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Arrested? E-book image.


A former prosecutor’s guide to thriving after being charged with a crime

Insights into the criminal defense process, including attributes of a great law firm, criminal justice system navigation, and consequences in state, federal, and military defense, as well as individual rights.

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Informed Divorce

Facing the Future
with a Plan

Step-by-step strategies to avoid losing custody of your children, achieve a peaceful divorce, protect retirement, and secure your financial future.

Protecting Military e-book image.

Protecting Military

Benefits and

Guidance on protecting military retirement in a divorce and understanding the Survivor Benefits Plan.

Divorce-Ready Package


  • Divorce Process Infographic
  • Custody Questionnaire
  • Physical Custody Calendar

Aid to the court

Personal Budget Template

Prep your budget for hearings – optimize discussions on child support, visitation and more.

IDAP Application & Guide

The Impaired Driver Accountability Program (IDAP) helps avoid revocation of your driver’s license following a DUI or Actual Physical Control (APC) arrest.

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