Child Pornography

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Images of child pornography are not protected under First Amendment rights and are illegal contraband under federal law. Child Pornography is any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (a child under the age of 18). the legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require that an image depict a child engaging in sexual activity.  A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive. The age of consent is irrelevant in this context—any imagery of a child under 18 engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal. 

Federal jurisdiction is implicated if the child pornography offense occurred in interstate or foreign commerce. This includes, for example, using the U.S. Mails or common carriers to transport child pornography across state or international borders.  Additionally, federal jurisdiction almost always applies when the Internet is used to commit a child pornography violation. Even if the child pornography image itself did not travel across state or international borders, federal law may be implicated if the materials, such as the computer used to download the image or the CD-ROM used to store the image, originated or previously traveled in interstate or foreign commerce.

Federal child pornography or any federal crimes against children charges are some of the most harshly punishable offenses under federal law. It is vital you retain an experienced federal criminal defense attorney, if you or a loved one are charged with federal crimes against children in Oklahoma.

Federal Statute

The statute for Child Pornography is 18 U.S.C. § 2251, which states that any person who employs, uses, persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any minor to engage in, or who has a minor assist any other person to engage in, or who transports any minor in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, or in any Territory or Possession of the United States, with the intent that such minor engage in, any sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing any visual depiction of such conduct or for the purpose of transmitting a live visual depiction of such conduct, shall be punished, if such person knows or has reason to know that such visual depiction will be transported or transmitted using any means or facility of interstate or foreign commerce or in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce or mailed, if that visual depiction was produced or transmitted using materials that have been mailed, shipped, or transported in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce by any means, including by computer, or if such visual depiction has actually been transported or transmitted using any means or facility of interstate or foreign commerce or in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce or mailed.

Elements of the Crime

In order to be convicted of Child Pornography, the prosecution must prove each of the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt. The criminal defense attorneys at Cannon & Associates are FIERCE ADVOCATES for every client and will hold the government to their burden in your case. In order to be convicted of this crime; the government must prove:

1) There was communication;

2) Threatening accusation of any crime or offense or any injury to the person or property or mother, father, husband, wife, or child of another,

3) With intent to extort money or pecuniary advantage as to compel the person so threatened to do or refrain from doing an act against his/her will.

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