What Jobs Can You Get With a Felony Drug Charge in Oklahoma?

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Despite the challenges that come with a felony record, some industries are willing to offer second chances. Navigating the job market with a felony record, especially a drug charge, may seem daunting, but many industries recognize the value of rehabilitation and acquired skills over one’s past mistakes

If you or someone you know has a felony drug charge and is looking to get a job, it’s important to understand your rights and explore your options. At Cannon & Associates, we help individuals with criminal records by providing tips to secure employment and supporting them to keep their freedom. Our experienced team of attorneys can provide you with the guidance and support you need to overcome the challenges you may face. Don’t let your past hold you back; contact us today at 405-657-2323 for a free case strategy session and take the first step towards a brighter future.

Facing the Future with a Felony Drug Charge

A conviction for a drug felony can undoubtedly pose numerous challenges. The societal stigma, reduced trust by employers, and limitations in eligible careers can make the job hunt feel like an uphill battle. Despite these challenges, the path to gainful employment remains open.

What’s needed is a proactive approach, a focus on industries that value rehabilitation, and a commitment to honesty.

The Reality of Background Checks

Background checks are a common part of the job application process. These checks can reveal past drug charges, leading employers to be wary of the applicant. Applicants with a felony record are about half as likely to be called back for an interview compared to those without a felony record. This reality should not deter you but rather encourage transparency during the application process, including being honest about the results of your background check.

Honesty about past convictions on job applications is essential, as it portrays integrity and openness to discuss the details during an interview. Honesty is always the best policy, and it starts with acknowledging your past, accepting its lessons, and using those experiences as stepping stones toward a brighter future.

Finding Felony-Friendly Industries

Not all industries are stringent about background checks, and not all companies within these industries have the same requirements. Identifying these industries that value rehabilitation is a key part of finding employment post-incarceration. Industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Food service
  • Rehabilitation counseling
  • Skilled trades
  • Small businesses

Some sectors are known for hiring individuals with a criminal history. These sectors provide a variety of roles, such as stock clerks, roofers, factory workers, sales representatives for wholesale products, and suitable jobs in the culinary industry like cooking and serving. Among these, roofing companies offer opportunities for those seeking employment as roofers.

Resources like the Felony Record Hub can guide ex-offenders to industries with felony-friendly jobs. Another strategy is offering to work in roles such as roofing. Such an approach not only equips you with valuable experience but also displays your dedication and competency to potential employers.

Tailoring Your Job Search

Your past does not define your future. This saying holds true when you tailor your job search to positions that highlight your specialized skills, less impacted by your criminal record. Prioritizing industries that value rehabilitation and offer fair chance hiring practices is a strategic move that can lead to more successful job search outcomes.

During job interviews, it’s imperative to briefly mention your criminal history and then primarily discuss your qualifications and fit for the position. This strategy helps you steer the narrative, transforming a potential drawback into a testament to your honesty, resilience, and dedication to personal growth.

Overcoming Barriers: Employment Opportunities After Conviction

Despite the barriers, numerous employment opportunities exist for individuals with felony drug charges. Some of these sectors include:

  • Construction
  • Truck driving
  • Landscaping
  • Solar energy
  • Creative fields such as graphic design and film editing

These industries value rehabilitation and offer second chances to individuals with felony drug charges.

Skilled Trades Offering a Second Chance

Specialized training or certification in fields like welding or HVAC can significantly improve suitable job prospects for individuals with criminal records. Such training equips you with specific skills and also aids in alleviating the stigma attached to a criminal record in the job market. For instance, obtaining recognized qualifications like that of a journeyman carpenter can open doors to opportunities in the construction industry.

You might consider starting as a helper to tradespeople in the construction industry, where licensing is not a barrier to employment. This approach allows you to gain experience, develop skills, and demonstrate your value to potential employers.

The Role of Small Businesses

Small businesses often form the backbone of local economies, and they also play a significant role in providing opportunities for individuals with felony drug charges. These businesses may be incentivized to hire ex-offenders due to tax benefits like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. This initiative provides a tax credit worth up to 40% of the first $6,000 paid in wages to each eligible ex-offender. Please be aware that legal regulations, including potential dollar amounts, may change over time. For the most current and accurate information, consult with legal assistance to ensure accuracy in your specific situation.

