What is the Impact of a DUI Conviction in Oklahoma?

The simple fact that you have been arrested for DUI in Oklahoma does not mean you are guilty. Our Oklahoma City DUI Lawyers and Your Fierce Advocates® at Cannon & Associates regularly fight DUI cases in court and trial to get DUI cases dismissed for clients in Oklahoma. The faster you act, the better your chance of having your Oklahoma DUI case dismissed. There is evidence, such as dash camera video and test results, that must be investigated and preserved as soon as possible or it may be destroyed or deleted by law enforcement. Your Fierce Advocates® are available 24 hours a day for clients and look forward to answering your questions about what to do after being arrested for DUI in Oklahoma.

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What is the Impact of a Criminal DUI Conviction?

Being convicted of driving under the influence or pleading guilty to a DUI offense has serious consequences in Oklahoma. The consequences of a DUI conviction in Oklahoma are serious for first-time DUI convictions as well as subsequent DUI offenses. The total cost to most defendants with a DUI arrest is at least $10,000. Those that have that type of money do not want to spend it on addressing a DUI arrest; however, most people do not even have that type of money. Either way a DUI conviction in Oklahoma can quickly turn into a separate debt or financial crisis. 

The average cost of $10,000 for a DUI case in Oklahoma comes from a number of expenses. There are fines that can vary widely that are imposed by the Court. You will have fees with DPS related to your driving privileges following a DUI arrest. You will have probation expenses, such as supervision and alcohol related classes and fees, plus the potential impact on your car insurance premiums and the legal fee for hiring an Oklahoma DUI attorney. Your Fierce Advocates® and DUI lawyers work hand-in-hand with you to identify and work to minimize the costs associated with a DUI case in Oklahoma. 

The financial impact of a DUI case in Oklahoma has other impacts as well. If you receive a conviction on your DUI case or plea “guilty” or “no contest” to DUI or DUI drugs, you will likely encounter significant issues with your professional career and future. You may have fears about losing your job after a DUI. 

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You may be required to report your DUI conviction to your employer and any professional licensing organization. A DUI conviction may also make it more difficult to obtain a professional license, certificate, or renew an annual professional license, i.e. a CDL or commercial driver’s license. You may also be required to report the DUI conviction to future employers. 

Will my Driver’s License by Suspended or Revoked? 

Oklahoma law provides for an automatic driver’s license suspension upon arrest for DUI or APC. However, by contesting your DUI arrest through a District Court Appeal or successfully enrolling and complete the requirements for IDAP through DPS, you can avoid having your Oklahoma driver’s license revoked or suspended following a DUI arrest. It is important to act quickly, as you only have 30 days to complete the requirements to enroll in IDAP or initiate your District Court Appeal and fight your DUI arrest. 

The only way to avoid your driver’s license being suspended following a DUI arrest in Oklahoma is by successfully completing one of the two processes identified above. You cannot initiate a District Court Appeal, losing your hearing, and then apply for IDAP. The new statutes related to driver’s license suspension following a DUI arrest requires you to pick one option or the other. This fact makes it very important to retain an experienced DUI lawyer to help you make an informed decision on this important decision. 

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Why Hire a Top DUI Attorney?

The benefit to hiring an experienced and highly skilled DUI attorney cannot be overstated. For first-time DUI offenders and some DUI defendants facing subsequent DUIs, you can expect an increased likelihood of the following:

  • Avoid jail time
  • Fight your DUI felony
  • Seek dismissal of your DUI or reduction in charges
  • Keep your driving privileges
  • Keep your record clean
  • Sustain your job
  • Minimize your fines and court fees
  • Minimize the terms of probation you must complete

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First Time DUI Offender

First-time DUI convictions in Oklahoma or “guilty” pleas on a DUI in Oklahoma come with supervised probation, unless you receive a jail sentence on your DUI. You will be required to stay in contact with your probation officer, while you are being supervised. Supervision on a DUI can result in many restrictions on your life, including impacting your ability to travel, change employment, and interrupting life with classes, UA tests, and other probation specific requirements. You may be prohibited from going to businesses, which serve alcohol or associated with certain individuals as well, while on probation for a first-time DUI. 

Working with an experienced Oklahoma DUI lawyer can greatly increase your chances of having your DUI dismissed or reducing the requirements of your DUI probation, if your case is not dismissed. The pain points of a first-time DUI conviction listed above is a major part in why we are so passionate about fighting for clients facing DUI charges in Oklahoma. We will do everything in our power to help you avoid a DUI conviction or DUI guilty plea, if you work with our DUI defense law firm. 

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How much does a DUI lawyer cost in Oklahoma?

Any respectable and experienced DUI attorney should charge a minimum of $2,500 to $5,000 for representing you in your DUI case. However, some cheap DUI attorneys advertise prices as low as $500; however, they do not advertise that they will spend next to no time on your case and that they will try to get you to accept the first plea bargain from the prosecutor. When you work with a inexperienced DUI lawyer you run the risk of be subject to the worst outcomes possible in a DUI case in Oklahoma: expensive and intense probation, substantial fines, substantial probation fees, and expensive probation requirements. In the end, a cheap DUI attorney will cost you far more.

The DUI lawyers at Cannon & Associates what everything to be clear to you. We provide highly experienced DUI defense at a reasonable price. We are not satisfied, unless you feel like you profit from working with us. Our DUI pricing begins at $2,000 and we have flexible payment plans for every client! We do not accept a client’s financial situation prohibiting them from working with our DUI defense firm.

You will always have access to our DUI defense team. We meet weekly as a team to discuss strategy for every client’s case, including yours. We have digital files that you will be given full access to, which allows you to see everything going on in your case from anywhere. Plus, we have an experienced investigator that will work to identify weaknesses in the government’s case in order for us to seek dismissal of your DUI case. 

At Cannon & Associates, Your Fierce Advocates® know a DUI arrest is one of the most difficult experiences that our clients face in their life. We know the DUI court process and being arrested is scary. We offer free DUI case planning sessions to answer your questions, whether you decide to work with us or not. We want you to know what to expect in your Oklahoma DUI case.


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