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After serving as a civilian prosecutor, I was commissioned as an Army JAG Officer and continued my family's long history of military service. I have served in multiple military justice roles including special victim counselor, prosecutor, and three years as trial defense counsel.

Defending Service members is one of my passions. When freedom, the stress of imminent military justice action, or your family’s financial wellbeing are on the line you need expert representation. Let me apply my experience in military justice to advocate for you or your loved one.

Military-related Cases Handled Include:


  • Maltreatment Cases
  • Inappropriate Relationship Cases
  • BAH/DTS Fraud Cases
  • Military Specific Offenses
  • Alcohol Offenses
  • Property Cases
  • Drug Offenses
  • AWOL/Desertion Cases
  • Sexual Assault Cases
  • Violent Crime Cases


  • Pre-Preferral (prior to charges)
  • Post-Preferral (charges filed)
  • Discovery and Pre-trial Investigation
  • Article 32 Hearings
  • Pre-trial Motions
  • General Court-Martial
  • Special Court-Martial
  • Summary Court-Martial
  • Sentencing Hearings
  • Post-trial Clemency Matters
  • Court-Martial Appeals

Adverse Administrative Action

  • Adverse Action Representation: Security Clearance Revocation, Qualitative Management Program, Board of Correction of Military Records, Article 138 Complaints
  • Investigation Representation: Commander’s Inquiries, Article 15-6 Investigations, Sexual Assault/Harassment Investigations, Inspector General Investigations, Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss
  • Non-Judicial Punishment Representation (NJP): NJP Hearings, NJP Appeals, Captain’s Mast
  • Administrative Board Representation: Administrative Separation Boards, Boards of Inquiry, Reduction Boards, Medical Evaluation Boards, Fit for Duty Boards, Officer Show Cause Boards


You are presumed innocent of your charges. You have rights, including competent counsel. I work with our clients and their families to assess the circumstances of your case and prepare the best defense available to you. Our firm independently examines all the evidence and investigates the facts and circumstances of your case to protect your rights. 

The CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC, helps clients with their criminal records, including expungements and protective orders, as those processes become available. I will Fight for Your Rights. I can be reached by calling 1(405) 657-2323 or through our Contact page. All initial consultations are free and confidential.

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All initial consultations are free and confidential.