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Assault and Battery cases take place every day in Oklahoma, some lead to criminal charges, including Assault and Battery, Aggravated Assault, Manslaughter, or even Murder charges being filed against an individual. When facing Assault & Battery charges you are exposed to a wide variety of consequences and legal procedures to follow.

The first step to help your Assault and Battery charges in Oklahoma is to hire an experienced Oklahoma criminal defense attorney. CANNON & ASSOCIATES is dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for those facing assault and battery criminal prosecution. Once you have hired an Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney, you can begin to build your defense and tell your story.

In Oklahoma, there are a wide variety of Assault & Battery crimes, each with its own legal elements, facts to constitute the crime, and potential punishment. The following list is not exhaustive; however, it provides an overview of the most common assault and battery crimes in Oklahoma. Prior to explaining the most common Assault & Battery crimes; let's define these terms:

Assault the threat to – induce physical harm on another person, which must include a physical action, including, but not limited to moving aggressively towards a person.

Battery – the intentional use of force against another person that causes some amount of harm. The amount and source of the force separates many of the different Battery crimes.

Simple Assault: a misdemeanor, which carries potential jail time;

Simple Assault & Battery: a misdemeanor, which requires harmful contact between the defendant and some other party, and carries jail time;

Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon: a felony, which carries prison time without prior felony convictions. The government can charge you with this serious felony after alleging you used an object, which is dangerous, by its use, to induce physical harm to another person. A severe injury is not required in order to be charged with this serious felony charge;

Assault & Battery with a Deadly Weapon: a felony, which potentially carries a very long prison sentence. A deadly weapon is an object meant to inflict harsh bodily injury, such as a gun or a sharp object. However, other objects can be charged as deadly weapons based on the manner they are allegedly used. Any object that can disfigure, break bones, or kill qualifies as a deadly weapon. This is one of the most serious Assault & Battery crimes, and requires the assistance of experienced criminal defense counsel to defend;

Homicide, Manslaughter, and Murder: all felonies, which can carry up to life in prison, or the death penalty for Murder in the First Degree. The taking of another person’s life will potentially expose you to being charged with one of these crimes. It is crucial to have experienced criminal defense counsel that has handled multiple homicide, manslaughter, and murder cases to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the best defense possible.

Being charged with any Assault & Battery crime, especially a felony, can expose you or your loved one to prison time, and or restitution to the victim for; personal issues, medical bills or treatment, and damaged or destroyed property. There also may be lost employment opportunities for years, costly probation fees, and many other costs. It is important to know your rights and retain an Oklahoma criminal defense attorney with experience defending Murder and Manslaughter cases, as soon as possible. Your life and freedom are on the line and you need a defense.

Facing and Defending Assault and Battery Charges in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma there are a wide variety of assault and battery charges, including a wide variety of homicide charges, including: Negligent Homicide, Manslaughter, and Murder. Each has its own elements, criminal intent, and proof requirements. The first step to defending any assault and battery charge is to identify and understand the elements of the specific crime charges. The elements come from case law, statute, and the jury instructions drafted by the Court.

In Oklahoma, Murder is defined as a homicide with the specific intent to kill. First Degree Murder requires proof of malice aforethought, or premeditated intent to kill; which can be formed in an instant under Oklahoma law. Felony Murder is charged when someone takes a life or is involved in a crime resulting in the loss of someone’s life, sometimes referred to as depraved heart. Murder in the Second Degree requires proof of reckless disregard for human life. Manslaughter in the First and Second Degree each have their own elements, as well as Negligent Homicide.

Self-defense requires proof by the defendant that the homicide was committed for the purpose of protecting your life or the life of another person. Aggravating Circumstances increase the guilt or culpability of a defendant during the course of an alleged crime. The prosecution will try to emphasize these factors during the course of a Murder case or Murder trial. Only experienced criminal defense counsel can understand and effectively respond to aggravating circumstances in your case.

Mitigating and extenuating circumstances may be considered and may lessen the charge or penalty a defendant faces. Mitigating circumstances lessen the moral or legal consequences of a crime. Extenuating circumstances excuse or justify conduct. An expert understanding of the law surroundings these principles is critical to your defense. It is crucial to your freedom and defense that you retain a criminal defense attorney with experience defending murder cases and/or other homicide charges, who can develop and tell your story to the prosecution and/or a jury.


Our firm will do everything possible to defend your freedom and your future. As a former prosecutor, John knows being charged with a crime does not mean you are guilty. You have the right to the presumption of innocence and representation by the best criminal defense attorney you can find. When facing criminal charges in Oklahoma; threating your future, finances, and freedom, contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES in Oklahoma City for your defense.

Our firm I will investigate the allegations; examine law enforcement conduct; interview all potential witnesses; examine credibility issues with your accusers; identify all potential defenses; and identify every weakness in the prosecution’s case.

John has been recognized as a Top 40 under 40 in Criminal Defense by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Additionally, he has an outstanding record of reaching the best possible outcome for hundreds of clients accused of the wide variety of criminal charges, as evidenced by receiving the highest possible AVVO rating – 10 (superb). Contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES today.

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