Car accidents happen every hour in Oklahoma. Despite the frequency of car accidents, most people involved in a car accident do not know what steps to take after a motor vehicle collision and do not want to participate in a lawsuit. Many of our clients are not the suing type, yet their damages and injuries are so great that they cannot accept the low car accident settlement offered by the insurance company.

Victims of car accidents are quickly confronted with painful or potentially severe injuries, which require expensive medical treatment and the stress and costs of replacing or repairing their vehicle. It is very important to understand the total damages you have suffered in order to negotiate your case from an education position. 

The Fierce Advocates at Cannon & Associates – Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyers created this overview to help you protect your interests and prepare you for being involved in negotiations. 

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Factors that determine the value of your Car Accident Case

One of the most common questions we receive from clients or future clients that have been involved in a car wreck is “What is my car accident claim worth?” There are a number of factors that contribute to your potential recovery, which sounds like a lawyer answer; however, it is true! Although it is a complex process when you have been injured by the negligence of another driver, the following three factors play the biggest role in determining potential recovery in car accident claims in Oklahoma:

  • Liability
  • Damages
  • Source of Recovery


Liability is a legal term for the determination of “who is responsible for causing your car accident?” We have found the majority of people doing the research that leads them to our website or this resource are the victims of a car accident and likely the other party was at fault for your accident or the accident your loved one suffered. 

However, as any other area of law, your ability to present a compelling story to the jury, in this instance as to the fault of the other driver, your ability to recover will be greatly diminished or even jeopardized.  That is only one reason that it is so important to hire an experienced Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney with experience in investigating liability and building your case for the fault determination. 


In most cases, a car accident victim’s injuries or damages play the biggest role in determining the value or potential worth of the car accident claim. The most common factor in calculating car accident victim’s claims are related to the cost of medical treatment that has occurred and the projected cost of future medical care that is a result of the car accident or the motor vehicle crash. Medical bills and medical records are used to support this type of damages. 

Your car accident’s impact on your ability to work and your ability to make money is another major factor in the damages or value of your car accident case. This type of damages in a car accident case Another area of damages comes from your ability to earn money. This includes all past lost wages due to your injuries as well as future loss of income and/or loss of earning capacity. The total amount of your missed work and the income you have missed out on earning will affect the value of your car accident claim. 

This is one factor that is not equal for each car accident victim. Those that make more in their profession have a larger loss as it relates to income in many car accident claims. Therefore, the severity of your injuries or your inability to work can be a. Depending on your profession and the severity of your injuries, this can be a major cause of damages.

Additionally, any permanent impact from your accident contributes to your car accident damages claim. If you are scarred or disfigured, it will have an impact on your car accident case. The impact of your injury determines the impact it has on the value of your case. The damages for a permanent injury that is larger, more severe, and more noticeable will impact the value of the damages in your case. A sadly common example is large scars covering the face of car accident victims that will increase car accident damages in the case.  


Damages are not the same as recover, period. You will only recover what insurance or collectible assets will cover. Even with damages over a million dollars, you can only recover what the only party can cover with insurance and assets. In most instances, this will be limited to what amount of liability insurance that the other party has, in fact it can be as low as $25,000 in Oklahoma for insurance coverage.

Overall, many factors go into how much your car accident claim is worth.  It is best to work with experienced personal injury counsel who can help you evaluate your claim. For a consultation, please contact our Fierce Advocates.

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