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Your first consult with our Firm is the first step in the process of putting your life back in order. Our team will answer your questions; explain what to expect from the court and the other side; and how to prepare the changes to come. It is our goal to educate and prepare you during our initial consultation to help you face your specific legal matter. 

Whether you decide to hire our Firm or not; you will leave our office with a greater understanding of your options and what lies ahead of you with us by your side or another Firm. Additionally, this meeting allows us to learn more about you and your greatest fears and desires in your case.  

Stop. Breath. Remember. We are here to listen to you and help guide you through this process. No case is exactly the same; however, our team has spent years working for clients just like you and we are compassionate about the feelings and fears you are facing. Our experience will be to your benefit as we go through this journey together. We will listen to your concerns and use our experience to help you address your specific concerns.  

Here is what you can expect in your first consult with us:

Your first consultation is not only an opportunity to have your questions answered; it is a chance for you to meet our team and for us to get to know one another. This is an opportunity for us to get basic information about your case and to learn what is most important to you. You will have the opportunity to ask us all of your questions and during our discussion; we will both determine, if we are a good fit for each other.  

We will help you identify your short and long term priorities and identify how to get you there! You will be asked questions you did not know you needed to answer and we will help you navigate your choices. You will learn about your legal rights in your Oklahoma divorce or criminal matter and you will leave with a plan for your future; whether you hire our firm or not.  Once all your questions have been answered and we have discussed your priorities; we can then talk about fees and the timeframe of your case.

It is YOUR first consult and YOUR plan for the future.

Although it may not be what you want to hear, it is likely what you need to hear: the truth. You will be given an honest and clear case evaluation and assessment of your options. By the end of your consult, you will have the information necessary to decide how your case and your life will move forward. 

We promise you our entire staff will always be Affable; Accessible; and Able. 

  • Affable: What you are going through is difficult enough without having to deal with rude or impolite attorneys or their staff. We will support you and be your FIERCE ADVOCATE through every step of the process: before, during, and after your case goes to court. We go to great lengths to help you and your family through the process. 
  • Accessible: You WILL receive outstanding customer care at our Firm. We will always return your calls; your emails; and schedule in person consultations whenever appropriate. We offer you the personal and genuine support we would want ourselves, if faced with a legal matter or difficult life transition. 
  • Able: no matter the family law or criminal defense matter you are facing; our Firm is dedicated to providing unmatched service and professionalism to fight for you in your unique circumstance. You will not face one decision without knowing your options and the pros and cons of each choice in your case:
    • Family Law: the law, policies and procedures in Oklahoma family law are expansive and often changing. We are dedicated to constant study and improvement of our team. You will receive accurate and timely counsel on every aspect of child custody and support, visitation, divorce, alimony, property division, guardianship, paternity and all other legal issues before during and after divorce or a custody case.  
    • Criminal Defense: Every year the Supreme Court and lower courts reach decisions that affect your rights, if you are charged with or arrested for a crime in Oklahoma. We are passionate about staying up to date with decisions affecting your rights and fighting for your freedom at every step of your criminal defense. 

What if CANNON & ASSOCIATES is not right for me?

We know many potential and former clients face legal issues outside of our Firm’s areas of practice. Although we may not personally be able to represent you in your case; we are dedicated to ensuring you are represented by an attorney that takes the same approach we do when it comes to customer service.

For more information or to discuss how we may be your FIERCE ADVOCATE contact our firm today to schedule a free no hassle case evaluation. Call today to begin your journey to your new beginning. 

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