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Staff in Nursing Homes in Oklahoma

Staff is a history problem in nursing homes and is a major contributing factor in unnecessary nursing home injuries in Oklahoma. Even “luxury” or highly expensive nursing care facilities are understaffed on a regular basis. It is difficult to staff nursing homes in Oklahoma. The training requirements are less intensive than hospital requirements, which results in compensation being lower. Unfortunately, a common result in the lower level of compensation for nursing home staff is a reducing in focus/attention to care for residents, overwhelming turnover, and lower competency levels in care providers. 

Statistics compiled by the Oklahoma Department of Health in July 2019 reflect 298 licensed nursing home facilities in Oklahoma with 28,675 beds for nursing home patients. This number may not seem high; however, when the issues referenced above are suffered by some or many of these facilities; there are potentially over 20,000 seniors living in Oklahoma at risk of neglect or elder abuse. Tragically, multiple nursing home residents sustain serious or fatal injuries due to neglect and abuse in Oklahoma. This is a tragedy Cannon & Associates is dedicated to addressing. 

Staffing Problems in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes in Oklahoma and across the country are run on skeleton crews with more than 20 patients being assigned to one staffer for upwards of 12 hour shifts. Training is often rushed or worse not completed. The result of understaffing and lack of training, even in a well-intended nursing home, is under trained staff being in charge of the care and safety of dozens of residents with mental, emotional, and physical issues that need proper attention and care. This too often leads to nursing home neglect or even violence. 

Qualified nursing home staff is difficult to find and has become a very competitive field for nursing home administrators. The lower paying and demanding work of nursing homes turns many capable candidates to pursue other types of medical care professions. Some nursing homes are forced to hire incompetent or just bad employees. These types of nursing home care providers put residents at risk.

Response to Staffing Problems in Nursing Homes

As a result of the above-mentioned staffing problems, nursing homes and senior care facilities across Oklahoma are understaffed. Additionally, the nursing homes have staff that is undertrained and under supervised. This creates a perfect storm for neglect of residents and elder abuse, which may result in the death of residents. 


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