I am excited to announce the creation of my law firm, Cannon Law, PLLC.

I have dedicated my career to public service and I have reached the level of expertise allowing me to continue to serve clients in my own firm. I will Fight for your Rights, as I have for every client I have had the honor of representing in my career. Prior to creating Cannon Law, PLLC, I practiced civil litigation at the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office. Additionally, I have worked as a Judge Advocate, Assistant Public Defender, and Assistant District Attorney. I am licensed and have extensive experience across the State of Oklahoma,  in all the Federal Courts of Oklahoma, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Military Courts.

Through my years of experience, handling a wide variety of matters for hundreds of clients, I have developed a system dedicated to client service and expert representation. I am dedicated to the needs of every single client and I consider it a privilege to be a counselor and an advocate for each client.

My practice specializes on Criminal Defense, Family Law, and serving service members. It would be my pleasure to serve you and your family through the problem you are facing now or in the future.


Attorney John P. Cannon