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At Cannon & Associates, our team has extensive family law and criminal defense expertise. Our top priority is to offer each and every one of our clients compassionate and efficient legal representation during their toughest moments.

Our skilled attorneys will lend a listening ear to your worries, provide valuable advice, and fight on your behalf if necessary. At Cannon & Associates, we are committed to helping you pave the way for a brighter future for you and your family.

Cannon & Associates – Build Your Better Future Now

At Cannon & Associates, our goals and priorities are reflected in our motto, “Building your better future now”. Our team is fully aware that family law and criminal defense cases can significantly impact your future and our main goal is to guide you through these intricate legal issues with the utmost care and professionalism.

Our criminal defense attorneys are fully committed to fighting for your rights and will work with you to gather all possible evidence to tailor a defense that increases your chances of having the charges against you dismissed or reduced. An experienced criminal defense attorney could be the difference between a bright new future and one that is drastically impacted by your charges.

If you’re going through a divorce, custody dispute, visitation schedule concerns, or require a modification to a previous order, we’ve got your back. We understand the significance of your family and how these matters can have a lasting impact on your future.

To learn more about how our attorneys can assist with your family law or criminal defense case, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a complimentary consultation. We will review the particulars of your situation and provide you with a general idea of what to anticipate.

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Criminal Defense

Our team has developed a wealth of skills and experience through many years of service, and numerous victories for previous clients. Each attorney is fully dedicated and passionate about their practice, and this means you can rest assured knowing they have your back in such an important matter. We have worked with clients who have been charged with a wide variety of different allegations, ranging from small misdemeanor criminal charges to serious federal felony charges.

Our criminal lawyers could be able to help with your case if it relates to any of the following:

DUI Defense

We fully comprehend the life-altering effects of a DUI conviction. A successful conviction can lead to hefty fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. If you’ve been apprehended and are facing criminal charges, we can assist you in defending yourself against DUI allegations.

Once you have obtained legal representation from one of our team, we can begin providing you with legal counsel and can help you build the most robust defense strategy possible. We can represent you in court, negotiate with prosecutors and fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

If you are charged, we will do everything in our power to reduce the impact on your life, such as helping you pursue the reinstatement of your license if it has been suspended or revoked.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are punished fairly severely in our state, so if you are facing criminal charges for a drug-related crime, we recommend that you contact an Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer from our law firm immediately.

A drug crime conviction can have long-lasting implications on both your personal and professional life, and may affect your chances of employment in the future, your chances of applying for a mortgage, and may hamper your ability to seek custody or visitation rights of your children.

The key to fighting drug crimes is building a malleable strategy for our clients, exploring every avenue possible. If we can’t fight the charges, we will work hard to have the sentencing reduced. This is where the relationships we have built with some of the prosecutors of the state can prove invaluable.


Often, new clients and old clients alike come to us to ask about expungement.

If you have a criminal record, you may be entitled to have your record expunged, removing it from public record. This means that the only people who can see your record are law enforcement and certain legal entities.

This means you may not have to disclose your record to potential lenders or employers, reducing the impact that your criminal record will have on your life.

If you have been wrongly accused or have committed certain non-violent felonies or misdemeanors (excluding those crimes that require you to be on the sex offender registry), expungement may be an option for you.

To determine if you are eligible to have your previous charges expunged, contact us today for a complimentary consultation with our Oklahoma criminal defense attorneys to discuss your criminal defense requirements, and we’ll work with you to build a better future.

Federal Crimes

If you’re charged with a federal crime, the consequences can be harsh, including a prolonged prison sentence, substantial financial penalties, and a criminal record that could adversely affect your personal and professional life.

Our team is here to help you fight against these charges by providing you with the best possible legal defense. We will strive to get your charges dismissed, but if that’s not possible, we’ll be there to assist you with sentencing guidelines, appeals, and post-conviction relief issues.

Military Defense

At our firm, we’ve assisted numerous clients in navigating the complexities of court-martial, administrative proceedings, and discharge upgrade requests across all branches of the military. We have a wealth of experience in working with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

In addition, our team is well-equipped to provide servicemembers with guidance on security clearances, military retirements, and veterans’ benefits, among other related issues. We understand the unique challenges faced by military personnel and are committed to providing tailored solutions that address their specific needs.

Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer FAQ

What are the potential consequences of a successful criminal charge against a person in Oklahoma?

