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1st Step: Investigation. We will conduct a background check through OSBI, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and other research tools, such as the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network (“OSCN”) and On Demand Court Records (“ODCR”). The background check through OSBI will assist our expungement attorneys in identifying any and all arrests and offenses that are or are not eligible for expungement.

What Happens After Research in my Expungement Case?

2nd Step: We will review your information. Our expungement lawyers will review the information obtained from OSBI and OSCN research. We will do legal research and apply the existing expungement statutes to ensure you are eligible for expungement. We will research your history on OSCN and ODCR for a complete picture of your criminal history.

3rd Step: We will contact you. Our team of Fierce Advocates will contact you to discuss the result of our research into the current expungement laws and their applicability to your criminal history, arrests, prosecution, and prior charges.

4th Step: Strategy Session. We will conduct a strategy session with you over the phone, by video, or in person, whichever is most convenient for you and discuss what our research into your criminal history and study of the current expungement laws mean for your case. Certain arrests may be eligible for expungement. Section 18 expungement, “Arrest expungements” are complex and have many conditions or “If This, Then That” conditions for eligibility for expungements. During your strategy session, we will discuss the process of seeking an expungement in detail from filing to a contested hearing to obtaining and serving a final expungement order from district court. We are dedicated to ensuring every client understands the process they are facing and all questions are answered. When do we File for Expungement? 

5th Step: Expungement Petition. After your in-depth strategy session, we will draft the appropriate Petition for Expungement and other necessary pleadings to initiate your case with the district court and seek a hearing on the merits of your petition for expungement. Prior to filing anything in your case, we will send you complete copies by your preferred method, secure encrypted messaging, email, or postal mail. Once we have your approval of all drafts, we will file the pleadings in district court and seek a hearing on the merits.

6th Step. Advocating for Agreement. Once your expungement petition is filed a hearing date will be set and we will be required to serve all interested parties and notify them of the hearing. There are multiple necessary parties to an expungement action, including OSBI (yes the same office that we seek your criminal background information from), the arresting agency/agencies, the prosecuting office, and other interested parties. A contested hearing is not required, if your expungement attorney is able to obtain the agreement and signature of the expungement order

from all interested parties. We use our Fierce Advocacy to seek the agreement of all parties for two reasons: expedite your expungement and save you from the stress, hassle, and public exposure of a contested expungement hearing in district court.

7th Step: Finalize your expungement. We will submit an agreed order to the district court judge for signature and file the expungement order, if all interested parties to the expungement agree. However, if any interested party will not agree to the expungement, we will fight for your expungement at a contested hearing in district court. Once, we obtain an expungement order for you by agreement or through Fierce Advocacy, the final order will be filed and certified copies will be sent to all interested parties to ensure they seal/expunge all records that fall under the court’s order.

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