A DUI may seem like a minor case, in the criminal justice system, but it really is not a minor case at all. You should take your Oklahoma DUI as seriously as you would if it were any other charge, meaning you need an Oklahoma DUI lawyer. Whether you’re in Edmond, OK or anywhere else in the country, you have a case that’s worth fighting for, and we’d love to help ease this burden on you.

A lawyer can help you get your DUI handled correctly and efficiently; without one, you may be at risk of losing your license, or worse. If dealt with improperly, your DUI may go on your criminal record, so we highly recommend selecting the right lawyer for your case. However, you can’t choose just anyone to represent your case. Here are things you need to look for when you’re selecting the best DUI lawyer for your situation.

7 Things to Consider When Finding a DUI Lawyer

1. Knowledge of Oklahoma DUI Laws

To help you avoid worst-case scenarios, you need to be sure your lawyer knows the local laws. Laws vary by state as well as municipalities. Therefore, you want a lawyer that’s been working in your area for quite some time. A local lawyer that knows the state laws inside and out can help you work within them to get through your DUI charge accordingly. Oklahoma Statutes Title 47 “Motor Vehicles” as well as Title 21 “Crimes and Punishment” & Title 22 “Criminal Procedure” contain the majority of laws impacting DUI defense. It is important the Oklahoma DUI attorney you hire is well versed and experienced in all DUI laws in Oklahoma.

2. DUI Defense Experience

While every lawyer needs to have their first case at some point, look for an experienced DUI defense lawyer. A more experienced DUI lawyer knows the process inside and out, and you’ll most likely have a smoother, more efficient experience with someone who has handled multiple DUI cases similar to yours.

You should also be sure to look into your lawyer’s credentials and complete qualifications. It’s easy for someone to claim they have more experience and a better track record than they actually do. We don’t make false claims, so we invite you to look into our lawyers, see our qualifications and history, and let those influence your choice. We can understand the agony you’re facing at the hands of the court, and we want you to be comfortable with the legal team you hire.

3. Lawyer-Client Relationship

Although lawyers are unbiased parties, you don’t want a lawyer that doesn’t care. At our firm, we care about our clients and want to get every client a positive experience and outcome. We don’t want this DUI to affect you for the rest of your life; we want to get you a fair outcome in court or fight your case with you, so you can move on with your life. You want that dedication in any DUI defense lawyer you choose to defend you.

You should also feel comfortable with the DUI defense lawyer you choose. You’re going to be in close contact during your case! If your DUI defense lawyer makes you feel bad, you may wish to consider selecting someone else. You want open, honest, and healthy communication in your lawyer-client relationship. Don’t hire someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, appears uncaring, or tries to mislead you about how they can help you. Take the time to research and select the right DUI defense attorney for you, whether it is our Fierce Advocates or not.

4. Firm Size

If the firm is too large, there’s a good chance that each lawyer is dealing with several high-profile clients and won’t give you their full attention; especially not for something as small as a DUI. If the firm is too small, it’s likely in the firm are overwhelmed with work, giving them less time to deal with your case.

A medium-sized firm is ideal for a DUI. The firm is large enough to have lots of experience but not so large that all its time is taken up with high-profile, high-intensity cases. Meanwhile, it’s small enough so that it still feels approachable, not corporate; the lawyers want to know and help you. You’re more than just a name and a case number. You’re a genuine person who needs their help to deal with an issue that’s serious enough to warrant prime concern.

5. Testimonials

Knowing how individual lawyers within a firm work is vital. Everyone has their own process and communication style, and sometimes your style won’t match the lawyer’s. Look for testimonials from past clients who speak of the positive and negative aspects of working with a specific lawyer. Those testimonials will help you determine if the lawyer is a suitable match for your case and your personality.

Ideally, you’ll be able to grasp how the lawyer works and how the firm operates, too. Ensure you’re comfortable with the lawyer and firm’s processes before you consult the firm for a case evaluation. It saves both you and the firm time if you know you’re compatible before you approach; it can drain financially and emotionally if you decide you’re not a good fit after you’ve started working together. At Cannon& Associates, we are honored to have more positive testimonials and Google reviews than almost every other law firm in the state. Our reputation and the service we provide to our clients is very important to everyone on our team.

6. Pricing and Payments

Legal services can be quite expensive, and the larger the firm, the more the firm may charge. This is what you can expect if you search for a “powerhouse” attorney and yet another reason you should look at a medium-sized firm. Lawyers at a medium-sized firm price their services more fairly, and you get high-quality service but at a more comfortable price.

You do not want to hire the cheapest DUI defense law firm you can find, as you will likely get what you pay for in your defense. You want to avoid the highest fee possible as you will probably pay for services in your case that you will never need. You should look for the DUI defense firm that will charge you a fair fee that is not too high or too low.

At Cannon & Associates, we charge competitive fees that allow us to do all the work necessary to fight for you, without wasting your time and resources. Additionally, we offer financing and payment plan options that allow almost anyone to work with us, regardless, if you are able to pay the retainer in full up front or need more time to make payment.

7. Your Options

Once you’ve chosen a DUI defense firm you feel can handle your case, begin evaluating your options in fighting your DUI case or working towards a resolution by agreement with the prosecution or a diversion option available in your case.

If you’re looking for a skilled DUI defense firm that can help with your case, contact us at Cannon & Associates. We have hundreds of resources for clients facing a DUI and years of experience fighting for clients just like you. Call us at (405) 657-2323 for a free case evaluation so you can determine whether we’re the firm for you. Our associates are more than qualified to deal with whatever your case brings and would love to be Your Fierce Advocates.