Five Things to Consider in an Oklahoma City Divorce

Divorce is never easy. However, when you face the challenges and unknown of divorce in Oklahoma, having experienced divorce attorney by your side is a great source of peace. I’m John Cannon, the owner and founder of Cannon & Associates. I’m an Army combat veteran and I’ve dedicated my career and my firm to serving Oklahomans. My team of Your Fierce Advocates® have helped clients from every walk of life through every element of family law in Oklahoma. Our family law team is dedicated to helping clients and families through divorce, child custody cases, adoptions, guardianships, and any of the hurdles that the dynamics of family law present to our clients. I encourage you to call my office today for a free confidential case planning session. My phones are answered 24 hours a day for clients. I hope the information on this page and at the following resources is helpful to you and we look forward to answering your questions about your Oklahoma divorce or family law case. 

Free Resources from OKC Divorce Lawyers and Your Fierce Advocates®: 

Cannon and Associates is led by Army combat veteran, John Cannon and we’re privileged to fight for client’s facing divorce in Oklahoma and a wide variety of family law issues in Oklahoma. Until we have the opportunity to meet, we hope the following Oklahoma divorce resources answer your specific Oklahoma divorce and family law questions: 

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What Areas of Family Law do OKC Divorce Lawyers Handle?

Our OKC divorce lawyers are Your Fierce Advocates® for a wide variety of family law cases. Our OKC divorce lawyers handle all aspects of family law in Oklahoma. We can assist you through your divorce, a custody dispute, contest a court order in your family law case, and many other family law issues in Oklahoma. Protecting your interests, your children, your retirement, and your finances are all important issues to you and our Oklahoma City family lawyers. We are glad to answer your questions and assist you with your family law matter in Oklahoma, if we are the right fit for you.

Divorce in Oklahoma: divorce in Oklahoma comes with a number of challenges, whether you have a disagreement about child custody, property, division of retirement, child support, alimony, or many other issues common to divorce in Oklahoma. Our OKC divorce lawyers have the experience you need to have a clear understanding of the Oklahoma divorce process and what you can expect at every phase of your Oklahoma divorce case. Unfortunately divorce is very common in Oklahoma, but that does not mean it is understood by you or your spouse. There are important decisions and strategic approaches you must consider before and during your Oklahoam City divorce in order to protect your interests. We would be glad to meet with you and answer all of your Oklahoma City divorce questions in a free case planning session.

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Child Custody in Oklahoma: custody disputes are the most difficult issue for most parents, whether facing divorce or a custody dispute after an initial custody order is made in your case. Our Oklahoma City child custody attorneys have handled every issue you are likely to experience in your Oklahoma City child custody dispute and we will use that experience to prepare you for the road ahead in your custody dispute. It is important to understand that there is not a preference for mothers or fathers to have primary custody in Oklahoma; however, how you present yourself to the other party in your custody dispute and the family law judge plays a serious role in the outcome of your Oklahoma child custody case. Our Oklahoma City child custody attorneys are here to help you understand the process and answer all your questions. 

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Child Support: parents have an obligation to support their children, which is intuitive and simple for most homes without custody orders. However, when the state gets involved and a child custody order is put in place, child support is ordered in almost every child custody case or divorce with minor children. Both parents presumptively provide for their children; however, the family law judge in your case will order child support against one parent, unless your Oklahoma City divorce attorney is able to persuade the court or the other party that you should not be required to pay child support. This issue is complex and has potentially financial implications until your child is an adult. Our Oklahoam City child support lawyers have helped countless clients in developing a strategy to minimize their child support obligation or obtain child support necessary to support their children. We can assist you with an initial child support order or modification of an existing child support order. 

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Alimony in Oklahoma: family law related to alimony in Oklahoma presumes that alimony will be paid if one party has a need for support and the other party has the ability to pay alimony. However, the guidance beyond that principle is very subjective and the application of alimony in Oklahoma divorce cases varies widely. Whether you need alimony after your divorce in Oklahoma or are seeking to avoid paying your spouse alimony, it is important to understand that you must have a strategy and a strong argument to present to the family law judge regarding alimony. We will do everything in our power to fight for the best possible alimony order for your case, which begins with understanding your needs and developing evidence to support the alimony order that you are after. In many instances by our Oklahoam City divorce lawyers building a strong argument related to alimony, we are able to convince your spouse’s divorce lawyer that our proposed alimony order is fair and equitable and it can be ordered by agreement. Our Oklahoma City divorce lawyers have seen every alimony scenario and we can assist you in developing the best strategy to achieve your alimony goals.

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Property Division in Oklahoma Divorce: the end of your marriage is difficult enough; however, the prospect of losing your hard earned retirement or being in the dark about your financial future is something no one wants to experience. Our Oklahoma City divorce lawyers have developed countless strategies to help our Oklahoma divorce clients achieve the property division or retirement division that meets our clients’ objectives. You cannot trust your former spouse to be concerned about your fair treatment in division on financial assets. You must ensure you have an experienced Oklahoma City divorce lawyer to be Your Fierce Advocate® and protect your financial future. 

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OKC Divorce Lawyers: 5 Things to Consider before Divorce in Oklahoma

Your mind is likely racing with concerns about the future, the present, and many other issues, if you are facing divorce or child custody issues in Oklahoma. It is important to get clarity about the process and your goals as early as possible. Clarity about what you hope to achieve in your Oklahoma City divorce and a plan of action that you develop with your Oklahoma City divorce lawyer will save you time, money, and heartache. There are only so many battles you can fight and win in your Oklahoma divorce. That is why our OKC divorce lawyers encourage you to choose the most important issue for you personally and help your family law team build a strategy to achieve that goal. To quickly recap, those issues are as follows:

  1. Child Custody
  2. Division of Property
  3. Alimony
  4. Child Support
  5. Division of Retirement 


The Fierce Advocates® at Cannon & Associates, have the experience you need to represent you through your Oklahoma City divorce. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients facing divorce and child custody disputes in Oklahoma. Contact Cannon & Associates by completing the CONTACT FORM ON THIS PAGE NOW or CALL 405-883-4427 for a free confidential case strategy meeting and to have your questions answered about your Oklahoma City divorce or child custody case.