Fall is the perfect season to watch football and celebrate with family and friends. Schedules are filled with fun activities, tailgates, and parties. Some prefer to relax with friends, while others like to go out and party. However, one common thing is the desire to drink and socialize.

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These fun parties, amazing adventures, or chill moments will create lasting memories. However, remember to stay safe because, as the proverb goes, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. You would not want to spoil these memorable events with something unfavorable, for example getting arrest and/or being charged with a DUI.

Fall and Spring are notorious for having a high number of DUI cases. Not surprising since people just want to have fun during these festive months. Let it not be an excuse to be irresponsible or go overboard. Despite the drinking limit people set upon themselves, there is a tendency to go beyond – especially when they are having too much fun.

If you want to create amazing memories for your Fall while avoiding getting a DUI offense, here are five easy-to-remember to avoid a DUI:

Drink Less or Avoid Drinking at All

It may seem obvious, but this is actually one of the most important steps to take in order to avoid a DUI. The first step is not to drink at all. But let’s be honest, this is not really realistic. Though you don’t need alcohol to have fun, the best times of our lives usually start with a sip. If you plan to drive home after an event, try to limit how much you drink or don’t drink at all. 

The second tip to avoid a DUI is to eat meals before getting some party drinks. Foods with high fat or protein are great because they take longer to metabolize. As a result, your body will absorb alcohol slower than when you have an empty stomach. Alcohol will enter the bloodstream through the small intestine and stomach slower if you had a meal. Additionally, eat while drinking to further delay the beer from pushing you over the legal limit for alcohol.

Having too good of a time at a party can lead to underestimating our alcohol intake. Not to mention, people handle certain drinks differently. Whether you are the type who gets dizzy after a few drinks or can stay sober even after multiple glasses, make it a point to space out your drinking and go easy with the pace. You may have to steer clear from drinking games or lessen your participation.

If you feel like the alcohol is getting to you, wait for it to settle. It usually takes an hour before your body breaks down one drink. Do note that the duration may differ between the type of beverage and how your body processes alcohol. You might even consider staying the night if you feel you haven’t fully recovered yet. Staying conscious of how much you are drinking is an important step to avoiding a DUI in Oklahoma this Fall. 

Be Informed

Oklahoma imposes harsh punishments on motorists caught drinking and driving or driving under the influence of another substance. So, it is in your best interest to learn the laws about DUI in Oklahoma. Knowing Oklahoma DUI and DWI laws can spell the difference between having a great time and getting inconveniences that will haunt you for years to come.

Oklahoma DUI laws are very strict and you can be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol quite easily. If an officer believes that you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you will be arrested. In Oklahoma if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 or above, you can be arrested and charged with a DUI. Unfortunately, for many individuals your BAC can raise to .08 after only two drinks. 

In driving under the influence of drug charges (DUID), no specific quantifiable amount of any substance is required in order to be charged with driving under the influence of drugs. All law enforcement must show in order for you to be arrested and charged with DUID is a detectible amount of an illegal substance, including medical marijuana with a prescription. 

On days when you are not partying, you might notice some drivers acting suspiciously. Reports reveal that a drunk person has driven more than 80 times before finally getting arrested. If you see someone driving irregularly or swerving too much, keep the road safe and notify the authorities.

Surveys revealed minors find it “very easy” or “fairly easy” to acquire alcohol. While minors are not prohibited from driving as long as they have the proper permits and guidance, easy access to alcohol could mean danger on the road. Teenagers are not the best drivers, as they do not have years of experience yet. When you mix teenagers and alcohol, the results can be very dangerous. Be extra careful when driving, especially if you notice some minor is behind the wheel on the road with you.

Only time can make you sober if you have more drinks than you can handle. You might think coffee, cold showers, or exercise may help eliminate intoxication. Do not rely on these solutions as they are not proven effective. More importantly, do not make these quick fixes as a “pass” for you to drive. It is better to wait and let the intoxication dissipate or stay the night. Being informed is another great way to avoid a DUI in Oklahoma. 

Observe Road Rules

The safest option is to not drink and drive; however, if you decide to drink and drive, you must obey the laws of the road. Be extra careful with following road rules, so you don’t end up being pulled over and arrested for DUI in Oklahoma. You will be arrested and likely charged with a DUI, if an officer believes you have been drinking and driving. Prosecutors are held to the beyond a reasonable doubt standard in proving their cases in court. Law enforcement, police deciding to arrest you for DUI or not are only held to the probable cause standard. Therefore, it is important to understand it does not take a lot of evidence for law enforcement to determine sufficient evidence exists to arrest you on suspicion of DUI. Better yet, don’t drive when you have had a few drinks.

Make sure you drive within the speed limit and always stay inside the lines. Keep your eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel, and your phone out of reach.

