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Very professional experience through a difficult time.I am very pleased with Mr. Cannon, he handled everything and was always there to answer questions and concerns. His video says it all. He cares and is a genuine family man.
Thanks Mr. Cannon!!! Counsel John Cannon was flawless in every way in this Sept 2018 case. Defendant & family had so much 1st time (and last time) fears about the court process, etc. due to this client's 1st time ever D.U.I. crime and punishment; at nearly the age of 60. Thankfully, Atty Cannon could not have more perfectly Represented this client. 100% Referral "suggested"! Highly so. Thank you Mr. Cannon - Hubert Lucas

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Oklahoma City

The CANNON & ASSOCIATES works with individuals accused of criminal charges in federal, military, state, and municipal court. You need experienced and effective legal representation to Fight for Your Rights, if you have been wrongfully accused or had an instance of poor judgment.

The significance of a criminal allegation and its effects on your life, cannot be overstated. It is critical that you or your family speak to a qualified attorney today. I have been there with clients before and I can help you. Our approach to criminal defense focused service to our client and their family, especially through difficult circumstances.

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC, provides experienced criminal defense to individuals facing felony, misdemeanor, and probation charges across the state of Oklahoma. Citizens accused stand to lose not only their freedom, but many other rights and privileges as well.

One of the most significant impacts of a criminal adjudication is its potential impact on present and future employment. CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC is dedicated to Fighting for Your Rights and helping the accused and their families through one of the most challenging moments in their lives.

Criminal Cases Handled Include:

Federal Crimes

  • Federal investigation and prosecution is an especially serious endeavor and it is crucial to have experienced counsel. Federal crimes often carry length sentences, which may result in federal detention far away from home and family. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enfrocement Agency, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Justice Department, the Internal Revenue Service, and other agencies conduct this investigations with vast resources. John P. Cannon has experience defending individuals in complex long-term investigations. The CANNON & ASSOCIATES handles the full range of federal criminal offenses:

White Collar Crimes

  • Anti-Trust Violations, Bank Fraud, Bribery, Counterfeiting, Embezzlement, Extortion, Forgery, Health Care Fraud, Identity Theft, Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering, Securities Fraud, Tax Evasion
  • You should assert your right to not answer any questions without legal representation, if you are being investigated or have been charged.

Federal Drug Crimes

  • Federal Drug Crimes are classified into five schedules based on a number of factors and include the following offenses: possession, distribution, sale, manufacturing, trafficking, and conspiracy. Federal Judges are bound to a certain extent by federal sentencing guidelines, which may include mandatory minimum sentences of incarceration. It is important to have a diligent attorney defend your rights, including: identifying and challenging search, seizure, and other constitutional issues.

Federal Violent Crimes and Sex Crimes

  • Federal sex offenses and violent crimes are aggressively prosecuted by federal agencies and can potentially result in lengthy prison sentences. CANNON & ASSOCIATES is prepared to defend you in the following and other federal charges:
  • Bank Robbery, Crimes against Children, Gang Violence, Homicide, Indian Country Crime, Kidnapping, Threats to Public Officials, and other charges.

Drug Crimes

  • Drug crimes are taken seriously by prosecutors in Oklahoma from simply possession to complex drug trafficking and racketeering schemes.
  • A large percentage of state prisoners in Oklahoma are incarcerated based on drug crimes. Facing drug charges can effect multiple aspects of your life, including your freedom, finances, family, and future.
  • Drug charges carry more than a potential prison sentence; they potentially carry heavy fines, difficult probation, and a complex counseling and or treatment program. Unfortunately, the harshest punishment in drug cases is often the lasting effect on your record and career.
  • A conviction may appear on background checks and make it difficult to obtain employment, loans, and professional licenses. It is essential to obtain quality legal representation from an Oklahoma drug crime defense attorney who has helped hundreds of people obtain the best possible outcome in their particular circumstance. You need an experienced attorney who will fight for you, if you have been arrested, charged, or you are being investigated.
  • Drug charges in Oklahoma come in many forms and each case or and charge require a different approach. All the charges can be found in Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes.
    • Possession Controlled Dangerous Substance
    • Possession Controlled Dangerous Substance within 1000 feet of a school or park
    • Possession with Intent to Distribute
    • Possession Controlled Dangerous Substance Proceeds
    • Trafficking Controlled Dangerous Substances
    • Aggravated Trafficking Controlled Dangerous Substance
    • Maintaining a Dwelling where
    • Possession with the Intent to Manufacture
    • Possession with Intent to Distribute Imitation Controlled Dangerous Substance
    • Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Dangerous Substance


You are presumed innocent of your charges. You have rights, including competent counsel. I work with our clients and their families to assess the circumstances of your case and prepare the best defense available to you. Our firm independently examines all the evidence and investigates the facts and circumstances of your case to protect your rights. 

The CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC, helps clients with their criminal records, including expungements and protective orders, as those processes become available. I will Fight for Your Rights. I can be reached by calling 1(405) 657-2323 or through our Contact page. All initial consultations are free and confidential.

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