When car accident injuries are being discussed, whiplash is certainly one of the most misunderstood injuries suffered by auto accident victims. One of the common misunderstandings about this injury is that it is possible to sustain a whiplash injury from a low-impact car accident. When compensation is being sought for this injury in such an accident case, it raises the questions.

While not all whiplash injuries qualify as a personal injury case, many reasons exist as to why an individual may choose to pursue a lawsuit after suffering a whiplash injury.

Here at Cannon & Associates, we are dedicated to fierce advocacy for all injury victims, including car accident cases that have resulted in whiplash injuries and have also represented the interest of these clients who desperately require the assistance of experienced attorneys to win compensation for the payment of their mounting medical bills as well as other special treatments.

Causes and effects of whiplash injuries

Whiplash can also be referred to as neck hyperextension or cervical sprain. This injury is a soft tissue injury that mostly occurs during a car accident. While whiplash injuries can also be sustained from extreme sports, major falls, or other accidents that impact the head and neck region, most of the common cases have been attributed to car accidents.

During the impact of the accident, the force of the collision causes the head to violently snap back and forth this results in a sprain and tear of the delicate neck tissues that hold the head in place. When not properly treated, whiplash injuries may become a precursor for long-term nerve and muscle damage.

Common signs of whiplash injury

Some of the common symptoms that have been associated with whiplash injury include:

  • Ringing sound in the ears
  • Constant headaches
  • Balance and equilibrium issues
  • Memory loss
  • Stiffness in the jaw and Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Nausea, vomiting, and dizziness
  • Rigid neck muscles
  • Chronic pain in the head and neck region.

It is important to note that the initial effects or symptoms of a whiplash injury may not be evident in the aftermath of the accident as the body is pumped full of adrenaline which temporarily shuts down the pain. However, the injury may manifest differently hours or days after the accident, depending on factors like health condition, medical history, degree of impact, and more.

The Claims Process

It is important to note that only an attorney can accurately advise a whiplash injury victim on the best method to adopt to pursue legal claims relating to this type of injury. Working with an attorney increases the chances of getting the due amount in compensation based on the level of pain and suffering, medical bills, and the severity of the injury.

How Much to Expect As Settlement In A Whiplash Injury Case?

Whiplash injury claims result in settlement offers that vary greatly based on a number of factors. In most cases of a mild or moderate whiplash injury, the victim may receive between $2,500 and $10,000.

However, in severe or serious cases that require extensive treatment including physical therapy over several months, the defendant may receive more compensation.

For victims who have suffered more damaging effects to their vertebrae or nerves, compensation may climb above $100,000.

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