Introduction to Federal Charges in Oklahoma

The Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys at Cannon & Associates are FIERCE ADVOCATES for those charged with any and all federal crimes. We have successfully defending many clients in federal court across Oklahoma. 

We are led by John P. Cannon, a former Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Attorney General who prosecuted crimes in state court before becoming the experienced Edmond criminal defense attorney he is today. A successful defense can result in a case dismissal, dropped charges, or a not-guilty verdict at your federal criminal trial. 

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Federal Investigation

Federal criminal investigations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma last longer than state criminal investigations. In some cases, the U.S. Attorney’s Office will wait over a year to present the case to a Federal Grand Jury after an investigation begins. When federal investigators are ready, you may be interviewed by federal agents, they may execute search warrants against you, you’re your property may be seized; however, that does not mean the prosecutor is ready to present your case for indictment to the grand jury. This delay is possible due to the long statute of limitations on many federal crimes. Many federal crimes do not require an indictment for five years!

Will by State case go to Federal Court?

Unfortunately, there is a real potential for state criminal charges to be brought in federal court. The good news is that in Oklahoma County the District Attorney will typically dismiss the state case, if the U.S. Attorney gets a “True Bill” or indictment on the same criminal events. However, there is no guarantee the state will dismiss charges, if you are indicted in federal court in Oklahoma.  

On more than one occasion, a defendant will have state charges pending in Oklahoma for possession of a firearm after conviction of a felony or possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. At the same, a grand jury will be considering an indictment for conspiracy to distribute narcotics in federal court. 

Why does an Indictment take so long?

The federal government has the ability to decline bad cases with the knowledge that the District Attorney or State Prosecutors can file charges. Based on the backup of state court criminal proceedings; U.S. Attorney offices will often refuse to seek an indictment on a case, unless they are confident in a conviction. State prosecutors may refer a case or investigation to the U.S. Attorney for federal prosecution and even those cases are sometimes declined by federal prosecution officers. Our Firm has represented multiple clients facing felony charges in state court and find out federal prosecutors are seeking an indictment; however, they will have to wait months for an outcome on the indictment in federal court. 

Can an Indictment be reached quickly?

Yes, most federal investigations take a long time; however, some do not. Drug cases, such as interstate drug trafficking or drug conspiracies involving large amounts of methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, or heroin, may result in a federal complaint.  In these circumstances a criminal defendant may be in federal court for initial hearing and never see state court charges. 

In these instances, federal prosecutors will file a complaint, instead of seeking a “True Bill” or Indictment. The complaint is taken to a federal magistrate prior to going through the grand jury process. Criminal defendants almost always never know when or if thier case will go before a grand jury. 

Prepare for the Worst

Subjects of federal criminal investigations rarely know if they will be indicted; however, you need to be prepared for the worst in federal court, because the process is quick and hard once you are indicted. Your pretrial detention hearing, similar to a bail hearing in state court, will detain, if you are held without bail while awaiting your federal criminal jury trial. You do not want to search for your Oklahoma federal criminal defense lawyer the day before your detention hearing. 

Cannon & Associates has successfully defended clients with imminent indictments. One of biggest wins for our Firm is helping a client avoid being arrested or indicted in federal court. We love to fight and win in jury trial; however, helping a client avoid the process is the greatest reward. 

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers serving Accused in Oklahoma

At Cannon & Associates, we provide experienced federal criminal defense for those accused of state and federal crimes in Edmond, Oklahoma City, and beyond in Oklahoma. We understand the federal grand jury process, federal law enforcement agency policies, and the guidelines governing federal criminal proceedings and penalties for federal crimes.

We offer free confidential case evaluations and can advise you on the steps of federal prosecution in Oklahoma, if you are under investigation or have been indicted in Oklahoma federal criminal court. 


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