As an Oklahoma City personal injury attorney, many clients ask how they can obtain the
maximize their personal injury settlement or jury verdict after suffering an injury in a car
accident. Many factors determine the value of an Oklahoma personal injury case. In fact, you can
have a major impact on recovery in your personal injury claim, if you follow the tips below.

In most instances, the largest personal injury verdicts and settlements are reserved for accidents involving serious and life altering injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, lost limbs, and unfortunately the loss of life. No one wants to experience one of these events; however, if you or a loved one has been the victim of someone’s negligence resulting in serious personal injury, it is important you follow these tips to maximize your family’s compensation for the damage caused.

The following are 15 ways to maximize compensation for your car accident settlement in
Oklahoma. However, most of this advice can apply to any personal injury claim:


Immediately after your accident you may be in shock; however, in the hours following the
accident you should take time to write down everything you can remember from the scene, while
the event is fresh in your memory. Your memory will shift or fade partially as time passes, which is part of the reason it is so important to write down everything from your accident as soon as possible.

The other driver or witnesses at the scene may have made statements to support the fact that you
were not at fault; however, the longer you wait to record this information, the less likely you are to accurately record the statements. If the other driver made admissions or apologized for
causing the accident, these are important admissions that will influence the insurance company’s
approach in accepting coverage and providing you compensation for your injury.

Write down the weather, the scene events, the witnesses names and contact information. Write
down the vehicle information, business involved, and insurance information, if equipment or a
commercial driver were involved in your accident. No detail is too small; simply write down
everything you can possibly remember.

An accident report by a police officer should be completed as well, which will document more
information about the scene of your accident, insurance information, witnesses present, and a
fault determination, which can be used in your favor in your personal injury claim. It is important you request an accident report be created at the scene.


In the digital age we live in, almost every person has a digital camera on them at all times. The prevalence of cellphones with high quality cameras makes it even easier to document the scene of any accident. You should take photographs of your vehicle, the at fault vehicle, the overall scene of the accident, and any other photographs to document as much as possible. These
photographs can be used by your personal injury attorney to help build your case or claim for
maximum compensation in your personal injury case.


Medical bills and lost income are easily documented and your personal injury attorney can
support claims for recovery in these areas with bills and earning statements; however,
documenting pain and suffering is more complicated. The at fault party in your personal injury
accident is responsible for non-economic damages in your claim, including your pain and

It may take months or ever years to resolve your personal injury claim, if a lawsuit is necessary and it can be difficult to remember all of the impact of your injuries. You should build a written record of the impact of your injury, in the months between your injury and the time you will be called upon to testify or describe the impact of your injury.

Your injury journal should include dates of headaches, medication taken, emotional struggles,
nightmares, your pain and suffering, and any other impact of your injury or the accident that is
not captured in medical records. You should also document activities and hobbies you
participated in before your accident and what you can or cannot do in those areas now. The
mental impact of a personal injury accident should be documented as well, such as periods of
sadness, your frustration, feelings of discouragement, and anything related to your rehabilitation.


Your health and the strength of your personal injury claim depend on you seeking early and
thorough medical treatment following your personal injury accident. When you receive prompt
and thorough medical treatment you will build a record of the pain, suffering, and injuries you
are facing in close proximity to the accident. The connection and close time window between
your injuries and the accident is crucial for building a strong personal injury claim.

Insurance companies strive to find ways to deny their at-fault party is responsible for your
injuries and suffering. When you delay medical treatment, the at-fault insurance company will
likely try to claim your injuries came from a separate event or you would have reported to a
hospital or medical provider earlier. The at-fault insurance company is out to save the insurance company money, not to ensure you receive compensation to cover all your expenses and non- economic damages.

Better safe than sorry is a truism in personal injury as it related to medical care. Nothing is lost by going to the emergency room to be evaluated by a physician after your accident. You should follow up with your primary care physical as soon as possible and have scans, such as an MRI performed, which will show damage, which you may not be able to feel.


