It doesn’t matter that it is your first DUI. It doesn’t matter that you have a clean driving record. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 years old or 70 years old. It doesn’t matter, if you’ve only had a speeding ticket as an adult. Many, if not most of our clients have perfectly clean records and they’ve never been in trouble before for anything. Most of our clients are gainfully employed, many have licenses, car insurance, own homes, and successful business or professional license. Lady Justice is blind to these facts, as is the judge, prosecutor, and the Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) that controls your driver’s license. You need a Fierce Advocate to fight for your DUI defense and you need an attorney now.

The police have evidence against you or you would not have a DUI pending in Oklahoma. Police
and courts have more resources than you can image and those are all used against you in the
criminal justice process, for one, if you take your DUI case to jury trial and you lose you go to jail. Retaining an experienced Oklahoma DUI defense attorney will help you level the playing
field and help you avoid jail and a conviction, which the prosecutor may seek in your case.

We are Fierce Advocates for every client and would be glad to meet you, advise you, fight for
you, and defend you in court against the prosecutor, the police, and before the court. We use our experience and respected reputation every day to fight for clients across Oklahoma and would
like to meet you and discuss your options.

What should I speak to a DUI defense attorney about before hiring them in my DUI case?

When you first contact an Oklahoma DUI defense attorney you should have researched their
background through the community and online reviews or testimonials. You should ask their
staff or the attorney about their experience in your specific type of case and what they would do at each step of the process to in your DUI defense, from investigation to arraignment to
negotiation to trial. Sometimes the DUI defense attorneys you interview will speak to past
experience with DUI defense in your jurisdiction, i.e. district court or municipal court. However, sometimes they will be unable to tell you more about potential outcomes in your case, because they need to see the police reports or see the prosecutor’s side of the case.

You may want to know how many DUI cases your attorney has handled and the success rate they
have for achieving a good outcome for their clients. If the firm has a number of attorneys, you
will want to know who is specifically handling your case in court. Will the DUI defense attorney
you meet with represent you throughout the process and have the knowledge from the
consultation with you. Alternatively, is one attorney brought in to close your case and get you to retain them for your Oklahoma DUI defense and another attorney handle your case. Having your
file handed to an unknown criminal defense attorney may be to your disadvantage.

Do I really need an Experienced Oklahoma DUI attorney? Can I just hire a Cheap DUI

You need a Fierce Advocate in your DUI case, if you want to achieve the best possible outcome.
An experienced DUI defense attorney with the staff and resources to fight your case will give
you a better chance of achieving a great outcome in your DUI defense. An experienced DUI
defense lawyer will have the knowledge and courtroom experience to know when to file a
motion to suppress evidence in your DUI case based on police misconduct or a violation of your
Fourth Amendment rights. An Oklahoma criminal defense attorney with a track record of
success can quickly evaluate the facts of your case, apply case law and rules of evidence, and
give you an advantage on issue spotting and knowing what avenues can be pursued to try and
fight your Oklahoma DUI charges or seek a dismissal of your DUI, if your rights were violated.

Additionally, an experienced Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer will know what the decision
makers in evidential issues, judges, believe is sufficient probable cause to warrant a traffic stop on your DUI case or sufficient evidence to warrant a search of your vehicle. Additionally, an experienced DUI defense attorney should be able to evaluate your field sobriety test and tell you, if the police officer had what the court would consider probable cause to warrant arresting you. Experienced DUI defense counsel can discuss the details of your blood alcohol test results or your blood draw and whether or not the test was performed within the protocols and standards
for those tests. Failure to perform your field sobriety tests or blood alcohol test could result in the results be thrown out or suppressed in your DUI case.

A cheap DUI defense attorney will be able to resolve your case; however, they may not file a
motion to suppress evidence presented by the prosecutor, collect the dashcam video or bodycam
video of your DUI arrest or DUI traffic stop. A cheap DUI defense attorney may not file motions
to hold the prosecutor to their burden in your case and may not be willing to take your case to
trial, if that is best option for your DUI defense. If you need a lawyer that will fight for you, you need to retain experienced DUI defense counsel.

What good is a Motion to Suppress in a DUI case?

Anytime law enforcement violates your rights, the evidence they obtain subsequent to your rights
being violated should be suppressed. This doctrine or rule is commonly referenced as “fruit of
the poisonous tree.” Your DUI defense attorney must file a motion to suppress if you have a
winnable case. We will fight for your rights and for dismissal of your charges, if your rights have been violated. Additionally, we will help you appeal a poor decision, if that is a step you want to take.

We will fight for you, if you have a winnable case. Otherwise, we will explore all options with
you, review all the available evidence in your case, including dashcam footage and all the
reports, prior to discussing a plea agreement. In some circumstances, the best possible outcome
is a plea agreement to avoid jail, a conviction, and excessive fines and costs; however, we will
never explore a plea agreement in your case, unless we have reviewed all the evidence and ruled
out any grounds to dismiss your case. In many cases our team can help you avoid any jail time
by working a plan to show how you are working to move past the events that lead to your DUI

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Experience matters when you are arrested for driving under the influence (“DIU”) or while
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