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Beyond the scope of violent crime and property crime exists an area less frequently discussed; however, equally important, White Collar Crime. This large encompassing field of criminal law includes a variety of offenses involving financial crimes for monetary gain of the defendant. With the litany of offenses and potential penalties within the umbrella of White Collar Crime, it is important to know your rights and retain a White Collar criminal defense attorney with experience fighting for clients. 

White Collar Crime Investigation

White collar criminal investigations generally begin with a business identifying some act that is fraudulent or an allegation of theft. Subsequently, loss prevention or an internal officer is notified and they will contact the suspected employee and seek an admission or confession by intimidation to resolve the matter quickly and discretely; however, these meetings are almost always communicated to law enforcement and result in criminal charges being filed. You should not accept this offer of leniency whether truthful or a lie, because you will have your opportunity to tell your side of the story later with the assistance of a white collar criminal defense attorney. Your attorney can work directly with the business to try to resolve the matter without criminal charges being filed and without your waiving your Constitutional right to remain silent. The loss prevention officer or other employee is not obligated to read you your Miranda rights and may not be held to the same standard for admissible evidence that law enforcement must meet.

Non-employment based white collar crime is similar; however, it generally originates with law enforcement directly. It is equally important you exercise your right to remain silent and speak to an experienced white collar defense attorney in this setting. Seemingly small transactions can turn into state or federal prosecution for serious allegations with local law enforcement referring your matter to federal agencies, such as Homeland Security; the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”); the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”); the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”); or other federal agencies.

Types of White Collar Crime

There are two major areas of White Collar Crime: Fraud and Theft. Fraud is generally an act or scheme of deceit with the intent to deprive or receive an unjustified gain or monetary compensation. Theft is simply the taking of something the person is not entitled by a variety of actions, not including force or violence, which would be violent crime. The vast majority of Fraud and Theft White Collar Crime is charged as felony offenses in state and federal court.

The effects of being charged or convicted of a white collar crime can have lifelong consequences. Restitution is the most distinguishing aspect of white collar crime. Restitution is an amount of money determined to make the victim whole or close to whole prior to their loss. Further, Oklahoma allows for treble damages (three times the victim’s loss) as restitution. An experienced white collar defense attorney can advocate for your case and the amount of restitution you will be obligated to pay, if your case is resolved without going to jury trial. Your attorney can advocate in person or by fighting on your behalf at a hearing to reduce your restitution

White Collar Crimes: Fraud

This list includes the most common types of white collar fraud crimes:

  • Forgery;
  • Tax Fraud;
  • Computer Fraud/Scam;
  • Mail Fraud;
  • Credit Card/Securities Fraud;
  • Bank Fraud.

White Collar Crimes: Theft

This list includes the most common types of non-violent theft crimes:

  • Embezzlement;
  • Extortion;
  • Counterfeiting;
  • Identify Theft;
  • Money Laundering;
  • Tax evasion.

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