Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense with far-reaching consequences in Oklahoma. Driving with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) exceeding the legal limit of 0.08% is not just unlawful but also endangers lives. Being informed can make all the difference. Here’s a breakdown of the potential impacts:

Legal Penalties for a DUI in Oklahoma:

  • Jail time: Up to one year for a first-time offense, up to five years for subsequent offenses
  • Fines: Up to $1,000 for a first-time offense, up to $5,000 for subsequent offenses
  • License suspension: Up to 180 days for a first-time offense, and up to one year for subsequent offenses.
  • Ignition interlock device (IID): Oklahoma often requires the installation of ignition interlock devices for individuals with DUI convictions, adding an extra layer of inconvenience and cost.

Personal Impacts of a DUI in Oklahoma

  • Lasting effects on your driving record, which lead to increasing insurance rates
  • Damage to reputation and career prospects
  • Difficulty finding employment
  • Social stigmatization and isolation

Financial Consequences of a DUI

  • Initial Vehicle Tow and Impound: $250
  • Bail Bond Fee (10% of bond amount: $250
  • Transport from Jail: $50
  • Defense Attorney: $2,500 – $5,000
  • DPS IDAP Program for Driver’s License: $1,000
  • Interlock Device: $500 – $1,000
  • Court Fees, Fines, and Penalties: $1,500
  • Transportation costs, if Driver’s License is Suspended (average 180 days, if suspended), i.e. average $17/day, 5 days a week/24 weeks): $3,060
  • Increase to Auto Insurance Premiums (average increase of $116/month for three years): $4,176
  • Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee: $275
  • Probation Costs (average $250/month for 12 months): $3,000
  • Decreased Earning Capacity, if receive a conviction: +$100,000
  • Expungement of Criminal Record, if available: $2,500
  • Total National Average Cost: + $10,000

This estimates on the total cost of a DUI conviction demonstrate the importance of working with an experienced Oklahoma DUI defense attorney to help you avoid the high costs of a DUI conviction.

Important to note: In Oklahoma, there’s a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under 21 or commercial drivers. Even a minimal BAC can lead to severe consequences.

The Importance of Sobriety: A Matter of Safety and Responsibility

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs significantly impairs one’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Alcohol and drugs affect judgment, coordination, and reaction time, increasing the likelihood of accidents and fatalities. By choosing sobriety and prioritizing safe driving habits, you can protect yourself and others from the risks associated with drunk driving.

As mentioned previously, in Oklahoma, the BAC limit for drivers is 0.08%. Exceeding this limit is considered per se DUI, meaning that you can be arrested even if you do not exhibit signs of intoxication.

DUI Checkpoints in Oklahoma

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can have severe consequences, including jail time, fines, license suspension, a criminal conviction, and the personal and financial consequences listed above to name a few. In Oklahoma, DUI arrests are common, with over 10,000 arrests made each year. To combat this issue, law enforcement often conducts DUI checkpoints at various locations throughout the state.

At Cannon & Associates, we want you to stay safe and plan ahead: Designate a sober driver or use ride-sharing services/public transportation, and be aware of increased DUI enforcement during the holidays. While DUI checkpoints can be effective in deterring drunk driving, they can also be stressful for law-abiding citizens. 

Know Your Rights

  • You have the right to refuse to answer any questions from law enforcement officers.
  • You have the right to have an attorney present during any questioning.
  • If you are asked to step out of your car, you have the right to politely refuse and ask if you are being detained.
  • You have the right to politely decline to perform field sobriety tests.
  • If you are detained, ask to speak to an attorney.
  • You have the right to refuse to conduct a Field Sobriety Test

What to Expect at a DUI Checkpoint

  • Law enforcement officers will typically pull over every car approaching the checkpoint.
  • Once you are stopped, the officer will ask for your driver’s license and registration. It is important to abide by the law enforcement officer’s commands, but do not offer any information beyond license and registration. Officers will seek to obtain incriminating information from drivers to support an arrest or further detention for suspicion of a DUI. 
  • You may also be asked to step out of your car and perform field sobriety tests.

Seeking Legal Defense

A DUI arrest can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. At Cannon & Associates, we understand the legal complexities involved in DUI cases and are dedicated to providing our clients with the strongest possible defense. Our experienced Oklahoma DUI attorneys will guide you through every step of the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected and advocating for the best possible outcome.

We’re always prepared to answer your legal questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out here or call us at (405) 358-4902 for a free case evaluation.