Nursing home abuse is painful in ways that other cases aren’t. It’s a sensitive subject that takes a specific type of lawyer to deal with – they need the right mix of qualities and experience to ensure you get the best outcome possible. That’s why you need to find the best nursing home abuse attorney in Edmond, OK. With the perfect combination of traits in your attorney, you have a fighting chance at winning your case and getting justice for your elderly loved one. 

7 Qualities You Need in a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

1. They Know Edmond, OK

You want an attorney that knows the laws in your state and knows your community well. Having a lawyer who’s an expert in local laws is an asset. You’ll end up with the best outcome possible – better than with someone who doesn’t know the exact rules and rights in place in your area.

Knowing the local area and community is also an asset as the lawyer probably has prior knowledge of the nursing home. They may also know some of the workers, or perhaps they have a loved one in the home themselves. Knowing the people involved makes it easier for your attorney to dig up all the evidence and present it cleanly. Plus, knowing the people involved will give your attorney a little more passion and drive to work on your case.

2. They Have Dynamic Skills

Nursing home abuse cases vary considerably. Is it neglect? Forceful handling? Sexual abuse? You need an attorney who can deal with any and all of these things. When you find the right lawyer you often know they’re the right lawyer for you personally. However, if they don’t have the skills to defend a variety of cases then you’re out of luck. You may have found someone you enjoy working with, but they may not have the right skills for the case.

Look at their past cases before you contact a specific attorney. Make sure the cases are varied and that they all have a good outcome. That way you can be sure that your attorney knows what they’re doing no matter what horrors come up during the investigation. You want your attorney to be ready for whatever additional information comes out. You also want to know they can handle whatever changes in your case that the new information brings.

3. They Have Similar Case Experience

As we said above, you want to know that your attorney has dealt with a plethora of cases with good outcomes. However, you also want to know that they’ve had a case similar to yours. An experienced lawyer is one who’s more likely to win again. They’ll be more convincing in the courtroom, more skilled at handling the case, and they’ll know where to dig for what dirt. They have the right arguments and the correct mindset to win.

Although your case may get complex as an investigation occurs, getting a lawyer that’s worked a case similar to yours is vital. If this is a case of rough handling, you want them to have a successful record of dealing with rough handling. Any other types of cases they’ve dealt with are a bonus for those “just in case” scenarios when your case turns out to have further misconduct involved.

4. They Have a Restricted Caseload

Attorneys are highly skilled and can take on more than one case at a time, but you don’t want an attorney with too vast a workload. If the attorney has too many cases on their hands, then you won’t be getting their full attention – it’s just not possible. They also won’t be able to fight for you as hard, because they’re most likely exhausted from their excessive caseload.

Ask about how many cases your lawyer is currently handling. The lower the number, the better – if it seems too high to you then you should find someone else to take your case. Ask if the attorney has any colleagues with similar past cases to theirs, similar expertise, but a lower current caseload. That way, you’ll find someone nearby who can handle your case efficiently instead. Staying within a firm, if you can, is always a good idea if you like the firm itself.

5. They Can Speak Well

Some lawyers are excellent investigators and case builders, but they’re not that great in court. You want to find a lawyer who can speak with confidence and integrity no matter what the situation brings. Someone with a proven track record of great speaking skills and well-articulated arguments is important. Don’t find someone who’s just agreeable in court. You want to find a fighter who backs up their claims and ideas with precision, confidence, and clarity.

The attorney should also be able to speak plainly with you outside of the courtroom. You want someone who’ll break down the confusing legal terms and give you the facts in plain English – good or bad. If your attorney seems deceptive or dismissive, then they’re no good. You need to talk to this person and communicate efficiently. You can’t do that if there’s any secrecy or misunderstanding between you.

6. They’re Level-Headed, with Good Judgement

You need an attorney with good judgment and a level head. Unfortunately, some cases have restricted data present or there are two sides to a story. The attorney must be able to gather the facts from limited information and make a judgment based on that. The attorney needs to be able to make hard-to-understand information sound simple. They also need to be able to spot any shortcomings in your case, and the opponents’ case, too.

If you find an attorney who lacks good judgment and understanding, then you may not be building an effective case. An attorney who understands people, patterns, evidence, and more is a vital part of crafting a winning case. Don’t settle for someone who can do the bare minimum; if they take everything at face value, then they may not have the best judgment to dig deeper and build you a winning case.

7. They’re Dedicated and Persistent

Nursing home abuse cases are often overlooked. The witnesses say that the victim is senile and can’t be trusted, and so much more. Plus, nursing home abuse is sometimes systematic – it’s well-implemented into the nursing home’s practices among all staff. This is a major fault in the system, and your attorney needs to be persistent enough to bring it to light; they need to prove your case is not an isolated incident that can be written off.

A passionate, persistent attorney who genuinely cares about the well-being of the people in question is your best shot here. They’ll keep arguing your case until there’s justice for your loved one, and justice for every other resident suffering in that nursing home.Book a free case evaluation with us at Cannon & Associates. Call us at (405) 369-5267 and talk us through your case. We’ll help you determine whether or not we have the best attorneys for your story so we can fight for you. We’re dedicated to every client and want to make sure you have the best outcome possible – you’re sure to find the seven qualities listed above at our firm.