If you are found guilty in a criminal court, the consequences can be severe, including imprisonment or jail time, periods of monitored probation, substantial fines, and mandatory courses. For example, if you were charged with a drug or alcohol-related offense, you may be required to attend drug or alcohol rehab courses, or if charged with intoxicated driving, rehabilitation courses may be mandatory. Additionally, a criminal conviction can lead to damaged relationships with friends, family, and coworkers, as well as driving license revocation or suspension.

For more serious charges, your ability to get a mortgage or financial lending may be affected too and employers may not want to hire you.

How much will the best Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer cost?

At Cannon & Associates, we understand that every criminal case is unique and our prices for criminal defense representation reflect this fact. Our Oklahoma criminal defense lawyers take many factors into account when determining the cost of our services, including the severity of the charges you are facing, the complexity of your case, and your criminal history.

Despite the variations in cost, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with fair and competitive pricing for the high-quality representation we provide. While we may not be the cheapest, you get what you pay for when you come to us, and when it comes to your future, you should not risk hiring low-quality, cheap representation.

We believe that choosing the right criminal defense law firm is essential to securing your future, and we caution against the risks of hiring an inexperienced lawyer who may cost you more in the long run through fines, future consequences, and time spent behind bars.

Family Law Matters

Family law matters have the potential to impact the future of our clients for many years to come. When going through a divorce, it can be easy to let emotion and conflict cloud your judgment and by hiring an attorney that has your best interests at heart, you can move forward in a productive manner.

Our team has experience handling divorce, military divorce, child custody, adoption, visitation schedules, and guardianship. We will also help with issues such as spousal support disagreements, child support, property division, and enforcement of court orders.

Navigating the complexities of family law does not have to be difficult. With an advocate from Cannon & Associates, we can help you focus on the future.


Divorce usually involves some level of conflict. One partner may be hurt by the decision and the other may be oriented toward getting the divorce processed quickly. Usually, this results in problems with communication.

The best way to proceed with divorce is to utilize negotiation and mediation tactics, helping spouses to come together on as many of the important decisions as possible. This removes the need for costly court involvement and keeps the decisions in the hands of the divorcing spouses as much as possible.

Our team is well-equipped to offer legal support and advice on crucial matters related to family law such as spousal support, child support, custody arrangements, and asset division. We understand that these matters can be sensitive and require a great deal of attention and care. Our lawyers can also facilitate discussions and mediations with the opposing party’s lawyer in order to arrive at a mutually beneficial settlement. Additionally, we are capable of representing clients in court if litigation is required.

Military Divorce

Here at Cannon & Associates, we recognize the unique challenges that military service can pose to a divorce case. Frequent moves, deployments, and complicated benefits systems can all add to the confusion and uncertainty surrounding a military divorce.

To assist our clients, we offer valuable guidance and legal counsel, ensuring they fully understand their rights and responsibilities under acts like the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA). We also provide advice on issues related to military pensions, survivor benefits, and healthcare coverage, ensuring our clients are fully informed throughout the process.

Child Custody

When divorcing spouses have children, there is an added level of complexity. While divorcing spouses may be willing to back down or compromise on other issues, it is different when it comes to custody. In most cases, both parents will be fighting for custody, and this can make it the most difficult issue to handle without court involvement.

Our experienced attorneys can assist with establishing or modifying child custody arrangements, visitation schedules, child support, and enforcing custody orders. We understand the emotions involved and can guide you through the legal process while striving to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.


Guardianship can be a tricky topic. When a minor child or incapacitated adult needs a guardian, it can be a complicated process. Ensuring that their needs are met and the decision is one that is made in their best interests must be the goal.

Our attorneys will always prioritize the needs of the individual and can help you establish guardianship if necessary. This includes filing relevant paperwork and attending the necessary hearings on your behalf. This ensures that the requirements are met and the process goes smoothly.

There are a number of legal responsibilities that come with being a guardian, and our team can help educate you on your rights and responsibilities if you need education.


Adoption is another tricky issue that many couples in Oklahoma City, OK, face. Fortunately, our team has experience helping couples through the process. We can educate you on the legal requirements, and we can help you navigate the process, ensuring you file paperwork correctly. This should make the whole process a lot smoother and more enjoyable!

Visitation Schedules

Our family law team knows how important visitation schedules can be, especially when both parents cherish their children. Conflict in these decisions can not only be stressful for the parents, but this conflict can also harm your child’s well-being.

Our family law attorneys are fully dedicated to assisting you and your spouse in creating a visitation schedule that works well for everyone, including your child. We can also help you with issues regarding holiday and vacation schedules and ensure that visitation orders are enforced if required.

