Manipulative Tricks Used by Insurance Companies  against Car Accident Victims

All drivers on Oklahoma roads are required to have certain minimum insurance coverage. This means an average driver spends a few hundred dollars monthly to safeguard themselves or a third party in the event of a car accident or motorcycle accident.

However, drivers may be met with a dead-end in the aftermath of a car accident if the insurance company tries to deny them damages to compensate for their injuries or loss. Getting ahead of insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and their tactics will require that you take note of the variety of steps used to confuse car accident victims and ultimately trick them out of the full worth of their car accident claims.

Below are some of the common tricks and tactics used by insurance companies and insurance adjusters:

Pressure to make a Recorded Statement

In most cases after an accident, drivers will be required to contact their insurance company to report the accident. The insurance company will, in turn, request a written or recorded statement from the driver regarding the crash.

Drivers must understand they are not required to answer this request or potentially demand from their insurance company. To protect your interest, you should also never agree to speak with an auto insurance adjuster ahead of speaking with your car accident lawyer.

Insurance adjusters have their loyalty sworn to the insurance company they work for and the insurance company’s bottom line. This means that they may work to ensure you give up damaging statements that could potentially harm your claim. However, if you agree to a meeting with an insurance adjuster, it is recommended you exercise the utmost caution when it comes to answering leading questions. The following are specific questions to be cautious of from an insurance adjuster:

  1. Were you on your phone when the crash occurred?
  2. Did you have your seatbelt on at the time of the crash?
  3. Did you experience any health challenges before the car crash?
  4. Were you distracted during the accident?
  5. Have you ever been in an accident similar to this before?
  6. Where were you looking when the crash occurred?

All of these questions, harmless as they may appear, can count against you and your auto accident claim, if you give any information to point towards your fault for the accident.

Insurance companies record EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PHONE CALLS and will use them against you in court, if you don’t settle your car accident claim. It is very important that you are very careful of what you say over the phone to any insurance company.

Requesting your medical records

Insurance companies care too much about themselves to request a copy of your medical records in your interest. Instead, a copy of your medical records in the hands of an insurance company opens you up to a barrage of scrutiny. The insurance company will work overtime to cast a shadow of doubt on the injuries you suffered from the accident, attributing it to existing medical conditions or lifestyle choices.

Existing or pre-existing injuries are those which you suffered from prior to the accident. Insurance companies will try to reduce the damage claim for your car accident by claiming you suffered from the injuries you are complaining of now before your car accident. This is done in part by scrutinizing your medical history / medical records for signs of pre-existing injuries that were not caused by your car accident. When insurance adjusters can prove you had an injury before your accident, they will argue your damages are reduced and unrelated to the accident.

It is recommended you seek proper legal advice from your car accident attorney when your insurance company makes a request for your medical records or a release to obtain your medical records after a car accident.

Promoting against medical treatment

Insurance companies are mostly unwilling to part with money, no matter how small. To make this case for themselves, the insurance company may argue that obtaining some or all of your medical treatment for injuries sustained as a result of the car accident was unnecessary.

To further drive this point home, the insurance company may make known its intention to pay some or none of the medical bills incurred by the victim. While an insurance company won’t directly say they will not pay for medical bills or medical treatment; they may employ tactics in the form of labeling your necessary medical car after your car accident, as “overly expensive medical care” for the nature of the injury sustained. You should listen to the advice of training medical professionals in determining the course of treatment for. Your injuries following an auto accident; not the insurance company. It is very important to seek the advice and treatment of an orthopedic doctor or chiropractor shortly after your accident to insure your injuries are properly diagnosed and treated.


Having a qualified car accident attorney in your corner will insolate or protect you from these and other tactics of insurance adjusters. Additionally, an experienced car accident attorney will protect you from the pressure and stress of directly interacting with the insurance company to help you receive the full amount due in compensation.

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