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CANNON & ASSOCIATES is dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for military families facing military divorce, child custody and other parenting issues. Founder, John Cannon, is a currently serving Judge Advocate in the Oklahoma National Guard. You should contact an experienced Oklahoma Military Family Law Attorney, if you are a service member facing divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, or property division. Your interests demand you contact a military family law attorney that understands the unique issues and challenges associated with military divorce and family law issues.

As a service member and JAG, John Cannon, understands the unique circumstances faced by military member or military family member in your military divorce or military family law case. Service members stationed in Oklahoma should be confident their chosen Oklahoma military divorce attorney understands the unique circumstances faced in military divorce or custody matters.

Whether you or your family member is stated at Tinker AFB, Ft. Sill, Vance AFC, Altus AFB, McAlester Army Ammunition Army Base; a Reservists; or a National Guardsmen, CANNON & ASSOCIATES has been there before with clients facing Oklahoma military divorce. This page is an overview of the most common issues in Oklahoma military divorce and Oklahoma military child custody disputes, clients are facing when they contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES.


Attorney and Judge Advocate John Cannon is dedicated to service members and their families. CANNON & ASSOCIATES takes pride in serving those that serve and their families in Oklahoma military divorce cases. We serve soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guard, reservists, and guardsmen across the state of Oklahoma seeking or defending military divorce actions.

Whether you are stationed in Oklahoma or abroad, CANNON & ASSOCIATES will take the steps necessary to communicate with clients and ensure your questions are answered.


Service members in military child custody cases, whether a military divorce or legal separation, battle over which parent their child should live with or have physical custody the majority of the time. Judge Advocate John Cannon has substantial experience in military divorce and military custody disputes and will bring his experience to bear in your case, including helping you understand the law and procedures applicable to your military divorce or custody case.

Many military custody disputes can be resolved through Fierce Advocacy for clients prior to trial or through mediation; however, some military custody cases must be litigated in contested child custody trial. An experienced Oklahoma child custody attorney will provide insight and guidance on many military family law issues, including:

  • Child custody arrangements to meet the unique geographic challenges service members face from PCS moves, active duty tours, and other service related travel
  • Child support considerations for service members and their unique and varied forms of compensation
  • Your rights and protections associated with being a service member facing child custody or divorce issues while deployed or on orders away from home

Regardless of whether you yourself are a service member or the other parent to your children is a service member, Oklahoma law requires family law judges consider the “best interest of the child” in deciding child custody. Courts must consider the physical, mental, and moral welfare of a child in determining child custody pursuant to OKLA. STAT. tit. 43 § 109. It is crucial to your case; you retain an Oklahoma military family law attorney with experience presenting the side of service members to advocate in your Oklahoma child custody case.  


Oklahoma military divorce and child custody issues are emotional and legally complex. Seeking the best possible outcome in your military divorce is a difficult task and should not be done without the help and support of an experienced Oklahoma military family law attorney.

Oklahoma law requires family court judges enforce fair treatment of mothers and fathers; however, this not all judges are familiar with the protections provided to service members under federal law. When it comes to your Oklahoma military divorce or child custody case; it is very important you hire the right military family law attorney to Fight for You and protect your rights as a parent and service member.

It is my hope this page has answered some of your questions regarding Oklahoma military divorce and child custody in Oklahoma, if not please visit FAQ: Family Law and/or contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES for a free confidential consultation.


Experience matters when you are facing divorce as a service member or service member’s spouse. It is important to know the family law attorney you hire is dedicated to your cause and versed in military family law. John Cannon, owner of CANNON & ASSOCIATES, is a judge advocate and experienced in military family law issues and protections. He will personally represent you and work along-side you during the entire process. He will keep you informed. John has the experience you need and will bring it to bear in your case.

Additionally, John Cannon has an outstanding record of reaching the best possible outcome for hundreds of clients, evidenced by receiving the highest possible AVVO rating – 10 (superb). Contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC to protect your rights and Fight your Oklahoma military divorce or custody case. You may send an email inquiry, complete the contact form on our website, or call at 1(405) 657-2323 for a free confidential consultation.

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