Punishment for DUI in Oklahoma

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Penalties for Oklahoma DUI Conviction

First time misdemeanor DUI in Oklahoma carries a minimum jail sentence of ten days in jail, if you are found guilty. In some cases you may be required to serve up to a year in jail on a first offense. Additionally, you may be required to pay a fine of up to $1,000 for your first offense as well. These penalties are in addition to the administrative pain of dealing with DPS to save your Driver's License and other consequences of a DUI in Oklahoma. 

Anyone with a prior DUI conviction may face a felony DUI, which carries a minimum of one year in jail, not a maximum. Know your rights, know your options, seek counsel from a DUI lawyer in Oklahoma. Please find a chart of the current punishment ranges for DUI, DWI, and APC offenses below: 

Age BAC Charge Jail Time Criminal Penalties
21 years or older > .08% DUI 1st offense:

10 days to 1 year

2nd offense in 10 years:

1 to 5 years

2nd felony offense:

1 to 7 years

3rd offense (and subsequent offenses):
1 to 10 years

1st offense:

A misdemeanor charge Fine up to $1,000

2nd offense in 10 years:

A felony charge Fine up to $2,500

2nd felony offense:

A felony charge Fine up to $5,000

3rd offense (and subsequent offenses):
A felony charge
Fine up to $5,000

21 years or older between .05% and .08% DWI Up to 6 months $100 to $500
Under 21 years old Any amount of alcohol DUI 1st conviction:

Fines between $100-$500 or community service, or a treatment program, or any combination of the 3

2nd of subsequent conviction:
Fines between $100-$1,000 or community service, or a treatment program, or any combination of the 3

21 years or older >.08% APC Same as first offense DUI Same as first offense DUI

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