5 Ways to Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season

Drunk-driving-related arrests spike up over the holidays, particularly around Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. And while fewer people were visiting friends, relatives, and local bars the past year, DUI accidents were still inevitable. Overindulgence during the holiday season often results in drunk driving offenses and the need to hire an experienced Oklahoma DUI attorney.

Don’t ruin your holidays with a DUI in Oklahoma. Here’s how you can avoid getting arrested for a DUI this holiday season:

1. Watch out for speed traps.

With so many people rushing to get to their destination during the holidays, most cities feel the need to increase the number of speed traps to ensure the safety of their residents. As a driver, you should always be aware of speed traps set up in your area, regardless of whether you’re sober or intoxicated.

If you pass by a speed trap after having consumed alcohol and it shows in the way you drive, you’re likely going to catch the cops’ attention and get arrested. But, of course, you can avoid the possibility of this happening by not driving drunk at all costs.

2. Limit yourself during parties.

Parties are the best parts of the holiday season. Chances are that you’ll be attending at least one party every week from Thanksgiving until the New Year. And when there’s a party, there’s alcohol.

There’s nothing wrong about having a good time, but always drink with caution. Before you grab that bottle of beer, think about how you’re going home. If you’re driving, then you should limit your alcohol intake (to none, if possible) and stick to it. Alcohol is merely an option; not a requirement. You can still enjoy the night without it.

3. Assign a designated driver.

If you plan on going out to drink, bring a reliable buddy or assign a designated driver who can commit to staying sober for the rest of the night. Your safe journey home depends on your designated driver not succumbing to alcohol-induced peer pressure.

In case of an unplanned night out, ask someone – a close friend or a family member – to pick you up from your location or book a rideshare service home Even if you wait a few hours or consume food and water in between drinks, you can still get arrested for drunk driving if the police happen to stop you on the road.

4. Stay overnight or book a hotel.

Are you invited to a holiday event? You might want to check with the host if you can stay the night at their place. If that’s not possible, stay with another friend who lives nearby or consider booking a hotel. This way, you can just walk or take a cab and not have to worry about how you’ll get home at the end of the night.

You and your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to drive back home after a night of drinking and partying.  

5. Host the party at your place.

Nobody expects to get arrested for drunk driving; it just happens. Either they’re not aware of how alcohol is affecting their driving or they’re too intoxicated to make rational decisions.

If you want to avoid a holiday DUI at all costs, why not host the party at your home instead? It would be even better if you can allow your guests to stay overnight so they don’t run the risk of getting arrested for drunk driving as well.

There’s no better way to avoid a DUI than by NOT putting oneself in a situation that allows it to happen. Remember that by choosing to drive while intoxicated, you’re not only putting yourself in danger but the lives of other people, too.

Your Next Steps

Navigating the criminal justice system, including facing a DUI in Oklahoma can be a hassle, especially during the holidays. Having an experienced DUI attorney in your corner can simplify the complicated process and reduce your stress as you navigate the process.

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