What are Statutory Violations in Car Accidents?

Every state has passed certain statutes that regulate how drivers must operate their vehicles on public roads. This is done for safety reasons, and so that drivers can be aware of what behavior is expected of them. In Oklahoma, there are many statutes that regulate how a driver is expected to act. Ten familiar statutes that drivers are required to follow in Oklahoma include:

Ten Most Common Traffic Violations in Car Accidents

  1. Obeying traffic signs, signals, markings
  2. Respecting pedestrians, highway workers, and animal drawn vehicles
  3. Driving on the right side of the road
  4. Using their signals when overtaking a vehicle on the left
  5. Wearing seatbelts in the front seats
  6. Respecting the right of way of other persons and cars
  7. Obeying police officers
  8. Exercising due care
  9. Stopping for school buses
  10. Respecting speed limits

A full list of statutes can be found on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network, here:

Car Accidents and Traffic Violations

If a driver violates any of these statutes, they can be liable for civil or criminal charges. The most basic might be a traffic warning or ticket for speeding. These infractions can cost a driver from $10 to $500 dollars, or even more if the violation is extreme. However, the charges can amplify if the violations are more serious, or cause serious damages, such as leaving the scene of an accident or drunk driving. Serious violations can cost hundreds of dollars, raise your insurance premiums, add point to your driving record, potentially revoke your license or even give you jail time. 

If a driver violates a statute, they are typically presumed to be negligent, which can make that driver liable if they get into a car accident. In most cases, traffic accidents include at least one, if not many traffic violations. The fault determination in a car accident is partially based on obeying or violating traffic laws. It is important to know the car accident lawyer you hire is competent in car accident laws and can assist you in evaluating the fault determination and help make your claim that the other driver was the at-fault driver. 

Fault Determinations in Car Accidents

When fault is at question, your negligence claim can be minimized or damages, if the insurance company claims the other party was not at-fault for the accident or specifically that you were at fault for the accident. Oklahoma is a Fault State, meaning you can only recover damages for an accident, if you were less than 50% at fault for your accident.  Violating a traffic code or statute can impact your claim for damages in motor vehicle accidents. It is important to understand the laws and protect your interest and claim for damages by hiring a competent car accident personal injury lawyer. Hiring the right Oklahoma car accident lawyer that is a Fierce Advocate will help protect your claim and your award of damages in your car accident personal injury case. 


Violating a motor vehicle statute in Oklahoma can come with some heavy costs. Without an experienced car accident attorney, your journey may be more difficult and you may face liability for the accident. The car accident lawyers at Cannon & Associates are FIERCE ADVOCATES who will fight for your rights in a statutory violation car accident case. Cannon & Associates has the experience you need for your car accident case and can help make this process easier for your and your family. 

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