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An arrest or criminal charge will threaten your future and freedom in many ways. You may face jail or prison time and the life long implication of having a criminal record; negatively affecting your career and educational opportunities.  With so much at stake, you need a Fierce Advocate for the criminally accused. You need a fighter. You need a legal team of Fierce Advocates with the experience and reputation to protect your freedom and future. You need Cannon & Associates.

Cannon & Associates is dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for the criminally accused. Founder John Cannon and Associate Douglas Elliott are both former Assistant District Attorneys, Prosecutors, and Judge Advocates. Our team has over 30 years experience fighting for thousands of criminally accused and soldiers across Oklahoma and the Country.

It is extremely important to your freedom and future that you retain experienced criminal defense counsel from the beginning of your case, whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Investigating your case, protecting your Constitutional rights, reviewing every police report, and fighting for you with the prosecutor before you even go to court; are only examples of how we are Fierce Advocates for every client we have the honor of serving. Through early and aggressive intervention, we have been able to obtain dismissals and reduced charges for multiple clients.

We realize you are potentially scared, confused, and overwhelmed by the number of options when it comes to criminal defense representation. However, I assure you my firm cares deeply about every client we serve. Through Fierce Advocacy and a reputation with prosecutors of having no fear in taking a client's case to trial; we strive to offer the best representation available to every client.  We are Fierce Advocates seeking to get every client's case reduced or Dismissed Entirely.

We will be glad to meet you, answer your questions, and address your concerns completely Free of Charge. Please call our office (405) 657-2323 or email us at to schedule a Free Confidential Consultation.

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