In Oklahoma, driving under the influence is considered a serious violation of the law, and you might face a number of consequences. Depending on your blood alcohol content and whether you are a first-time offender or not, you may face a hefty fine, need to complete courses and community service, be on probation, or even go to jail. Fortunately, a great DUI defense attorney local to Oklahoma City can help you to fight for your rights.

When you first get in touch with such a professional, they will listen to you and ask questions about what happened. With the information you provide, they will then let you know what to expect and help you find enough evidence. Sometimes, there will have been a breach of protocol, which can be enough to have your case dismissed. If not, your lawyer will make sure you get the smallest penalty, so you can restart your life as quickly as possible.

What Will Your Oklahoma City DUI Defense Attorney Do for You?

Before you decide to hire an attorney, make sure they have experience locally and that they have seen similar cases before. You’re best served by working with a specialist who regularly defends people who drove under the influence. An attorney with experience in defending a DUI will not only know the relevant state and local laws, but they will also have more ideas about how to get your case dismissed by the judge, if that option is available.

When you visit the law firm for the first time, your attorney will talk to you about what happened and why the situation occurred. Then, they can explain to you what penalties you may face as a result of the incident. Together, you and your DUI lawyer will find the necessary evidence to make sure your case can get thrown out or you can receive the smallest punishment possible.

Go Through What Happened in Detail 

You will be asked to attend an initial consultation with your attorney after contacting the law firm. During this meeting, you can familiarize yourself with your lawyer and find out whether they are a good fit for your needs. Check that they are experienced in DUI cases and that their track record for success. You should also think about how comfortable you are with them and whether you’ll be happy to work with them closely for many months.

To help your lawyer give you the most accurate information possible, you should explain everything that happened clearly. Remember, details that might not seem relevant to you could give your attorney an idea about how to lay out your case. Also bring any evidence you already have, such as the results of your blood test or photo and video footage of the accident.

Explain to You the Consequences of Your Case

Once you’ve explained what happened and answered all your attorney’s questions, they can let you know what they think about your DUI case and potential defenses. Sometimes, your lawyer might already have some ideas about where to gather more evidence and how to approach the case, but at other times, they will do additional research and ask you to provide more information at a later date.

Your lawyer will let you know what the standard penalties for your DUI are. For example, if you had a blood alcohol content of just over 0.08% and you’re a first-time offender, you might not have to go to jail, and your fine will be reasonable. However, if you’ve been in a similar situation before and you had a very high blood alcohol content, you may face several years in prison as well as a hefty fine.

Help You Find Enough Evidence 

Even if you have committed a serious crime or you are a repeat offender, there are several ways your lawyer can get your case dismissed or reduce the penalty you will face. A key step in the process is finding enough evidence. A professional such as your local Oklahoma City DUI defense attorney will know about a number of sources, such as security cameras in the local area, and they can help you find evidence you otherwise wouldn’t know about.

What’s more, they also have connections to other professionals in the industry. Depending on the way your lawyer lays out your case, it might depend on the testimony of others, such as doctors or people working with the police force. Having access to these people can significantly increase your chances of success.

Attempt to Get Your Case Thrown Out

A great lawyer won’t want to compromise, and they will work hard to get your case dismissed completely. That way, you won’t face any criminal charges, and your future won’t be impacted by what happened. In Oklahoma, there are several ways to do this. Firstly, your attorney can argue that the officer who arrested you did not follow protocol.

They might not have observed you for 15 minutes before your alcohol test, or they might not have actually watched you during this observation period. Other reasons for dismissal are the officer not being qualified to test you, them making a mistake during the process, or the breathalyzer not being properly calibrated. In some cases, your lawyer can also argue that the device used to test your blood alcohol content was inaccurate.

Make Sure You Get the Smallest Punishment Possible 

While we can get some cases of driving under the influence thrown out, this isn’t always possible. If the evidence is clear, you might have to face the consequences of your DUI. However, this doesn’t have to mean the worst. Your attorney can still help you to make the best of the situation and receive the smallest penalty possible, particularly if this is the first time you’ve been in such a situation.

They will work to convince the prosecutor and the judge that your offense was a one-time issue and that you will drive responsibly in the future. As a result, you could avoid jail time and simply be put on probation, which is much less likely to cause you issues such as job loss.

How to Find a Great DUI Attorney 

Now that you know how a competent DUI attorney can help you fight for your rights and get your case the best outcome, you might wonder how to find one. In general, the best way to find out more is to contact your local law firm and request an initial consultation. That way, you can get to know the lawyers and determine whether you’d like to work with them. Always make sure you choose someone who knows the DUI laws well and is highly qualified.

Being caught driving under the influence is no laughing matter, and you may have to pay a significant fine or even go to jail. Such penalties can negatively affect your entire life, from your family situation to your professional advancement. In fact, many people who went to jail find that they have lost their job when they come out, and they then have a much harder time finding new employment.

For these reasons, it’s crucial that you work with a highly competent DUI defense attorney who knows all the rules in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma DUI laws. Your attorney can help you to analyze your case, find the necessary evidence, and then convince the judge that your case should be dismissed, if appropriate. Call us today at Cannon & Associates to book your initial appointment with one of our lawyers. We will help you make sense of what happened and provide you with legal counsel.