“Transitional Alimony” is a term originating from Johnson v. Johnson, 1983 OK 117, ¶ 23, 647 P.2d 539, 546. The Court made the following assertion, without further support, “Where a substantial amount of spousal property is granted by the court, an alimony claim must be supported by proof of excess monetary needs to cushion the economic impact of transition and readjustment to gainful employment.” Id. (emphasis added).
In Ray v. Ray, the Court held “[alimony’s] purpose is to cushion the economic impact of post-marriage transition and a spouse’s readjustment to gainful employment.” Id. “The seeker of support alimony carries the burden of affirmatively demonstrating the need for excess funds to cushion the economic transition from marital dependency to employment.” Id. ¶ 11. Additionally, the court restated the factors for considering support alimony, “a demonstrated need for alimony during a reasonable post-divorce rehabilitative readjustment period” and “the time needed for the post-divorce transition.” Id. ¶ 10.


Oklahoma divorce cases are emotional and legally complex, especially concerning support alimony. It is important that you are able to articulate your basis for seeking support alimony under the above referenced cases. Alternatively, you must be able to address the above referenced cases in seeking to reduce or deny support alimony.
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