Interlock Devices and DUI

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Interlock Devices for DUI in Oklahoma

It is important to know your rights and retain an Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorney if you or a loved one is charged with first-time DUI, APC, DWI, or Aggravated DUI in Oklahoma. In order to be charged with DUI in Oklahoma your blood alcohol content “BAC” must be .08% or higher when you are arrested. In order to be charged with Aggravated DUI in Oklahoma, your BAC must be .15% or higher when you are arrested.

You may be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle as part of your criminal case or if you are unsuccessful in your Department of Public Safety “DPS” Administrative Driver’s License Suspension Hearing. The interlock device is designed to be a deterrent to drinking and driving. Prior to your engine starting, you must blow into the interlock device and register an alcohol free sample.

Does every DUI case result in an Interlock Device in Oklahoma?

The punishment for misdemeanor DUI depends on a number of factors, including: whether your case is filed in municipal court or state court; your criminal record, if any, outside the existing DUI charge, and your conduct during the DUI arrest.

In 2011, the Oklahoma Legislature passed the Erin Swezey Act, which requires the installation of the ignition interlock device after a person’s driver’s license is reinstated. The specific requires and length of time required for the interlock device can be found on the CANNON & ASSOCIATES - Driver’s License Revocation page.

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