Employers frequently observe that ex-offenders tend to be appreciative and loyal, placing high value on their jobs and showing unwavering commitment. This gratitude can lead to long-term employment, creating a win-win situation for both the employer and the ex-offender.

Harnessing Your Potential: Skills and Education That Count

Learning skills that are in high demand can significantly improve employment prospects for individuals with a felony drug charge. Whether you’ve received vocational training or education during incarceration, or are considering pursuing further education, remember that every step toward skill acquisition is a step towards a brighter future.

Vocational Training and Certifications

Vocational training and certification programs are often completed in a shorter timeframe than traditional academic degrees. They enable individuals with criminal records to efficiently acquire marketable skills. Training programs for electricians and careers such as wind turbine technicians offer secure and well-paying jobs with high expected growth rates.

Resources like Vocational rehabilitation programs, military employment training, and Apprenticeship.gov offer hands-on training for careers in fields such as construction, welding, and other high-demand areas. Organizations like E.O.R.N. also play a crucial role in breaking the cycle of recidivism by providing employment tools and training to disenfranchised groups, including ex-offenders.

Leveraging Online Courses for Marketable Skills

In today’s digital era, online learning platforms offer a wealth of opportunities for individuals looking to improve their skills. Self-directed online learning platforms such as:

  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Udacity
  • Udemy
  • Khan Academy
  • The Open University

Offer courses that you can access to enhance your employability, find jobs, and explore opportunities with temp agencies.

By utilizing the skills acquired online, you can explore self-employment opportunities in areas like graphic design, mobile app development, and writing. The technology sector, in particular, offers promising freelance and remote job opportunities with open-minded employers and high demand. Being self-employed allows you to avoid pre-employment background checks while showcasing your skills and dedication through a personal portfolio or side project.

Legal Advocacy: How a Lawyer Can Help

Legal advocacy plays a crucial role in the journey of individuals with felony drug charges. A criminal defense lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors and the court to potentially reduce a felony drug charge to a misdemeanor, affecting life and career opportunities more favorably.

Expungement and Record Sealing

Expungement of a felony drug charge from one’s record offers several benefits, including:

  • Removing the offense from federal and state records that employers might check, enhancing job opportunities
  • Restoring certain rights, such as the right to vote and the right to possess firearms
  • Improving eligibility for housing and financial assistance programs

Understanding the expungement laws that vary between states requires legal experience and knowledge.

Upon sealing a criminal record, you can rightfully claim that you have never been arrested or convicted. This ability can open up a wider range of employment opportunities, offering you a fresh start. Remember that eligibility for record sealing is contingent upon waiting periods post-release and varies by crime.

Navigating the Legal System for Better Opportunities

Legal experience is key for defending against drug paraphernalia charges and effectively navigating the varying drug crime laws across different states. A drug defense attorney’s role includes working towards keeping a defendant’s criminal record clean, significantly affecting future employment opportunities.

With an understanding of state-specific laws, defendants and attorneys such as Cannon & Associates can handle the disclosure of criminal records in employment and potential anti-discrimination protections. Programs like the Federal Bonding Program support employment by providing employers with a bond that acts as insurance against theft or dishonesty.

Practical Steps to Employment with a Criminal History

The past is a place of learning, not a place of living. This philosophy rings true when it comes to practical steps towards employment. Despite the challenges, with the right mindset, tools, and resources, it’s possible to take on the job market successfully even with a criminal history.

Crafting a Persuasive Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume is more than just a document; it’s a tool that showcases your qualifications and strengths, persuading potential employers of your value. Including training or work completed during incarceration in the Education or Work Experience sections can highlight the skills learned and contributions made. However, it’s crucial not to include your criminal history on the resume.

A cover letter complements your resume, providing a personalized touch and an opportunity to address any gaps in employment history due to incarceration. When crafted meticulously, your resume and cover letter can unlock opportunities and lay the groundwork for interviews.

Acing the Interview with Honesty and Confidence

An interview is more than just a conversation; it’s an opportunity to present yourself as the right candidate for the job. Honesty is paramount during interviews, especially when discussing your criminal history. It’s important to briefly explain your crime, take responsibility for your actions, and stress that you have turned your life around.

