A men in a suit and tie holding up his fist ready to fight

Stand Your Ground in Oklahoma: When Can You Fight Back?

You live in Oklahoma, a state known for its strong sense of self-reliance. But what happens when a violent threat challenges that self-reliance? Does Oklahoma’s law allow you to stand your ground and defend yourself, even with deadly force? The answer is yes: Oklahoma has a “Stand Your Ground” law….

A man aiming a gun down a stairwell

Know Your Rights: A Guide to Self-Defense Laws in Oklahoma

If you’ve ever felt unsafe or unsure how to react in a threatening situation, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Oklahoma’s self-defense laws offer protections for those who use justified force in a variety of circumstances. Castle Doctrine: Your Home is Your Haven Imagine this: you hear a noise downstairs in the…

Understanding the differences between a DUI and a DWI

Understanding DUI and DWI Charges in Oklahoma: Debunking Misconceptions

The distinction between DUI and DWI charges in Oklahoma is crucial, though often misunderstood. While both involve operating a motor vehicle under the influence, they carry distinct legal consequences.  What does DUI mean under Oklahoma law? Pursuant to 47 O.S. § 11-902, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of…

Medical marijuana extract sitting on top of a marijuana leaf.

Hazardous Extractions and Medical Marijuana Processing in Oklahoma

The process for hazardous extraction of medical marijuana is complex; however, enforcement of the regulations and laws that govern it in Oklahoma are even more complex. In fact, violation of any one of the regulations related to medical marijuana cultivation, processing, or extraction can lead to serious criminal charges in…