The number of nursing home residents in Oklahoma and the lack of oversight in most facilities points towards an unfortunately likelihood for abuse and neglect. Fortunately, the majority of residents are treated with respect and receive proper medical care; however, for those that do not, the consequences are dire and even life threatening. 

Nursing home abuse is a serious issue and is hard to spot. More and more Americans are reaching the age to enter nursing homes and senior living centers, which makes this issue even more concerning. The majority of elder abuse occurs at the hands of caretakers that are employed by nursing homes. Nursing home lawyers and abuse attorneys aim to help victims and their families seek damages and compensation for personal injury claims to help the healing process and the substantial medical expenses that come from some nursing home abuse cases. 

One in six adults over the age of sixty has experienced nursing home abuse according to the World Health Organization, which is an alarming statistic. Although this area of personal injury cannot be stopped, it can be responded to swiftly and decisively. Our Fierce Advocates at Cannon & Associates are dedicated to your cause and will fight for you and your family in your nursing home abuse or personal injury case. Contact Cannon & Associates to protect your rights and fight for compensation in your car accident case in Oklahoma. Complete the CONTACT FORM ON THIS PAGE NOW or CALL at 1(405) 657-2323 for a free confidential case evaluation.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Many images come to mind when we think of nursing home abuse cases, such as a caretaker physically attacking a patient; however, negligence or lack of care is one of the most common forms of nursing home abuse. There are a number of ways that nursing home abuse occurs, including the following types of nursing home abuse: 






Are there signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

Although nursing home abuse is difficult to detect, it is possible to spot signs of abuse against a loved one. Some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse include unexplained bruising or scars and defensiveness or fear on the part of your loved one.  A more obvious sign of abuse is serious injuries, such as broken bones or bed sores. Dehydration is a common problem in nursing homes or elder care in general. Nursing Home neglect comes in many forms, such as failure to provide medication, failure to provide proper hygienic care, i.e. soiled bed sheets or any other unsanitary conditions.  Sexual abuse is unfortunately very difficult to detect as it typically occurs in private; however, signs of a struggle or injuries can indicate this type of elder abuse. You should contact a nursing home abuse attorney to weight your options, if you believe a love one has suffered nursing home abuse or neglect.  

What can a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Oklahoma do for me?

The Fierce Advocates at Cannon & Associates can explain your families options and the process of fighting a nursing home negligence or abuse case. Our team of personal injury lawyers will help you understand the steps you can take in your personal case and will answer all of your questions. Our team of Fierce Advocates for nursing home abuse clients will assist you in seeking compensatory damages for the negligence or willful misconduct of a caretaker and/or the nursing home responsible for your loved one’s care. The types of compensation we often see, includes:


One of the most common types of medical expenses as a result of nursing home negligence is Decubitus Ulcers or Pressure Ulcers, also known as “bed sores”. These injuries occur from prolonged pressure to the skin from lack of movement. Decubitus Ulcers most frequently occur in the areas in the areas of the body with bone close to the skin, i.e. hips, tailbone, and ankles. 

Treatment for one bed sore can exceed $100,000. A price that should certainly not fall on the family of a nursing home patient. Treatment includes surgery and constant care to ensure proper healing and no unnecessary pressure on the area. Our team can assist you in ensuring the responsible party is held accountable to pay for the costs of your medical bills. 


The trauma of nursing home negligence can last for years. Scars or burns can cause permanent disfigurement. Additionally, becoming disabled from the negligence of a nursing home caretaker or nursing home facility can result in a disability that will last the rest of your loved one’s life. We seek to hold these individual’s accountable for the life altering damages caused by their negligence. 


The unquantifiable injury or damage caused by nursing home negligence is sought to be compensated in pain and suffering damages. Whether nursing home abuse is physical, emotional, or sexual; the pain endured by your loved one must be compensated. 

Fierce Advocates for Nursing Home Negligence Victims

Our Fierce Advocates and team of personal injury lawyers will identify the issues in your case, answer your questions, and help you find the path to seek compensation for the damage caused by nursing home negligence. Our elder community is vulnerable to abuse and neglect and we stand for their rights and to respond when they are abused or neglected. 

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Experience matters when you or a loved one has been injured or died as a result of nursing home negligence or abuse. It is important to know the Oklahoma personal injury lawyer you hire is dedicated to your cause and versed in all aspects of nursing home law and damages in Oklahoma. Cannon & Associates is dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for accident victims and will fight for you. Founder John Cannon has been recognized as a Super Lawyer and Top 40 under 40. Contact Cannon & Associates to protect your rights and fight for compensation. Complete the CONTACT FORM ON THIS PAGE NOW or CALL at 1(405) 657-2323 for a free confidential case evaluation.