DUI: Options in Your Case

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It’s impossible to say enough good things about John Cannon. He is extremely knowledgeable and very well-respected in his profession. He works tirelessly to get the best outcome for his clients. He helped our family through a very difficult time. John kept us informed every step of the way and was so kind, considerate, and respectful. His assistance in navigating through the legal system was a lifesaver for our family and we will never be able to thank him enough. We highly recommend John Cannon and encourage anyone in need of legal services to put themselves in his highly capable hands.
- Rory Ward


Any experienced Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorney  can tell you a DUI arrest does not equal a DUI conviction. You have many options to explore in fighting or resolving your DUI case. In order to fully understanding your options, you need a Fierce Advocate with experience defending DUI cases across Oklahoma.

Is it Important to Understand my Options?

ABSOLUTELY, it is imperative a client knows the consequences in any DUI case. You need to be able to make an informed decision. It is your Constitutional Right to fight your case at trial. You are presumed innocent of all charges until you plea or it is proven otherwise. You must be informed in a DUI case as to all the consequences in your criminal case; collateral consequences affecting your driving privileges; and what can and can’t happen in a DUI trial. 

Many of our clients walk in the door and think, “I just have to take what they give me, because I’m guilty.” This is the wrong mentality. You have the legal right to defense your DUI case, which can be done with or without going to trial. There are many defenses or issues to be explored in your DUI case before making the decision to go to trial, such as Field Sobriety Tests, chain of custody, deprivation period, Blood Alcohol Content, to name only a few. 

How does a DUI Trial impact the Cost of DUI Case?

Our Firm requires a trial fee prior to setting your case for trial. This is to your benefit as firms that “include your trial fee” in the initial fee agreement are betting on resolving your case without going to trial! They make more money, if you simply accept a plea agreement. Our Firm will do an in-depth case evaluation with you at the point of considering going to trial in your DUI case. We will evaluate the technical aspects of your case; whether your defense requires an expert witness or not; and the evidence needed to properly present your defense. 

The use of all these tools available to you greatly increases the chances of beating your DUI case. The fee for taking your DUI case to trial is well worth the expense, if you have a defendable DUI case. Having a DUI case may have serious repercussions: the cost and hassle of an interlock device; the increased insurance rate; difficult probation terms; and other consequences. Some of our clients ask, “How can I afford not to go to trial?”

Things to know before going to Trial in a DUI Case

Across our website and our entire team is dedicated to ensuring you know every step in the process of a DUI trial. However, a DUI trial, like any trial, can change from the expected to unexpected in an instant. We will do everything possible to prepare you and your case. We will stand beside you through the entire process and guide you through the decision to take your case to trial or not.

How does our Firm approach DUI Trial?

Every Criminal Defense Attorney or Firm is different, but the CANNON & ASSOCIATES is dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for every client. We will extensively investigate your DUI. We will find all the scientific errors or deficiencies and ensure you understand each one. We will explain the benefits or consequences of each decision to help you make an informed decision at each phase of your DUI case. Preparation is key and we are dedicated to being prepared for every potential issue that may arise in your specific DUI trial. The best prepared attorney often wins the day.

Final note on DUI Trial in Oklahoma

I drink, I drove, I’m guilty is the wrong mentality. The government must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It is their burden and theirs alone. Many experienced DUI Defense Firms will tell you that there is always a defense to explore in your DUI case. We will not promise you a dismissal of your DUI; however, we do promise to explore every option. 

Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer in Oklahoma

Contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES in Oklahoma City for your DUI or APC defense. You have the right to the presumption of innocence. John Cannon is a Fierce Advocate for every client and will use his experience and respected reputation to do everything possible to reach the best possible outcome in your DUI or APC case or be your Fierce Advocate in jury trial. A conviction for DUI or APC may have long lasting effects and penalties. John has been recognized as a Top 40 under 40 in Criminal Defense by the National Trial Lawyers Association and a Super Lawyer. 

Contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES today if you have been charged with DUI, AP, Aggravated DUI, DWI, or DUI under 21 in Oklahoma. CANNON & ASSOCIATES has an outstanding record of reaching the best possible outcome for hundreds of clients accused of the wide variety of criminal charges in Oklahoma, including DUI, evidenced by John receiving the highest possible AVVO rating – 10 (superb). Call our office at (405) 888-7369 for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. 

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