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I've known and worked with Mr. Cannon for close to ten years and the thing that strikes me most is his genuine concern, care, and professionalism that he shows for his clients. His integrity and respectability in and out of the courtroom would give me no hesitation to hire him for any legal matters. - Johnny Singley

DUI Long-term Effects

It is important to know your rights and retain an Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorney if you or a loved one is charged with DUI, APC, DWI, or Aggravated DUI in Oklahoma. When arrested for DUI or facing criminal charges for DUI, my clients are often focused on the immediate fear of jail time. Understandably, clients facing DUI charges focus on the immediate consequences of a DUI: being arrested; jail or prison time; the costs of court fees, fines, and attorney fees; as well as the potential for losing their driver’s license. Unfortunately, the issues to consider do not stop there.

When facing a DUI or similar charge, it is important to consider the potential long term impact. Your driving privilege is at risk when you are arrested for DUI, APC, or similar charges. A DUI conviction may cost your job, if it involves driving. Additionally, the ability to get to and from work is at risk when your driver’s license is threatened, as you may become reliant on getting rides to and from work. Your job may also be at risk from a DUI for the following: time spent away from work fighting your case, performing the terms of your probation, or serving time in jail.   

Oklahoma Records of your DUI

Being charged with a DUI will result in a record being generated on your arrest record, your driving record, and court records where your charge is pending. It is crucial you retain a DUI defense attorney to assist you in all three areas.

Driving Record: The law enforcement officer that arrests you will confiscate your driver’s license and the DUI will be reported to the Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) to place the record on your driving record. This starts the 15 day clock with DPS for your attorney to request an Administrative Driver’s License Suspension Hearing. You must act within 15 days in order to appeal the DUI being recorded on your driving record.

Arrest Record: any arrest, including a DUI or APC arrest, will create an arrest record, which is maintained by the State of Oklahoma through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. An arrest record is often times even more difficult to clear than your driving record. This process, an expungement, is only authorized in certain circumstances and your chosen DUI defense attorney can help you seek an expungement of your arrest.

Court Record: the State of Oklahoma has an excellent system for tracking every case in district court, the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network, which is accessible to the public and reviewed by many employers looking into potential and current employees’ backgrounds.  When police submit charges to the prosecution a probable cause affidavit or criminal charge is filed in court, which is visible to the public unless it has been sealed or expunged. In order to protect yourself from a court record of your DUI, you will need an experienced DUI defense attorney to help you fight your case at trial, seek a dismissal, resolve your case without a conviction, or be forced to wait a much longer period for an expungement.

DUI and your Future

A DUI conviction can make maintain and seeking employment difficult. Many employers in Oklahoma conduct criminal background checks or simply use the free online portal of the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network to seek information on employees’ criminal record. A record or conviction for DUI may make your future job search difficult. Additionally, higher education institutes including universities and trade schools often conduct criminal background checks on potential students.

Another financial burden of a DUI conviction is an increase to your car insurance, termination of your car insurance, or the financial burdens associated with probation for a DUI conviction. Your future and your finances are too important to face the potential consequences of a DUI without the assistance of an experienced DUI defense lawyer.

Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer in Oklahoma

Contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES in Oklahoma City for your DUI or APC defense. You have the right to the presumption of innocence. John Cannon is a Fierce Advocate for every client and will use his experience and respected reputation to do everything possible to reach the best possible outcome in your DUI or APC case. A conviction for DUI or APC may have long lasting effects and penalties. John has been recognized as a Top 40 under 40 in Criminal Defense by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES today if you have been charged with DUI, AP, Aggravated DUI, DWI, or DUI under 21 in Oklahoma. CANNON & ASSOCIATES has an outstanding record of reaching the best possible outcome for hundreds of clients accused of the wide variety of criminal charges in Oklahoma, including DUI, evidenced by John receiving the highest possible AVVO rating – 10 (superb). Call our office at (405) 657-2323 for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation.

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