Many of our Oklahoma DUI clients list their job or career as their greatest concern following being arrested for a DUI in Oklahoma. In fact, losing your job following a DUI arrest in Oklahoma is one of the most serious impacts you can suffer from a DUI. Most employees are “at-will” meaning your employer can terminate you for almost any reason, including a DUI and some have mandatory termination policies regarding criminal convictions. The impact of a DUI on your employment only increases, if you drive as part of your employment, i.e. transportation jobs, on-site visits, or operating a commercial vehicle. However, when you have a strategic approach and work with an experienced OKC DUI attorney, you greatly improve the chances of keeping your job.

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How can I minimize the impact of a DUI on my job?

The best way to minimize the impact of a DUI on your job or career is to have a strategic approach to address your DUI criminal case and your potential driver’s license revocation. Our OKC DUI lawyers and our entire DUI defense team have a strategic approach and a process to help every DUI client we serve fight to get their DUI case dismissed or identify the best way to mitigate and resolve the DUI case as quickly and painlessly as possible.  

Time is critical when you are seeking to save your job following a DUI arrest in Oklahoma. First of all, you must act to save your driver’s license within thirty (30) days by either enrolling in IDAP or filing a District Court Appeal to fight the validity of your Oklahoma DUI traffic stop. Our team of Oklahoma DUI attorneys can help you evaluate these two options and determine the best plan possible for your circumstance in order to help you save your driver’s license or fight and win your driver’s license case in court. 

Second and equally as important, you need a plan to resolve your Oklahoma DUI criminal case as smoothly as possible. The risk of jail time, a conviction, and substantial terms of probation all create risks to your employment. We seek to have every client’s Oklahoma DUI case dismissed or resolved without a conviction and minimal probation terms to increase the chance that you will be able to save your job following a DUI in Oklahoma. 

When your Oklahoma DUI case is dismissed or resolved without a conviction, it is possible to have the DUI and your DUI arrest removed from your record through the Oklahoma DUI expungement process

Do I have to tell my boss that I got a DUI?

In some circumstances it will be necessary for you to report your Oklahoma DUI arrest to your boss. In fact, some offices have mandatory reporting of any arrest. However, some employers do not require that you report an arrest or a DUI. We cannot tell you the circumstances or reporting requirement for your office, until we have the opportunity to speak with you and evaluate your DUI reporting or arrest reporting requirements.  

Whether you have to tell your boss that you got a DUI or not, we can help you present the issue to your employer or your boss in the best circumstance possible. We will help you develop a customized DUI case plan to seek resolution of your case, which you will be able to present to your employer. Many companies are more concerned about the long term consequences, including your missing work for probation classes or a conviction than the fact that you were arrested for a DUI. 

When you work with our OKC DUI attorneys, you will know early on what options you have in your Oklahoma DUI case, which we can assist you in formatting for the best delivery to your boss, if you have to tell your company that you were arrested for DUI. Many employers are less likely to terminate you, if they know your DUI case will be dismissed or it will be resolved without a conviction and that you will not have to miss a lot of work. 

Additionally, many of our Oklahoma DUI clients are not required to appear at court and our OKC DUI lawyers will appear at all your court dates for you. This along is a huge benefit to many people as they do not have to take off half a day for work each month to sit in a courtroom and wait for their DUI case to be called by the judge. In Oklahoma County, for example, our OKC DUI lawyers are able to appear at arraignment and each subsequent court date for clients on misdemeanor DUI cases. Working with an experienced OKC DUI attorney and DUI defense team is a wise investment to help protect your career.

What Impact does a DUI have on my Professional License?

Many professionals are in jobs that require a professional license, which must be maintained annually, i.e. lawyers, doctors, nurses, accountants, and teachers. All professional licensing agencies have standards of conduct, which a DUI can impact. You may be required to participate in a program through your professional licensing agency following a DUI arrest in order to save your license. 

We work with each of our clients that maintain a professional license to ensure a DUI arrest and subsequent criminal case do not cause their license to be revoked. We have handled multiple administrative hearings before professional agencies and maintain a positive working relationship with the licensure boards to ensure your license is protected during your DUI case and beyond.

Holding a professional license and getting a DUI does not have to mean you will lose your professional license. However, it is crucial to work with an experienced OKC DUI attorney to help you protect your professional license and deal with this additional element of facing a DUI in Oklahoma. 


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