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CANNON & ASSOCIATES is dedicated to Fierce Advocacy for criminally accused in Oklahoma, including those charged with sex crimes.  Often, the mere accusation of a sex crime is all that is necessary for an individual to be arrested and charged with a sex crime in Oklahoma. That fact alone is scary by itself, but paired with the fact many people believe a person would not make a false accusation of being the victim of a sex crime increases the seriousness of defending these types of crimes in Oklahoma. Not only your career, but your freedom and reputation depend on the outcome of your criminal process in a sex offense case in Oklahoma. It is crucial you contact an experienced Oklahoma criminal defense attorney upon arrest or charges for any sex offense in Oklahoma. Contact CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC now to receive a free confidential consultation on your case.


Sexual offenses are widely considered the most heinous crimes in Oklahoma and as a result the Oklahoma Legislature has mandated Special Supervision Conditions for Sex Offenders, which go far beyond the requirements of probation for any other felony offense in Oklahoma. The terms of probation for sex offenders prohibit a person convicted of a sex offense in Oklahoma from living in certain locations, from going to specific locations, and place strict registration requirements on sex offenders. Not only are the requirements of Special Supervision Conditions for Sex Offenders very strict, registration as a sex offender in Oklahoma requires maintaining constant contact with local law enforcement. Additionally, violation of any of the following conditions is not only a probation violation, but may also result in being charged with a new and separate felony for failing to register as a sex offender in Oklahoma.


The following conditions are mandatory for any person convicted of a sex offense in Oklahoma or on probation for a sex offense in Oklahoma. Additionally, there are additional requirements for Registration as a Sex Offender in Oklahoma upon entering a plea agreement or being convicted of a sex offense in Oklahoma.

  1. The sex offender will refrain from any and all contact with the victim(s) in the felony case.
  2. The sex offender will abide by any curfew imposed by the probation officer and/or treatment provider.
  3. The sex offender will not hitchhike nor pick up anyone who is hitchhiking.
  4. The sex offender will reside in a residence which has been approved by the probation officer.
  5. The sex offender will maintain gainful employment, unless medically unable to do so, or unless enrolled as a full-time student. If the offender claims medical inability to work or attend school, it must be proven by a doctor’s statement.
  6. The sex offender will adhere to any driving limitations imposed by the probation officer, including a driving log, if requested.
  7. The sex offender shall obtain prior written approval of the probation officer of the probation officer and treatment provider before using any computer equipment and/or accessing the internet.
  8. The sex offender shall not purchase, own, or possess any pornographic materials in any form or any materials in any form which are sexually stimulating or sexually oriented. The sex offender will not view, download, purchase, or otherwise access any pornographic materials on a computer, computer hard drive, disks, or any equipment which is capable of accessing the internet including but not limited to cellular telephones, electronic palm pilots, and/or any other devices. The sex offender will not frequent adult bookstores, sex shops, topless bars, strip clubs, massage parlors, massage parlors, adult theatres, or any other place where such material or entertainment is available. The sex offender will not utilize any sexually oriented telephone numbers or services.
  9. The sex offender will attend, actively participate in, and complete a sex offender treatment program in which the Program Director is a clinical member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (“ATSA”). The sex offender must enroll in such program as soon as possible but within thirty (30) days of the date of the plea of guilty or release from incarceration. The sex offender must provide written proof of enrollment and attendance to the Probation Officer. The sex offender will be responsible for all costs attached to the treatment, and the offender swears and/or affirms he/she will be able to do so.
  10. The sex offender will submit to an assessment and recommended testing by the sex offender treatment provider, including but not limited to polygraphs, to assist in treatment, planning and case monitoring.
  11. The sex offender shall authorize shared communication regarding his progress in sex offender treatment among the sex offender treatment providers, the District Court, the sex offender probation officer, the polygrapher, the District Attorney’s Office that prosecuted the case, the Oklahoma criminal defense attorney’s office, the sex offense victim(s), sex offender victim advocate and/or other parties deemed appropriate by the sex offender probation officer and sex offender treatment provider.
  12. The sex offender will submit to DNA testing for law enforcement identification purposes in accordance with Oklahoma state statutes and the rules promulgated by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (“OSBI”) for the OSBI DNA Offender Database. Submission for testing shall be required within the first thirty (30) days of sentencing or release from incarceration. Additional DNA samples may be collected, if necessary for later DNA analysis.
  13. The sex offender will submit to blood test(s) to determine, if he/she is infected with a venereal disease or a communicable disease, including but not limited to HIV, if applicable. The sex offender shall agree to the victim(s) being notified of the results of the tests.

Disclaimer: This list is non-exhaustive of the conditions, which will be emplaced upon being convicted or being placed on felony probation for a sex offense in Oklahoma. Rather, this list is representative of the majority of potential sex offender probation requirements in addition to the normal terms of felony probation, including, but not limited to community service, jail or prison time, fines, fees, and other terms of probation.


In addition to the above listed terms of sex offender special probation conditions, individuals convicted of a sex offense will be required to register as a sex offender with local law enforcement and the State of Oklahoma pursuant to OKLA. STAT. tit. 57 § 584 et seq. These additional requirements are as follows:

  1. The sex offender will comply with the Sex Offender Registration Act by registering with the department of Corrections (“DOC”) and the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the residence in which he/she lives and shall include the following information:
    • Name/Alias(es);
    • Complete description of his/her personal features;
    • Photographs and fingerprint;
    • List of every offense he/she has been convicted;
    • The jurisdiction of the conviction;
    • The name and location of any prison, hospital, or treatment facility the sex offender has been committed;
    • The sex offender’s current address and length of time at that address;
    • The length of time the sex offender plans to remain at the current address.
  2. The sex offender must register within three (3) days of the date of the plea of guilty or no contest pursuant to OKLA. STAT. tit. 57 § 584.
  3. The sex offender shall not reside within two-thousand (2,000) feet of any public school, private school, or educational institution.
  4. The offender shall not reside with or have any contact with any child under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, if the sex offense involved any children.
  5. The sex offender shall not go to, linger, wander, or stay near schools, school yards, parks, playgrounds, acrades, swimming pools, or other places primarily used by children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age. Additionally, the sex offender shall not attend sporting or dance events, including practice where the participants are under the age of eighteen (18) years of age.
  6. The sex offender shall not date, socialize with, or engage in a sexual relationship with any person who has children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age.  


Nothing, including the potential for a lengthy prison sentence, can explain the seriousness of facing sex offense charges in Oklahoma better than the above mandatory conditions for sex offenders in Oklahoma. After being accused of a sex crime, such as sexual assault, sexual battery, forcible sodomy, child molestation, or rape, you need experienced criminal defense. If you are facing accusations or charges of sex crimes in Oklahoma, you will find a Fierce Advocate on your side at CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC. Don’t allow the fact you are facing sexual assault charges stop you from fighting for your good name, to stay out of prison, and avoid these terms of sex offender probation.


You need a top notched Oklahoma sex crimes defense attorney to fight for you or family, if facing sex crimes charges in Oklahoma. John Cannon, owner of CANNON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC, is an experienced criminal defense and sex crimes defense lawyer. Our office has successfully defended a multitude of individuals facing rape, child molestation, and other sex crime charges.

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