Nursing homes are much like any other service-based business, people pay a fee in exchange for top-quality care. Unlike many service businesses, nursing homes are held to a very higher standard of care. This is not only because of the fees charged but because they are expected to address the specific needs of residents. However, residents of nursing homes have constantly complained about various aspects of the services rendered. Understanding the common complaints about nursing homes can help you choose the right nursing home for a loved one. In addition, it can also save families from the stress of pursuing nursing home abuse or neglect cases. Below are the 5 most common complaints nursing home residents have about nursing homes.

Nursing Home Complaint No. 1: Poor Service from Nursing Home Staff

Staff service quality remains one of the most common complaints from nursing home residents. It is estimated that as many as 95 percent of nursing homes across the United States are understaffed, which is no different in Oklahoma. This problem puts a strain on the quality of care received by residents. With less staff on duty, residents are often unable to get the adequate attention and care that is needed to keep them healthy. Understaffing of nursing homes affects both the staff on duty and the residents. The nursing staff is often overworked and residents are at risk of common injuries like bedsores or pressure sores arising from neglect.

When choosing a nursing home for a loved one, it is best to ask about the staff to resident ratio. Having a good number increases the chances of top-quality care and attention. The State of Oklahoma requires one direct care nursing staff for every seven residents.

Nursing Home Complaint No 2. Poor Quality Food

Food plays an important role in the maintenance of health and normal body function. Seniors and immunocompromised people can leverage the health benefits of a balanced diet to boost their health and wellness. However, many nursing home residents complain about the quality of food offered. While it is important to note that each resident has different food preferences, nursing homes need to meet these needs. When choosing a nursing home for a loved one, inquiring about the food served may be a great way to thin the list of potential nursing homes.

Nursing Home Complaint No 3. Lack of Stimulation

Residents of nursing homes are mostly active and full of life. While they may be unable to engage in rigorous physical activities, they require some form of mental and physical stimulation to keep them healthy and active. Many residents complain of being bored. Others complain of isolation and lack of activities that stimulate their mental and physical sides. Preferred nursing home facilities should offer social activities that encourage communication and interaction between residents.

Nursing Home Complaint No. 4 Undertrained Staff

Nursing home residents complain about their lack of confidence in the training and skills of most nursing home staff. Some residents develop anxiety due to fear of being hurt by incompetent nursing home staff. This anxiety is worsened by a study that shows that 33 percent of nursing home facility residents suffer from medication errors due to overworked or undertrained staff.

Nursing Home Complaint No 5. – Noise

Nursing home facilities that offer entertainment solutions like Televisions often face noise complaints. Noise may be a result of loud entertainment systems, unchecked conversations, and others. This can irritate other residents or cause them to lose sleep.

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