You should never try to navigate the legal process alone after a DUI charge. The outcome will look much better if you secure a qualified DUI lawyer in Oklahoma City to represent your case. However, you need to find a good lawyer to take on your case, and the tips below will help you do that.

9 Tips for Finding a DUI Lawyer in Oklahoma City

1. Look for Firms, Not Individuals

Lots of lawyers allow you to contact them directly, but this can be time-consuming, as you need to contact multiple lawyers to find a good fit for you. Instead, you should find a firm that you like, and contact the firm instead of the individuals working there. Many firms, like ours, have a general phone number you can use. You can find our phone number at the top of our website.

Once you’ve contacted a firm you like, you can then start narrowing down your choices within that firm. Sometimes the lawyer you choose won’t have the time to take on your case, and sometimes you’ll find that you won’t work well with your chosen lawyer. That’s where staying firm-loyal is useful. The lawyer can recommend a colleague within their firm that you may work better with.

2. Look for Someone Experienced

When you choose your lawyer, you should ask about their experience and evaluate it. A general lawyer is good, but they won’t be as good as someone who focuses on DUI cases. You need someone with hands-on experience in a case similar to yours.

Don’t just select one lawyer, either. Make sure you have a list of lawyers to contact about their DUI cases. Ask if they’ve always had this specialty, ask if they’ve had cases extremely similar to yours, and ensure they have recent experience in working DUI cases.

3. Look for a Good Track Record

Selecting a lawyer with regular bad outcomes in DUI cases is not a good call. You need a professional who wins cases for their clients more often than not. Compare each prospective lawyer’s case wins against the losses. Be sure to pay attention to the outcome of all the cases they’ve taken on in the last year in particular.

You should also analyze their past cases for patterns. Do they prefer settlements over court cases? Do they try to avoid settlements entirely? Ensure you choose someone with a track record that makes you the most comfortable and has outcomes similar to what you hope to achieve in your case.

4. Look for an Active Lawyer

If your lawyer says they’ve worked DUI cases within the last year, then it’s a good sign. This shows that they’re active. You should also visit your local bar association’s website to ensure that the lawyers you’re considering are active members.

You can also spend some time researching your lawyer while you’re on the website. Do the lawyers you’re considering have leadership positions in any law associations? If they do, then the lawyers are likely highly trustworthy, and you want trustworthiness in a lawyer. Our firm only works with lawyers that we know we can trust.

5. Look for Their References or Testimonials

Some lawyers keep testimonials for prospective clients to read. Others have testimonials and reviews written about them online. Some lawyers will even let you call past clients so you can obtain testimonials that way. You can typically get this by asking for references.

Make sure you talk to their references, read the reviews, and read through testimonials carefully to ensure their experience with the lawyer was pleasant. Ask if they recommend working with the lawyer, and see if they have any complaints or suggestions of what the lawyer could do better going forward.

6. Look for Information About the Firm

Asking questions about the lawyer’s firm is also a good idea, as you want to ensure the firm is in good standing with local law enforcement, and ours is. You should consider the size of the firm, too. An extremely large firm isn’t likely to dedicate tons of time and resources to your case, as they often have so many higher-profile cases to deal with. However, a very small firm likely won’t have enough time and resources for you.

A mid-size firm like ours is a good way to go, as we have enough time and resources to go around yet the firm is still small enough for lawyers involved to dedicate time and get to know your case on a very personal level.

7. Look for a Free Consultation

A free consultation can be hugely helpful when you’re searching for a lawyer. Narrow down your options to your top three attorneys, then request a consultation with each of them. Our lawyers provide a free consultation with new potential clients, so you can talk to them and ask your questions.

Our lawyers can learn about your case at the consultation, too, and that will give them a good idea of whether or not you’d be a good client to represent. If they don’t feel confident in taking your case, then they may suggest a colleague who can take it on.

8. Look for Information on Their Relationship to the Court

Ask about your lawyer’s relationship with the court, as a good relationship indicates that your lawyer is professional. If your lawyer has a bad standing with the court and the local prosecutors, then it often shows that the lawyer has poor legal tactics and a lack of professionalism. This will most likely lead to a poor outcome for you in the courtroom, so it’s best to avoid lawyers who aren’t in good standing.

You want your lawyer to be in good standing with local prosecutors, too, as this can help avoid any bias in your case, and it can give you a better chance of getting the outcome that you desire. If your lawyer is in good standing, then the court is going to take their case seriously and view you in a better light, too. We can assure you that all of our lawyers are in good standing, and you don’t want to associate with a firm that employs lawyers who aren’t.

9. Look At Your Relationship With Your Lawyer

Paying close attention to the tips above can ensure you get yourself a lawyer that’s incredibly good at their job. However, ask yourself if the attorney makes you feel safe and comfortable. If you have a lawyer that you don’t connect with, then it may work against you in the courtroom. Your dynamic with your lawyer can influence how people perceive you and your case overall.

If you and your lawyer don’t work well together, then ask them to recommend someone else in their firm. If your lawyer makes you feel comfortable, happy, and fully supported, then you’re likely to have a better time and outcome. Make sure you only work with someone who’s a good fit for you personality-wise. Finding a good fit for your personality can lead to fewer miscommunications down the line, and you’ll end up having a better time when ironing out your case.

Contact Cannon & Associates when you need a DUI lawyer. We can help, and we’ll be happy to provide a free case evaluation to see exactly what we can do for you.