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CANNON & ASSOCIATES is dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for those facing Federal Criminal Charges or Federal Prosecution. It is crucial you contact an experienced Oklahoma Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, if you are facing federal criminal charges. You need a Fierce Advocate to defend your rights, your property, and your freedom. This page is an overview of the process and procedure of federal criminal charging decisions future clients are facing when they reach out to CANNON & ASSOCIATES.

Federal Criminal Charging Decisions

After federal prosecutors review the completed investigation from federal criminal investigators they may interview witnesses or involved individuals and then make a decision to present or not present the case to the Grand Jury. Upon indictment, the formal notice federal prosecutor(s) believe a suspect has committed a federal crime, the suspect is notified of the federal criminal charges against him or her.

A Grand Jury, a group of impartial citizens, is called and hears the evidence against the suspect. During the grand jury witnesses are called to testify, evidence is presented to the grand jury, and the federal prosecutor presents a summary of the case to the grand jury members. After the Grand Jury members hear the federal prosecutor’s case they vote in secret, which determines whether or not the federal criminal defendant will be charged with a crime. No indictment comes from the Grand Jury, if they believe insufficient evidence exists. All Grand Jury proceedings are sealed, which means no one except the individuals in the room know who testified, what they said, and what evidence was presented.

The United States Constitution specifically provides the right to a Grand Jury for certain criminal offenses. The purpose, if not obvious, is to provide a criminal defendant an unbiased decision about the sufficiency of the evidence against him or her.

Grand Juries consist of 16-23 members and cannot be attended by anyone not specifically authorized. Witnesses called to testify cannot have counsel present. At least 12 members must agree in order for an indictment to be issued.

Many states use the federally enacted indictment and grand jury proceeding; however, Oklahoma for the most part does not use Grand Juries for State misdemeanor or felony prosecution.

Subsequent to a criminal defendant being indicted, charged with a federal crime, he or she can hire a federal criminal defense attorney, if they have not already or be represented by a Federal Public Defender, if they qualify as indigent. A federal criminal defendant’s criminal defense attorney is vital to understanding the federal criminal charges, the federal criminal process, including sentencing and trial.

First Steps after Federal Charges?

One of the protections all federal criminal defendants exercise is the right to being tried in the location or venue a criminal allegation takes place. Federal criminal cases are tried in one of the 94 federal district courts in the United States. Oklahoma is one of the few states that has multiple federal districts, in fact we have three: The Western District of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City), The Northern District of Oklahoma (Tulsa), and The Eastern District of Oklahoma (Muskogee). Although a federal criminal charge may be related to criminal allegations anywhere in Oklahoma, the case will be tried in one of these three federal courthouses.


Being charged with a federal crime has serious implications. Your opportunity to positively impact your federal charges is limited in time and scope. In order to intelligently decide whether to cooperate or not cooperate with federal criminal prosecutors is an experience driven analysis. You should contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney prior to speaking to or cooperating in anyway with the United States Attorney’s Office. It is my hope this page has educated you on major issues in federal criminal charging decisions.

Experience matters when your freedom or the freedom of a loved one is at issue. It is important to know the attorney you hire is a fierce advocate and has experience working with federal criminal prosecutors, the United States Attorney’s Office in your federal district. John Cannon, owner of CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC, will personally work along-side you during the entire process. John has been honored by being identified as a Top 40 under 40 in Criminal Defense by the National Trial Lawyers Association. John has the experience you need and will bring it to bear in your case. Additionally, he has an outstanding record of reaching the best possible outcome for hundreds of clients accused of the wide variety of criminal charges, evidenced by receiving the highest possible AVVO rating – 10 (superb). Contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES to protect your freedom and fight your case. You may send an email inquiry, complete the contact form on our website, or call at 1(405) 657-2323 for a free consultation.

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