It is very important to be open and honest with your doctor and their staff about every pain point you have at every appointment. Medical staff are trained to document everything patients
complaint about during an appointment and everything related to your condition. For example,
your doctor may record comments such as “I feel great today” or “I’m much better”, if you make
such statements during a visit. Similarly, the doctor will record statements such as “I can’t
sleep”, my back “hurts constantly”, or “it hurts every time I take a step.”

When the insurance adjuster receives your medical records, you do not want them to include
comments like “I feel great today” or lack a complete picture of your injuries and your pain and
suffering. If you have a condition that has bothered you since your personal injury accident, but you did not discuss it with any of your medical providers, the insurance adjuster will ignore your claim or fight over whether or not you are lying about the condition.

It is important for your physical recovery and your personal injury claim that you tell your doctor about all of your medical conditions and symptoms related to your personal injury accident. Your doctor’s ability to corroborate every symptom and complaint you make great increases your credibility in your personal injury claim.


Doing what your doctor orders you to do may seem very simple; however, it is unfortunately
common. Your failure to follow your doctor’s orders will negatively impact your recovery and it
will hurt your personal injury claim. Additionally, your electronic medical records kept by your
doctor’s office are discoverable by the insurance adjuster.

The insurance company defendant will use your failure to follow all of your doctor’s orders
against you in your personal injury claim. The insurance adjuster will see your medical records
and will seek to limit your liability, if you did not follow your doctor’s orders following your


Treatment is important for your physical improvement following an injury; however, there are
multiple reasons to build a relationship with your treatment providers beyond medical care. Your
treatment providers and doctors may be the most important witnesses in your personal injury
case. They have personal knowledge of your injuries, your treatment, and the future impact of
your injuries. Additionally, if you have a good relationship with your doctors they may want to
help you with their testimony. Your personal injury attorney can subpoena doctors and make
them appear in court; however, their testimony will be much more powerful and beneficial to
your personal injury claim, if they like you.


Insurance company adjusters will often offer some amount of money to try and make your claim
go away before you realize your full damages and the full impact of your injury. Your lost
income, future lost income, and lost earning capacity are a major component of your damages
and resulting compensation. However, it takes time to identify the full impact of your injury and the maximum amount of damages you can seek compensation for in your personal injury claim.


One of the best types of evidence of damages is medical expenses, including past and future
medical expenses. Failing to make medical appointments and doctor’s appointments following
your injury accident will negatively impact your personal injury settlement. You must be
consistent in attending your medical appointments, in order to maximize your personal injury
settlement. Doctor’s offices keep records of missed appointments and the insurance company
defending your personal injury claim will capitalize on your failure to keep your medical


You will lose all credibility with the insurance adjuster and the court, if you provide false claims regarding your injuries. Often times injured parties don’t lie, but simply exaggerate the severity of their injuries. Nothing will cause a faster downturn in your settlement than lying about the severity of your injuries after an accident.

You can and should refuse to give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster, unless you
have already discussed it with your personal injury attorney and they can be present with you.
The insurance company will attempt to lure you into communicating with them, on a recorded
line, to build a case against paying your fair compensation for your injuries. In fact, speaking
with the insurance company at all without an attorney is not necessary. You should not speak to
the other driver’s insurance company without first consulting with an experienced Oklahoma
personal injury attorney.


As you evaluate your injuries and damages, don’t forget to include your future damages and
expected damages that you may incur as a result of your personal injury. For example, if you
suffered a traumatic brain injury you will likely have lifelong impacts from your injuries. You
must include your future medical expenses, lost of future earnings, and all other types of
negative impact in evaluating your damages.

Our Fierce Advocates have experience evaluating this aspect of damages and information for
how much each of these procedures should cost with inflation being taken into account. Our
Oklahoma personal injury attorneys will fight to recover compensation for you that will cover
these future expenses in your settlement.


