Nursing home abuse is one of the worst types of crimes because it often involves victimizing people who cannot care for themselves or even speak up about the way they are being mistreated. If you have a loved one who has been the victim of this type of abuse in Oklahoma City, you will need to hire an attorney with the experience and skill to hold the people responsible accountable for their actions.

Most people whose job it is to care for others are loving, compassionate people who take their jobs seriously. But unfortunately, that is not true for all caregivers. Some people will abuse and neglect those in their care, and it is important that they are held accountable to show others that this behavior is unacceptable. Hiring the right lawyer to help you is the first step in getting the appropriate response for your loved one.

7 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Oklahoma City

1. Justice

Abuse in nursing homes is a terrible crime, and victims are often unable to advocate for themselves. Nursing homes and skilled care facilities are trusted to provide loving care to people who can no longer care for themselves. These are often elderly people who have given to others throughout their lives. They may have raised families, served their country, and taken care of people themselves.

These people who have been abused deserve justice, and we can help make sure they get that help. No amount of litigation can reverse abuse or make the effects of abuse disappear. However, appropriate legal action can provide justice and be part of lowering the overall incidence of nursing home abuse by making it clear that abusive actions have serious consequences.

2. Negotiation

Whenever you are involved in any type of litigation, you will need to engage in negotiation. This can be a very difficult experience, especially if you are not an expert at negotiating deals and settlements. In a case of nursing home abuse, you will find yourself interacting with lawyers from insurance companies whose job is to make sure your loved one gets as little compensation as possible and does not get the justice they deserve.

To be sure that you get the proper outcome in your case, you will want to hire an attorney who has a great deal of experience and knowledge in negotiation and can be tough when it comes to getting the proper settlement in your case. Don’t try to negotiate with insurance companies on your own. Trust an attorney who can help you get the most out of your case and get justice for your abused loved one.

3. Compensation

Your case against the party that abused your loved one will likely end in compensation for your loved one and your family. The law can be complicated when it comes to determining what is appropriate compensation for someone who has been the victim of abuse. You may not know how much money to ask for or what would be an appropriate amount that would be awarded by a judge.

An attorney who is experienced in this area will know exactly how much compensation your loved one and your family are entitled to for the abuse that was experienced. They will fight for that amount and not allow insurance company lawyers to convince them to settle for less than you deserve. When you use a competent attorney, you will know that you are getting the most for your case.

4. Help Others

When you sue a facility that has abused people in its care, you are not just helping your own loved one. You are also likely to be helping other victims of abuse who could not speak up for themselves. If your loved one was abused, chances are that other residents were also mistreated. 

Not every person who lives in a nursing facility has visitors or a family who will notice when neglect and abuse are happening. Your lawsuit will also speak up for these victims who may not have a family to see what is happening to them. Your attorney will look into the allegations of abuse to determine if others are being mistreated as well.

5. Send a Message 

Sometimes a message needs to be sent in order for facilities and people to see that they cannot get away with unacceptable behavior. People who believe they can abuse and neglect residents in their care are aware of what other groups and facilities are doing as well. Also, those who work in nursing homes may see abuse and believe that it is okay. 

When you win a lawsuit against one facility, it makes other facilities and employees pay attention. When a lawsuit is filed, at least one employee typically loses a job and may even face criminal charges. This sends a message that abuse of people in nursing homes will not be tolerated and that there are people out there who will fight for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves.

6. Insurance Companies

The nursing home facility responsible for the abuse of your loved one may or may not have insurance to defend against claims like the one you are bringing against them. When a nursing home does not have insurance, it may make it more difficult to obtain compensation for the harm caused to you and your loved one. However, when an insurance company is involved to defense the nursing home; these insurance companies hire many lawyers and researchers to mitigate the damage that may come from lawsuits against their clients, the nursing home itself. They are not interested in a fair outcome or compensation for you or your loved one or the abuse they have suffered.

Insurance companies will try to pay out as little money as possible in compensation to you and your mistreated loved one. You do not want to be alone in your fight against the responsible facility because you will find you are fighting professional insurance company representatives who will not want you to be properly compensated or get justice for your loved one.

7. Experience

The most important thing an attorney can bring to your case is experience. Your attorney will have a great deal of experience in fighting nursing homes and other facilities that have abused and neglected residents, and the attorney will use that experience to help you win your case and get the most compensation possible for your suffering and the suffering of the person you love.

Chances are very high that your attorney has seen several cases very similar to yours in the past and understands exactly what a court will want to see and hear in order to rule in your favor. Your attorney will know what is typically awarded in cases like yours and will be able to ask for appropriate compensation and other actions that may be necessary for your situation.

Abuse in nursing homes is a very serious matter that should be dealt with swiftly and firmly. It is a terrible betrayal of trust when someone who has been responsible for taking care of someone who cannot take care of themselves neglects their responsibilities and harms the very person they were charged with caring for. If you have a loved one who has been abused in a nursing home, call us at Cannon and Associates for a consultation today. We want to get justice for your loved on.