Cannon & Associates can and will help you identify the full extent of your injuries. We will fight to assist you in receiving compensation to address your damages and injuries. It is our goal that every client ends representation with us in their car accident case with no debt associated with the accident and compensation to reimburse or address all the damage done by the car wreck suffered. 

How do I know How Much my Car Accident Case is Worth?

This is the most common and unfortunately most complex question in personal injury practice; however, there are factors to consider with your personal injury lawyer to help determine a fair estimate on what your damages are worth. The primary factors in determining the value of a car accident case in Oklahoma are the severity of injuries suffered and the long-term consequences/likelihood of recovery. The most common damages compensated in car accident cases fall under the following: 

  • Medical: medical bills, doctor appointments, prescriptions, physical therapy, rehabilitation expenses, and estimates on future medical expenses and treatment.
  • Lost Income: compensation for lost income, reduction in earning capacity due to inability to return to skilled position, and other employment related compensation.
  • Property Damage: repair or total loss of a vehicle and diminished value claims.
  • Pain and Suffering: compensation for pain and suffering sustained by you and your family as a result of the injuries you have experienced and their secondary effects. 
  • Punitive Damages: in some cases, i.e. bad faith on the part of the insurance company, you may be entitled to punitive damages to punish the at-fault party, i.e. driver or insurance company. 

What will our Firm do in your Car Accident Case?

We are dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for every family and client we have the pleasure to serve. Many of our clients have never been involved in litigation; and would prefer not to be involved in litigation. However, in order to receive proper compensation for a serious car accident, you will likely need to employ a car accident lawyer. 

We strive to come into our client’s cases, at one of the most difficult times in their life and take over the stressful and exacting timelines of seeking compensation in a personal injury claim. Our dedicated team of Fierce Advocates will fight for you and provide at the minimum the following assistance: 

  • First, provide free in-depth case evaluation: we meet with every potential new client for a free confidential case evaluation. You have no obligation to hire our firm and you owe us nothing for sitting down to discuss your personal injury case and your options. We will meet you in our office, your home, your hospital room, or another convenient location.
  • Second, you pay us nothing, unless we recovery for you: we will handle all the upfront costs of investigating your car accident case, filing all claims on your behalf, requesting medical records, without you paying anything, unless we obtain a judgement or settlement on your behalf. Our compensation is contingent or based upon your choice to accept a settlement or the judgment we help you win. Our compensation is clearly stated in our initial contract and we are very motivated to fight for our clients, because if you do not succeed; we receive nothing either. 
  • Third, file all claims: we will file all necessary paperwork and correspondence for insurance claims, to obtain police reports, 911 calls, medical reports, treatment records, medical bills, and all witnesses to your case.
  • Fourth, always communicate with you: we will answer your calls and return your emails in a timely manner. You are always welcome to schedule a phone or office consultation; however, you will be updated anytime there is a development in your case. 
  • Fifth, help you find reliable resources: being involved in a serious car accident will cause you to need services you may not expect and we will help you find them and make appointments for services: specialized medical care, rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, chiropractic services, vehicle repairs, etc.  
  • Sixth, you play a key role in your case: anytime the opposing party send a settlement offer to our office, we will schedule a consult with you to explain the settlement offer and the pros or cons of accepting the offer. You alone decide whether or not to accept any settlement offer. We will ensure you understand the offer and if you want to go to court, we will be your Fierce Advocates. 
  • Finally, protect you from 3rd parties: you will be contacted by multiple parties during a serious car accident case. It can be overwhelming with the number of insurance adjustors, creditors, car repair companies, and claim adjustors that are trying to contact you. Once you retain our firm, we will protect you from their onslaught. You can bring any of your questions about your car accident or injuries to us and we will be your Fierce Advocates. 

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Experience matters when you or a loved one has been injured or died as a result of the negligence of someone in a vehicle accident in Oklahoma. It is important to know the Oklahoma personal injury lawyer you hire is dedicated to your cause and versed in all aspects of car accident law in Oklahoma. Cannon & Associates is dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for accident victims and will fight for you. Founder John Cannon has been recognized as a Super Lawyer and Top 40 under 40. Contact Cannon & Associates to protect your rights and fight for compensation in your car accident case in Oklahoma. Complete the CONTACT FORM ON THIS PAGE NOW or CALL at 1(405) 657-2323 for a free confidential case evaluation.