The interview is also your stage to highlight your qualifications and suitability for the role. Share positive steps taken since your conviction, such as sobriety or further education, to illustrate your commitment to change. Making a good first impression is crucial. Dress appropriately, highlight relevant skills, and prepare for common interview questions.

Partnering for Progress: Resources and Support Networks

You are not alone on this journey. There are countless resources and support networks available that can help you find employment opportunities and reintegrate into the workforce.

Agencies Specializing in Second Chances

Organizations such as Goodwill and 2nd Chances 4 Felons provide support and linkages to employment opportunities for convicted felons with criminal records. These resources can be invaluable in your job search, providing support, guidance, and direct connections to potential employers.

The Federal Government, state and local government resources, and nonprofit organizations offer programs to help felons get formal education and training. Using job search resources available through work-release programs, state services, and resume evaluation services can bolster your employment chances, making it more likely for companies to hire convicted felons.

Networking and Mentorship

Networking and mentorship play a critical role in guiding ex-offenders as they understand the path to re-enter the workforce post-incarceration. Networking with other ex-offenders and organizations that support them is a valuable way to discover job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised.

Organizations like the Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc. (E.O.R.N.) offer peer-to-peer mentoring, job readiness training, and employment opportunities specifically for ex-offenders. Remember, mentorship and networking aren’t just about taking; they’re about building relationships, giving back, and growing together.

How Cannon & Associates Can Help You

A felony drug charge can indeed pose significant challenges, but it’s crucial to remember that it does not define you or limit your potential. There are numerous employment opportunities available across various sectors that value rehabilitation and offer second chances. With the right approach, honesty, resilience, and a commitment to growth, you can handle the job market successfully.

At Cannon & Associates, we understand the challenges you face. Our goal is to help you manage the legal system, protect your freedom, and improve your chances of finding employment.

Our seasoned team of attorneys has extensive experience in negotiating with prosecutors and the court, potentially downgrading a felony drug charge to a misdemeanor, especially in cases where individuals abuse drugs, which can have a more favorable impact on your life and career prospects. We also handle serious charges such as drug trafficking and firearms offenses, providing a robust defense aimed at preserving your rights. Additionally, we offer compassionate representation for those involved in domestic violence cases, understanding the sensitive nature of such accusations and the profound effect they can have on your future.

We stand by you, ready to fight for your rights and your future. We’re just a phone call away at 405-657-2323.

Frequently Asked Questions

What professional license can a convicted felon get in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, convicted felons face certain restrictions when it comes to obtaining professional licenses. However, the possibility of obtaining a license varies depending on the profession and the nature of the felony. Some licenses in medical, legal, and other specific fields may be more challenging to acquire, but expungement or pardon can improve eligibility.

What industries are more likely to hire individuals with a felony drug charge?

Individuals with a felony drug charge are more likely to find employment in industries such as construction, food service, rehabilitation counseling, skilled trades, and small businesses. These industries are known for being more open to hiring individuals with a criminal history.

How can vocational training and certification programs help individuals with felony drug charges?

Vocational training and certification programs can greatly improve job opportunities for individuals with a felony drug charge by showing dedication to professional development and gaining special skills. This can lead to better employment prospects and career advancement.

Can a felony drug charge be removed from my record in Oklahoma?

Yes, in certain circumstances, a felony drug charge can be removed from your record in Oklahoma through a legal process called expungement. The eligibility for expungement depends on various factors, such as the type of felony, the amount of time that has passed since the completion of the sentence, and whether you have any subsequent convictions. It’s advisable to consult with a legal professional to understand your specific situation and the steps involved in the expungement process.

How does the Work Opportunity Tax Credit benefit employers who hire individuals with felony drug charges?

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from certain target groups, including those with felony drug charges. This credit incentivizes employers to hire job seekers who might otherwise face significant barriers to employment. By hiring an eligible individual, employers can claim a tax credit of up to 40% of the first $6,000 in wages paid to the new employee during the first year of employment, which can help reduce the overall cost of hiring new staff. Please be aware that legal regulations, including potential dollar amounts, may change over time. For the most current and accurate information, consult with legal assistance to ensure accuracy in your specific situation.

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