If you have been to a party and do decide to drive home, take extra precaution. You are likely not the only driver on the road that has had alcohol that night. It is important to be extra cautious of other drivers and obey all traffic rules. Additionally, when driving at night or after having consumed alcohol, keep a safe distance from other vehicles. You do not know whether or not the driver of that vehicle is safe to follow or is safe to be driving.

If you are already behind the wheel, had a few drinks, and the alcohol is starting to kick in harder than anticipated, pull over to the nearest safe place, park your car within a parking space, turn the ignition off, and stow the keys in the trunk of your car. In Oklahoma, you can and likely will be charged with being in Actual Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle, while Intoxicated (APC), if an officer finds you simply passed out in a parking lot. 

APC charges are just as serious as a DUI and carry similar punishment ranges. Therefore, it is important to find a safe secluded location and get the keys out of the passenger compartment, if you decide you are driving under the influence of alcohol. We have represented many clients that believed they were safe from arrest because they parked in a safe location; however, they learned the hard way that if you are “in control” of a motor vehicle, including having access to the keys for a car that is not running, you can be charged APC. 

Pulling over to a safe location is the right choice if you believe you are driving under the influence; however, it is important to take the necessary steps to avoid being prosecuted for another serious driving offense APC, by taking these precautions. Following these steps can help you avoid a DUI in Oklahoma.

Call a Friend

Make it a point to go with a trusted friend who had less alcohol than you in order to avoid a DUI in Oklahoma. You may also call a family member or a friend who wasn’t in the event to drive you home. Hiring a driving service, getting a taxi, or using public transportation are good options as well. Make sure you are safe and travel with a friend, if you are going to ride with a driving service.

Make it fun by taking turns becoming the designated driver with a best friend or partner. The designated driver or DD will take responsibility for not remaining sober when partying. Taking turns also means no one is stuck being the sober one every time you are out with them. Lastly, appreciate your DD friends by giving them gas money or treating them to meals as gratitude.

If you usually go out with friends, why not bring the party to your house instead? You can drink to your heart’s content and offer friends to stay the night so that they don’t end up with unwelcome DUI in Oklahoma. 

Be a gracious host and ensure not to serve too much alcohol, especially if you notice someone has too much. You might end up as a defendant or an accomplice for that person’s DUI or other problematic lawsuits. Bring out everyone’s wild and fun side, but don’t overdo it if they are visibly intoxicated.

Connect with a DUI Attorney

Despite following the steps above to avoid a DUI in Oklahoma, you might still get into unfavorable situations. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, then it is time to connect with an experienced Oklahoma DUI attorney that will fight for your future and your freedom. There are great DUI defense attorneys across the country, such as our peer and DUI Attorney in Arizona that can help you with your DUI case.

Getting a drunk driving or DUI offense can prove devastating to your finances, insurance, career, and personal background checks. Work with an experienced Oklahoma DUI attorney who can guide you through your defense options and prepare you on what to expect from a DUI case in Oklahoma.

As the client, remember that getting a DUI attorney with experience will not automatically win the case for you. You have to be responsible and communicate your expectations and the facts with your DUI defense team. Every client and lawyer’s success depends on communication and trust. Phone or virtual meetings are fine, but it might be better to do a face-to-face strategy session. Both parties will better understand each other’s position and desired outcomes, if you can meet in person.

You need not worry, for the Fierce Advocates® at Cannon & Associates can guide you towards the steps and courses of action to take in your Oklahoma DUI case. Our DUI attorneys will assure you that our DUI case is under control, every step of the way. Through our team at Cannon & Associates, you will understand what is happening at every point of your DUI defense. We will give you regular updates on the status of the situation, so you will know where you are standing. With the help of our experienced Oklahoma DUI attorneys, you will feel more comfortable and confident about the process that lies ahead, if you are facing an APC or DUI in Oklahoma.


Fall and the remainder of the year have events and things to celebrate; however, be aware that parties and drinking also comes with the risk of being arrested for DUI. Don’t let yourself and your friends become part of this unfortunate drinking-and-driving statistic every year. Instead of putting your life at physical and legal risks, do the sensible thing and don’t drink and drive. Have a backup plan if you really have to drink.

Additionally, know the laws and facts about drinking and driving in Oklahoma so you can properly obey them. Observe road rules so that you don’t get a ticket or, better yet, call a trusted friend to drive you home. If all else fails, work with an experienced DUI defense attorney and establish strong communication with them. Cooperate and listen to them so you will have a higher chance of winning your DUI case or achieving a great outcome. 

Free Resources from OKC DUI Lawyers and Your Fierce Advocates®: 

Our team of Your Fierce Advocates® at Cannon & Associates is led by our founder and Army veteran, John Cannon. We are privileged to defend clients facing OKC DUI charges, Edmond DUI charges, and DUI charges across Oklahoma. We also fight for client’s driving privileges following an Oklahoma DUI arrest. Find FREE RESOURCES on our YouTube page and our website, until we meet to answer your specific questions. You may also CALL NOW at (405) 972-8604, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week for a free case planning session!

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