It is not enough to tell the insurance adjuster or other party that the settlement offer is
insufficient. In order to support your case, you will need to specifically state why the proposed settlement is not enough. You should include your employment records, medical records, and proposed additional expenses, economic damages, and non-economic damages to support your

By providing support for your damages claim in your injury case, you demonstrate the strength
of your personal injury claim to the insurance adjuster and decision makers. Additionally, when
you propose a good faith settlement offer for policy limits or less and the insurance adjuster
rejects your claim, you may expose the insurance company to a bad faith claim that can result in
damages beyond policy limits.


It is important to be patient whether your personal injury claim is resolved by a settlement with the insurance company or through a personal injury lawsuit in litigation. Insurance company
adjusters are training to be polite and show concern for you, while working to minimize your

Insurance adjusters are training to try and convince you to settle your claim with the insurance
company, without hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you and defend your interests.
The insurance adjuster will offer you some amount of money to convince you to settle your
claim; however, you must be patient. You only have one opportunity to settle your claim for pain
suffering and the damages you may have that will last for years. An experienced personal injury
attorney will protect your interests and fight for you to receive maximum compensation in your
personal injury claim.

Personal injury litigation can take a long time. It is important to use the time you have in
preparing your personal injury case for trial to gather information, follow-up on medical records, identify witnesses and write down all the details you can that are relevant to your case. Most litigated personal injury cases involve discovery, which involves providing records and answering questions from the opposing party or the insurance company. It is very important to your personal injury case that you take discovery seriously and respond with the advice of your personal injury attorney.


Social media is a common forum for people to state their frustrations with any number of issues,
including the details and players in your personal injury claim. It is very important to your case that you avoid speaking about your case and any of the participants on social media. You can hurt your chances at maximizing your compensation for your injuries and damages, if you make
inappropriate statements or admissions on social media.

Most social media content is never deleted, i.e. any statements you make about your case will
likely be found by the opposing party and used against you. Additionally, you pain and suffering
claims will be attacked by the insurance company, if you are on social media in a video living
your best life. You can continue to use social media, if you are fighting a personal injury claim; however, be smart about what you post. One thought is to consider, if you are okay with the insurance company seeing each post you make, while your car accident or personal injury
lawsuit is pending.


Many benefits come from hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to help fight your
personal injury claim. Most personal injury cases settle before trial; however, the amount they
settle for and how they are settled depends largely on your personal injury attorney’s preparation and ability to take your case to trial. An experienced personal injury attorney will give you sound legal advice at each step of the process to help counter the insurance company’s legal defense team and adjusters that are seeking to minimize your recovery.

Insurance companies are for profit business, which means they want to minimize settlement and
judgment amounts to maximize their annual profit. Often the insurance company will delay
making a fair settlement offer or accepting a fair settlement offer until the eve of trial or deep into litigation. The Oklahoma personal injury litigation process can be long and complex, which is why it is so important to know and trust your experienced personal injury counsel.

Your Oklahoma personal injury attorney will perform a number of important tasks to increase
your chance of maximizing your settlement, including: an independent investigation of the
accident, collecting and preserving evidence, identifying and interviewing witnesses, speaking
with the insurance company and insurance adjusters on your behalf, handling all aspects of your
personal injury case, while you focus on your medical treatment.

Maximizing your Damages

Maximizing your compensation in your personal injury settlement or personal injury lawsuit is
greatly impacted by your actions. The process may take longer than you want; however, if you
are prepared and take a proactive approach to building your case and your claim for damages in
your personal injury case, you will increase your compensation.

Our team of Fierce Advocates and Oklahoma personal injury attorneys is ready to walk you
through the process of building your personal injury damages claim. Hiring an experienced
Oklahoma City personal injury attorney and following these steps will help you maximize the
recovery in your personal injury claim, whether your injuries were caused by an accident
involving a truck, motorcycle, car, bus, or any other cause.

It is important you are open and honest with your personal injury attorney regarding everything
in your case. It is always better for your attorney to be aware of weaknesses in your personal
injury case than to find out on the eve of trial, mediation, or settlement about a problem that the insurance adjuster or insurance defense attorney knows, but your personal injury attorney does

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