10 Ways to Stay Connected to Kids after Divorce in Oklahoma

In most cases, people only consider the effect of a divorce on the couple. However, the children and the effect of the decision on them are just as important. Divorce affects children in a lot of ways. It can be argued that the younger children feel the brunt a lot more than others. To ensure that you remain connected to your children during and after this tough transition period, you need a clear head and a plan that works. Below are some of the recommended tips on how to stay connected with your children during and after divorce.

1. Strive to Remain Connected

It is easy to want to move out and cut ties with everyone, after all, you are hurting and the family you have built for years is crumbling. However, the easy path does not always lead to the right outcome. Go against the grain to show your children how much you care about them and cherish their presence in your life. If you must, pursue their attention in new ways and make them understand just how much you wish to be a part of their life and development.

2. Make Every Moment with your Children Count

If you haven’t been paying much attention to your kids before, now is the time to start. A great way to capture the attention of your kids is to invest your time in them. Begin to learn what is important to each of your children and how to connect better with them. Doing this will give you inspiration on how to make the most of your time with them. Also, try your very best to show up for them when they need you, and when they don’t.

3. Make Them Feel at Home in your Home

If you have moved out of the house, the chances that you are spending less time with your kids exist. A great way to solve this problem is to make your new home their home. By making them feel at home at your new place, you get to spend more time with them, maybe weekends, and this significantly improves the bond between you and your children. An easy way to make your new home welcoming to your children is to make a space that is their own in your new home. You can take them to pick out new furniture or select a bedroom set you think they will like. Next, you should decorate the room in a theme each child selects or better yet decorate it with them.

4. Pick an Interest in What They Love

A great way to capture the attention of your kids and remain connected with them is to share an interest with them. If your child is into video games, making time out to play a few rounds of their favorite game may become a ritual for both of you. This reinforces your commitment to them as well as an interest in what they love and cherish.

5. A fresh Start Begins from Here

After parting ways with your spouse, creating new memories is essential. You can kickstart this by taking lots of photographs and making lots of videos of fun moments. Keeping these memories alive by putting them on electronic devices or framing photographs for your wall creates a sense of fresh memories.

6. You’re Not Replaceable

One of the biggest misconceptions after a divorce is that you are irrelevant as a dad. Even if your ex-spouse has moved on with another man, you are still the father of your children. Brush this idea off, and be the amazing father you’ve always wanted to be. Speaking from personal experience, children will always see you as their one and only father, if you make the effort to be their dad. Although another man may play a role in their life, he will always be second best to you, if you work at being a father.

7. Be Respectful of your Ex

Divorces often end on a bitter note. It is normal to feel a little bit of resentment towards your ex-spouse; however, these should not be passed on to your kids. An important rule of thumb is to keep your dealings with your ex separate from your children. Avoid the urge to badmouth your ex to your children. Maintain a higher level of self-control and esteem. Children will remember the negative things you say about their other parent for years to come. Do not place your pain on your children as their burden, if you need to speak to someone or vent, talk to a friend or therapist, not your kids!

8. Keep the Energy Consistent

One of the worst things you can do to your children is to make them doubt you and your interest in being a part of their lives. A great way to reassure them is to stay consistent. Forge an agreement with your ex-spouse on how you aim to remain a part of your children’s lives and stay true to that commitment.

9. Live Close If You Can Afford To

While moving out of the house may be a good idea, living close is a better one. By living close, you stand a chance to enjoy more time with your children. You can also avoid the regular barriers that can cause you to miss appointments and disappoint your kids. Living close also allows you a better chance to parent your children actively outside the confines of a marriage. We recommend you not move in down the street, but it is in your children’s best interest, if you can live within a few miles of your ex-spouse’s home. 

10. Take Precautions When Introducing Them to New People

If you have found love again, you need to be sensitive about your children and how they may react to the news. Gauging the right time to introduce them to new people is essential. Also, you need to understand that their feelings also matter. Strive hard to ensure that you aren’t being too selfish in your quest to find love and wait until the right time to introduce your kids to your new love interest.

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