Getting arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Oklahoma isn’t one of those problems that will go away on its own. In fact, leaving your criminal charges in the hands of fate can do you more harm than good. This is because the facts of the alleged case are critical to deciding the outcome.

Hiring and working with an attorney from the get-go can increase your chances of walking free. It can also boost your chances of getting the best possible outcome from the charges brought against you.

While hiring an attorney early is the best decision to make towards upholding your rights and protecting your interests, below are some of the factors that may also influence the outcome of the criminal case filed against you.

– Your Location at the time of the offense

Having evidence to prove your location at the time of the offense is one of the best ways to prove your innocence in a criminal case. By presenting compelling evidence that you weren’t at the location of the crime at the time it happened, you may be able to clear your name and secure your freedom. While this may be difficult to do, your experienced criminal defense attorney will provide all the help needed to present this evidence in the best way possible to detectives or the prosecution.

– Who was with you at the time of the offense?

Another powerful fact that can influence the outcome of a criminal case is the testimony given by anyone who was with you at the time of the crime. When you are not only able to prove that you weren’t at the scene of the crime, as of when it was committed, but can provide someone who was with you in another location at the time the crime was committed, you may be able to challenge the criminal charge against you.

This person or people must be willing to come forward to provide testimony about your location at the time of the crime. This is considered alibi evidence and prosecutors will examine it with a microscope. That is why it is crucial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney help you build your case and support your alibi defense.

– Witnesses

The presence of a witness or witnesses at the scene of a crime can tip the scale either in favor of the defendant or the prosecutor. If any witnesses can identify a person who committed the crime as someone other than the defendant, this can further add to the body of evidence for your criminal defense attorney.

On the other hand, if any witnesses are able to point the defendant as the perpetrator of the criminal act, it can make it very difficult for your criminal defense attorney to fight your case.

– Presence or absence of Warrant

Although warrants are not required in all arrest cases, it is most likely needed for an officer to conduct a search. If you have been arrested by a police officer who isn’t armed with a valid warrant, you may have a strong reason to challenge the enforcement of the activities that come after.

Basically, when a warrant is necessary, the absence of a warrant voids all subsequent actions.

– Whether Your Miranda Rights were read to you or not

Many people are familiar with the Miranda rights from the movies and some others, from life experiences. The Miranda rights should be read to a suspect before questioning. Failure to read Miranda rights may render all incriminating evidence gathered inadmissible in court. However, police do not have to read you your Miranda rights, if you are not questioned.

– Presence of credible witnesses

In a criminal defense case, the prosecution’s witness testimony holds value. But, if the prosecuting counsel is unable to present valid and reliable witness testimony against the defendant, the defendant’s defense attorney may be able to question the credibility of the testimony. Based on this, the defense attorney may be able to tear down the fundamentals of the charges against the defendant.

Presence of Physical Evidence

In a criminal defense case, the prosecution often relies on physical evidence to support their case. Physical evidence can consist of firearms, ballistics, DNA evidence, fingerprints, and many other types of evidence of the crime or who committed the crime. Physical evidence often tells more than one story and an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist you in presenting the best defense against any type of physical evidence and/or explain to you the consequences of fighting a case with specific physical evidence against you.

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