If you need a modification of a previous visitation schedule, you should schedule a free consultation with our team today!

Oklahoma City, OK Family Law Attorney – FAQ

How is child custody determined in Oklahoma?

Child custody in Oklahoma is determined based on the best interests of the child. This means the court considers certain factors, such as the child’s emotional ties to each parent, the ability of each parent to provide for the child’s needs, the physical and mental health of each parent, and any history of domestic abuse or neglect. The court may also consider the child’s preference, but this does not dictate the decision.

There should be no bias because of a parent’s gender. Both father and mother should be treated equally entering into a custody battle.

Can child custody arrangements be modified in Oklahoma?

Yes, child custody arrangements can be modified in Oklahoma if a material change in circumstances affects the child’s well-being. However, it is not an easy task.

Examples of material changes in circumstances include a change in one parent’s living situation, a change in the child’s school or extracurricular activities, or a change in the child’s health.

To modify a custody arrangement, the parent seeking the modification must file a petition with the court and show that the modification is in the child’s best interests. This is why it is important to discuss any potential modifications with a skilled attorney.

Cannon & Associates – Creating a Brighter Tomorrow With Every Case We Handle

If you are facing criminal charges in Oklahoma, it is crucial to seek legal help from an experienced criminal justice attorney as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in significant consequences, including prison time, hefty fines, and a criminal record that could severely limit your future opportunities, such as voting or owning a firearm. In fact, a criminal record can also impact your job prospects, financial stability, and housing opportunities, among other things.

At Cannon & Associates, we understand criminal law and the severity of these consequences. We are committed to providing dedicated criminal defense representation to each and every one of our clients. Our team of experienced attorneys works tirelessly from the moment we are hired, guiding you through the legal process, collecting evidence, and fighting on your behalf in the courtroom.

As a member of the Oklahoma County Bar Association, all of our attorneys have a deep understanding of Oklahoma’s criminal justice system and can help you navigate the complex legal processes with ease.

In addition to criminal defense representation, our law firm also offers dedicated family law services. We understand that family law matters can be stressful and emotional, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcome for themselves and their families. Whether you need help with child custody, visitation, or support issues, our experienced attorneys can provide the personalized guidance and support you need.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek legal representation for your criminal or family law matter.

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"John Cannon is an awesome attorney. He is very professional and honest. He really cares about his clients. John always gets back to you quickly to answer any questions you have regarding your case. I highly recommend CANNON & ASSOCIATES for any legal needs you may have."


"John Cannon has helped me through the hardest time in my life. He helped me through my divorce and custody case. He truly cares about his clients and it made me so happy he always put my daughter first and wanted what was in her best interest as a child. He is very sharp and resourceful and he has been very attentive and responsive to my needs, John is very polite and professional and he always has a great attitude. John always took the time to go over everything and explain everything in depth. I've enjoyed working with John and his team and would recommend him to other clients."


"I have known John for about 6 years now in his capacity as a Judge Advocate and a civilian attorney. John has a rare blend of both sharp analytical and interpersonal skills. I have seen John achieve positive outcomes for clients in complex scenarios and If you need an attorney who can do the same for you - this is your guy."


"John did a very good job. Although the outcome was not 100% what we expected(strange judgement) it was overall positive. I would, have and will continue to recommended him. Although I certainly hope to not need his services again in the capacity I hired him for I would not hesitate to call if I do. Thanks John"


"I signed up with John June 25th, July 5th I received an email that my case is in line to be DISMISSED, within a 2 week time period John made what was one of the most stressful times in my life better! Every case is different but he handled my case with care and he was extremely open in his communication throughout the whole process. I hope to never have to have a criminal attorney again but if I do I will definitely go back to John. I highly recommend him to anyone else who is needing an attorney!"


"John is a highly respected attorney. Professional and compassionate. He has a wealth of knowledge, being a military officer and having served as an Assistant District Attorney, a Public Defender, and an Assistant Attorney General. He helped a friend's son who was headed down the wrong path, but through John's legal defense the young man is now a successful business owner."


"John is a very professional attorney, who is not only concerned about the welfare of his client but very attentive and considerate of the family, or other bodies that are in the face of the adversity. While working on my family members case, John took time out to take a class that would educate him on how to approach the many different types of cases tried in the court room. John proved his sincerity to the calling of his job, being an attorney. I would definitely recommend him to anyone."


