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Tailored Adoption Solutions for Every Family

Not all adoptions are created equal. We specialize in a variety of adoption types to best suit your needs:

  • Adult Adoption: Strengthen your bond with an adult child or other loved one through legal recognition.
  • Step-parent Adoption: Stepparents, secure your parental rights and responsibilities for your minor stepchildren.
  • DHS Adoption: Provide a loving home for a minor child in the Department of Human Services care system.
  • Relative Adoption: Create a stable and nurturing environment for a minor child within your extended family.

Understanding the Adoption Process

  1. Initial, Free Case Strategy Session: Discuss your adoption goals and explore the best options for your family.
  2. Navigation Adoption Types:
    1. Adoption without the Consent of a Biological Parent (AWOC): When an adoptive parent seeks to adopt a child without the consent of the biological parent and terminates that biological parent’s rights.
    2. Adoption with the Consent of a Biological Parent: When a biological parent willingly consents to the adoption.
    3. Step-Parent and Relative Adoptions: A more simplified process for existing family members to legally adopt a child.
  3. Filing the Petition: We handle the legal paperwork to initiate the adoption process.
  4. Background Checks & Home Study: They ensure the safety and well-being of the child. (Step-parent adoptions may not need a home study if the couple has been married for more than a year.)
  5. Finalization Hearing: We represent you in court from the initial hearing to finalizing the adoption.

Overcoming Adoption Hurdles

  • Finding Biological Parents: If necessary, we assist in locating missing biological parents or obtaining permission from the court to publish notification of the adoption proceedings to biological parents.
  • Bio-Parents’ Consent: We navigate situations where biological parents haven’t maintained contact or haven’t supported the child.

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What to Expect from
your Case Strategy Session

  • Terms You’ll Understand: We explain complex legal concepts in relatable terms so you don’t get taken advantage of.
  • Gain Clarity: Get answers to all your questions.
  • Personalized Advice: We’ll tailor our approach to your specific needs and goals. 
  • Understand Your Legal Options: Make informed decisions for your future by gaining a clear understanding of the legal options available to you.
  • Navigate with Confidence: Gain the knowledge to navigate the next steps effectively and confidently, increasing your chances of achieving the best possible outcome.
  • No Obligation: No pressure; you’re free to explore your options at your own pace.
  • Confidentiality: We understand the sensitivity of your situation and respect your privacy.


1. Combined 100+ Years of Experience:

Our team navigates even the most complex cases with confidence. We’ve seen it all and know how to apply our knowledge to achieve your specific goals.

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: 

Unlike most firms, we combine the attention of a dedicated lead attorney with the collective wisdom of our entire team. During our weekly meetings, we ensure no detail is overlooked.

3. Tailored Strategies & Creative Solutions: 

Every family is different, so there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach. By understanding your values, priorities, and goals, we craft a personalized strategy to maximize your chances of success.


“Everyone I have experienced here has been polite and accommodating. Mary truly is a “fierce advocate” and she actually cares about the outcome of your case! I highly recommend this firm, you’d be extremely lucky to get Mary!”



1. What are the legal requirements to adopt in Oklahoma?

You must be at least 21 years old, financially stable, and complete a home study for non-stepparent adoptions. Oklahoma allows single and same-sex couples to adopt.

2. How long does the adoption process take in Oklahoma?

The timeline depends on various factors. It can range from several months to over a year. Factors include, but are not limited to, being unable to serve biological parent(s), judge’s docket, or having to go to trial because biological parent(s) object to adoption.

3. What are the costs associated with adoption?

Adoption can involve various fees, including agency fees, legal fees, and home study costs. We can discuss all potential expenses upfront.

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What are the Requirements to Adopt in Oklahoma?

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What are Relative Adoptions?

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What is an Agency Adoption?

OKC Adoption Process

The family lawyers at Cannon and Associates are dedicated to being Your Fierce Advocates® for families seeking to start or grow their family through adoption. One of the greatest gifts to can give anyone is a loving home and a stable environment to grow. Our owner and founder and his wife adopted their daughter at birth and it is an area of practice, in which our team is passionate. 

Adoption in Oklahoma may be complicated; however, the reward of completing the process and making your child equal in the eyes of the law to a biological child is a powerful moment for your family and will change the course of the life of your adopted child. Our OKC adoption attorneys at Cannon and Associates are dedicated to making the process of adoption in Oklahoma as smooth and stress free as possible for you and your family. We are honored to have the opportunity to meet with you, answer your questions about adoption in Oklahoma, and be a part of your adoption journey, if we are the right fit for your family. 

CALL NOW at (405) 591-3935 to schedule a free case planning to session to have your questions answered about the Oklahoma adoption process. 

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Types of Adoption in Oklahoma

There are a wide variety of types of adoption in Oklahoma to address the varied situations that bring a family to the point of adopting a child. However, regardless of the type of adoption that applies to your family’s situation, Cannon & Associates is dedicated to helping your family navigate the process. Our OKC adoption attorneys have experiencing helping families in Oklahoma seek adoption through the variety of avenues of adoption in Oklahoma. The types of adoption available in Oklahoma and a brief explanation of each is included below:

Agency Adoption in Oklahoma: adoption is a complicated process and many hopeful parents work with adoption agencies to help with identifying potential birth parents that want to find a permanent home for their biological child. Public and private adoption agencies are governed by the state and must maintain a license to place children with adoptive parents. Government adoption agencies are generally limited to adoptions of children in state custody, as a result of abandonment, abuse, or a child that has been orphaned. Many private adoption agencies are run by public interest organizations and charities; however, some are less than reputable. In agency adoptions, children of expecting parents are identified for adoption by the agency and parents hoping to adopt are considered by the expecting parents. 

