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Myth 1: Hiring an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Makes You Look Guilty

Many myths exist concerning being arrested for an alleged crime and hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma City. The most common myth about criminal defense lawyers is hiring an experienced criminal lawyer makes you look guilty. This could not be farther from the truth. Police, prosecutors, and judge assume nothing more than you know your rights and you are exercising them when you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  You have rights, you should use them. Police/law enforcement will not attempt to coerce a confession out of you or a loved one if you are represented by counsel.

Myth 2: All Criminal Defense Lawyers are the Same.

Another popular myth, all criminal defense lawyers are the same. However, experience, knowledge, and reputation matter with criminal lawyers just as in every other profession. The experienced Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyers at Cannon Law Firm have faced seasoned prosecutors and knows the tactics they will implement in your case. It takes experience to know how to weigh the strengths and weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case to advise a client about his/her prospects at trial. Experience never matters more than when your freedom is on the line. 

Myth 3: Any Criminal Lawyer Can Defend a Criminal Case.

Another common myth is any attorney can defend a criminal case. A personal injury lawyer is not capable of handling an antitrust case, just as a civil attorney is not the best choice for your criminal defense. Defending criminal clients in State and Federal court is an art form, which requires experience specific to criminal law. 

Myth 4: Criminal Defense Lawyers are Unethical.

Many view criminal lawyers as shady or suspect characters; however, this is another misconception. Our Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyers have the difficult task of balancing client interests with obligations to the justice system. Every profession has good and bad actors, but the majority of criminal defense lawyers are good, hardworking, dedicated attorneys that deeply care about their clients and their families. See what our clients say about our firm.

Myth 5: I Should Tell My Story to Police.

When I’m arrested I should tell my “story to the police,” myth. Many people accused of a crime want to immediately clear their name; they are wrong. It is important to present your side of the case; however, it is best to exercise this right with the assistance of experienced criminal defense counsel. Often a client will speak to police and corroborate or confirm some or all aspects of a charge they are facing without even knowing what they have done. Law enforcement can present charges to the prosecution on any crime they have probable cause to believe you or your loved one have committed. You should help your attorney defend your case; not help the police prosecute your case. 

Myth 6: Police Have to Tell Suspects the Truth.

Many people believe police are required to tell the truth; however, this is a myth. Police are allowed to lie and misrepresent facts during the course of an investigation. In fact, it is one of the most effective investigative techniques used. I would not mention it here if it rarely occurred. Police have a job to investigate crime, but you are not required to make their job easier. You have the right to remain silent, exercise your right.      

Myth 7: Public Defenders are Not Good Criminal Lawyers.

Public Defenders are not good lawyers; myth. As a former public defender, I have first-hand knowledge of the fact Public Defenders are often dedicated and highly skilled attorneys that choose to dedicate all or part of their career to public service. Public Defenders work solely in criminal defense and although they have very large dockets, they are often very dedicated to their clients. 

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