"Mr. Cannon went above and beyond for my wife. She was facing some pretty hard fines and prison time with the US Marshalls. Mr. Cannon fought a hard fight and got her a GREAT offer. Words cannot express how much I appreciate him and what he did for my wife. I would give 10 stars and I will be promoting him. He's that awesome. He keeps you informed, he will text or call you back, and he goes above what he is asked to do and I can reassure you"HE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER". I will continue retaining him for other things my wife is battling. High five and a great big hug to Mr. Cannon. Thank you!!! John took the reigns and provided us instant peace of mind. He was timely, respectful, transparent, very professional, honest and courteous. The service he provided was above and beyond our expectations. Can’t believe professionals like him are around. Highly highly without reservations recommend him and his team."


"John Cannon is an excellent attorney. He takes sincere interest in your needs. He maintains communication and provides all the information you might want to fully understand the legal process. He also suggests alternative resolutions to your legal needs so that you can make informed choices. I definitely recommend John."


"My experience with CANNON & ASSOCIATES was absolutely amazing. I hired John Cannon two days before my rebuttal statement was due back to the Staff Judge Advocate. Within that time frame he was able to talk to my Battery and Battalion Commanders, review my evidence, and help me write a rebuttal statement that help prove my case to them, the Brigade Commander and the Post Commanding General. Cannon worked thru the night to help me get the best results for me and my family. Due to his hard work and attention to detail I am still able to continue to serve my country and progress in my military career with no adverse actions on my record. I can not thank him enough on a job well done. Cannon showed me that he was invested in my case and I highly recommend you hire him when you need someone to represent you in a legal matter."


"John Cannon assisted me through a very difficult time in my military career. He worked tirelessly with me on my case and kept me informed during the entire process. I can't say enough good things about Mr. Cannon. He's incredibly knowledgeable with regards to military justice. The outcome of my case was successful and I attribute that to Mr. Cannon's professionalism and expertise in dealing with military law. I would highly recommend Mr. Cannon to anyone with military justice or criminal defense needs."


"Hands down the best lawyer. Mr.Cannon accepted my case and got on it the same day. I would give him 10 stars if I could. I really appreciate the dedication on how he handles things with a short time frame."


"Mr. Cannon has represented me on 2 criminal cases and one civil case over the past 4 years. He has always served me honestly, speedily and with good moral direction. John has integrity and humility. He has never belittled me or treated me in an unfair manor. I appreciate all that he has done for me and I most certainly recommend him to family, strangers and friends. I will definitely use Mr. Cannon in the future for any and all of my family's legal matters."


"Mr. Cannon went above and beyond for my wife. She was facing some pretty hard fines and prison time with the US Marshalls. Mr. Cannon fought a hard fight and got her a GREAT offer. Words cannot express how much I appreciate him and what he did for my wife. I would give 10 stars and I will be promoting him. He's that awesome. He keeps you informed, he will text or call you back, and he goes above what he is asked to do and I can reassure you"HE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER". I will continue retaining him for other things my wife is battling. High five and a great big hug to Mr. Cannon. Thank you!!!"


"I had a great experience with John. He is very personable and helped me a lot. I’m really grateful I found him. He made me feel confident that he was the right lawyer for my case and that he wasn’t trying to sell me but genuinely just wanted to help me. I would highly recommend John to anyone!"


"Working with Mr. Cannon has been a real life-saving experience for me and my family. He provides the knowledge of the possibilities as soon as he can get them, then works tirelessly to ensure that any concerns or questions are addressed immediately. He has been a great asset to us not only in the face of legal troubles, but in providing a sense of security that is truly reassuring in the face of the uncertain.Mr. Cannon has been a great resource and has been very patient with me. From the start he provided a list of things to do that would help me help him with my case and since the beginning has continued to give advice or suggestions on any matter that has bothered me with my situation, large or small. He is gentle, yet realistic, and this combination really does become a rock in tumultuous times such as these.I would highly recommend Mr. Cannon to anyone who needs a vigilant and committed attorney, especially one that stands by your side until your issue is resolved. He goes above and beyond not only to work, but to care for his clients!"


"John Cannon assisted me through a very difficult time in my military career. He worked tirelessly with me on my case and kept me informed during the entire process. I can't say enough good things about Mr. Cannon. He's incredibly knowledgeable with regards to military justice. The outcome of my case was successful and I attribute that to Mr. Cannon's professionalism and expertise in dealing with military law. I highly recommend Mr. Cannon to anyone with military justice or criminal defense needs."