Individual Adoption in Oklahoma: individual adoptions are a direct placement by the birth parents with the adoptive parents in Oklahoma. Individual adoptions in Oklahoma sometimes involve clergy or medical professions. The rules and regulations concerning individual adoptions are complex and governed by the laws of the state where the child lives, as well as Oklahoma adoption laws. It is important to work with an experienced OKC adoption attorney to ensure your adoption rights and subsequent parental rights are protected. Working with an experienced OKC adoption attorney streamlines the process of individual adoption and ensures the paperwork is done the right way and timeline by all the involved parties. 

International Adoptions in Oklahoma: adopting a child from another country requires an in-depth understanding of the adoption laws of Oklahoma and the adoption laws in the country where the child lives prior to adoption. Our OKC adoption attorneys can walk you through the process and ensure you understand all the requirements in order to maximize your chances of successfully completing your international adoption in Oklahoma. 

Kinship Adoption in Oklahoma: kinship adoptions or relative adoptions involve the parents of the child and a family member or an individual with an existing relationship with the biological parents. Relative adoptions in Oklahoma typically involve grandparents or siblings of the child’s parents, i.e. aunts or uncles. Kinship adoptions are often the result of the loss or incapacitation of the birth parents. The process for obtaining a relative adoption or kinship adoption in Oklahoma is less complicated than an agency adoption, if it is uncontested. Our OKC adoption attorneys would be honored to discuss your options with you and the path to kinship adoption in Oklahoma. 

Same-Sex Adoption in Oklahoma: same-sex adoptions are only more complicated than traditional adoptions in Oklahoma, if international law comes into play as many countries still outlaw same-sex adoption. However, since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in 2017, same-sex adoptions are legal across the United States, including Oklahoma. Our OKC adoption attorney can answer all your questions about same-sex adoption in Oklahoma and assist you in the process of completing your family.   

Stepparent Adoption in Oklahoma: as the title implies, stepparent adoption is when a custodial parent’s spouse adopts the spouse’s child from the biological parent or guardian. Uncontested stepparent adoptions are a wonderful thing and include a process that is less complex than agency adoptions and other conventional adoptions in Oklahoma. However, contested stepparent adoptions or stepparent adoptions when the other parent cannot be served are complex and require experienced OKC adoption counsel to ensure you complete the adoption process correctly. 

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Ask an OKC Adoption Lawyer: What Are The Requirements to Adopt a Child in Oklahoma?

The requirements to adopt a child in Oklahoma are rather straight forward. However, presenting sufficient information to convince the adoption judge that your adoption should be ordered and made legal can be a complex process. In order to qualify to seek adoption in Oklahoma, the following steps are required: 

  1. You must be 21 years old or older to adopt a child in Oklahoma
  2. You must be in good physical health to adopt in Oklahoma
  3. You must have sufficient space and appropriate sleeping arrangements for the child or children in order to adopt in Oklahoma
  4. You must be in a good financial state, meaning you must be able to financially provide for your existing obligations and the child to adopt in Oklahoma
  5.  You must be emotionally and mentally able to parent the child, including loving and supporting them in order to adopt in Oklahoma
  6. Your spouse or domestic partner will be held to the same requirements if you want to adopt in Oklahoma
  7. Your living environment must pass a state home assessment or multiple home assessments and be deemed suitable for the child / children in order to adopt in Oklahoma

The list of requirements to qualify for adoption in Oklahoma is not overwhelming; however, the process of presenting sufficient information to support each of these requirements and the logistics of preparing yourself, your family, and your home for adoption will be stressful. When you work with an experienced OKC adoption law firm, you will have peace of mind knowing you are working with an experienced adoption team that will guide you and prepare you for every step of your adoption process. 

Should I seek an adoption or guardianship?

The myriad of circumstances that lead to a family seeking adoption in Oklahoma are limitless. Additionally, the family dynamics that lead a family to considering adoption in Oklahoma include a wide-array of circumstances that do not always indicate adoption is the best option for a family in Oklahoma. Our OKC adoption attorneys can explain your options and the difference between Oklahoma adoptions and Oklahoma guardianships and assist you in determining, which option is best for your family. 

Adoption is a permanent process that is designed to terminate the parental rights of the parents giving up a child for adoption, but also terminates benefits from the state, which may be beneficial in your circumstance. Oklahoma guardianship laws provide a wide range of protections and may be a more suitable option for you and your family’s situation. We encourage you to ask all the questions you can during an adoption planning meeting with Your Fierce Advocates® at Cannon and Associates. 

OKC Adoption Attorney Process

We pride ourselves on making the process of adoption in Oklahoma as simple as possible for parents. The hoops the government requires you to jump through can seem daunting and make some potential parents give up on the prospect of adopting. However, you do not need to fear the process. You simply need an experienced OKC adoption attorney to walk you through the process, one step at a time. The following are the major milestones in the Oklahoma adoption process:

a couple discussing with an attorney
  1. Adoption screening, in order to determine from the beginning if you have a high likelihood of successful adoption in Oklahoma
  2. Initiate the adoption court pleadings to begin your adoption process in court
  3. Work to terminate the biological parent’s rights, in order to protect your rights once you adopt your child
  4. Complete state out-of-court process to ensure your home is fit for adoption in Oklahoma
  5. Adoption background check and medical evaluations
  6. Reference checks for your fitness to adopt a child
  7. Finalize legal and financial arrangements as part of your Oklahoma adoption
  8. Appear before the adoption judge, present all your documentation of completing the necessary steps, and receive the court order for adoption

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