Relationships are like establishing a business. Not all relationships survive. Sometimes, even the sweetest marriages can fail and lead to a divorce. However, if your marriage is heading this way, the least you could do is to protect yourself in preparation for the stress that is to come. Knowing what to do and how to do it can significantly improve your overall experience.

Being an emotional time in your life, it is easy to lose track of what is important and how to safeguard yourself. This article points out some of the steps that you should take in preparation for a divorce in Oklahoma.

Gather documents on debts and assets

In preparation for the storm that is coming, you need to put your finances in order. Gather all the documents that show the assets that you brought into the marriage as well as all of the gifts that you received during the marriage. Also, detail all of the jointly owned assets, debts, and properties, as well as those that you have accrued for yourself while in the marriage. This document can significantly reduce the length of the discovery period and also help you to understand where you stand financially and what might be left after the divorce. Creating a preliminary financial report for you and your spouse can assist you and your Oklahoma divorce attorney in preparing a strategy in your case.

Make sure to document as much information as you can remember, including secret debts, bank accounts, and assets.

Take enough money out of your Joint Account

As part of the divorce process, joint accounts operated by the couple may be frozen. While this may not affect the personal account of each individual in the marriage, you should protect yourself by taking out enough money to cater to the legal process that is to come.

While taking out money from the account, be sure to consider your welfare, attorney fees, and other responsibilities that may arise due to the intended legal separation. You must, however, be careful of the amount that is taken out. According to the state law, a spouse is allowed to take out as much as 50% from the joint account. You can get into hot water with the family law judge in your Oklahoma divorce action, if you take more than 50% of the funds in any marital account.

Make other Plans for your Welfare

Certain things can complicate your divorce. Getting your partner pregnant during the process, amongst other things, can nullify the chances of a simple result in your Oklahoma divorce. To protect yourself and the case, you may need to start making other plans for your accommodation and welfare. Be sure to plan carefully where to live and how to go about your life as normally as possible until the case has been finalized. It is wise to setup new routines and habits that will help take your focus off of your pending divorce and focus on your future and relationship with your family and children separate from your spouse.

Create an Emotional and Financial Support Structure for Yourself

It’s hard to see a relationship that one has invested in for years go to waste. The emotional effect can be crushing. During this period, you should create a support structure of friends, family and a healthy habit. In addition, you should also put a financial support structure in place to see you through the legal process. A financial support structure is needed but not necessary, especially depending on the length of the case. Emotional support can and likely should include seeking a divorce therapist or divorce counselor during the process. Our Edmond divorce attorneys can assist you in identifying the right person for you to meet with during this emotionally difficult time.

Schedule a meeting with your Edmond Divorce Attorney

As part of your preparation for your Oklahoma divorce, schedule a meeting with an experienced divorce attorney to discuss the details of your case. your Oklahoma divorce attorney is in a good position to also advice you on the dos and don’ts of divorce cases. Our team of Fierce Advocates have walked beside hundreds of clients and can help you in identifying the best strategy for success and a way forward in your Oklahoma divorce case.

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