Unfortunately, Car accidents are a frequent occurrence on Oklahoma roads. If you have been
involved in one, or your loved one has been, you need to understand the series of decisions you
make in the aftermath of your accident can affect you and your chances of recovering
compensation for the damages suffered.

Following a car accident, there are frankly two options with regards to recovering damages:
1. Represent yourself
2. Hire a car accident attorney

Hiring an experienced Oklahoma car accident attorney can greatly increase your chances of
receiving fair compensation for your injuries, damages, and property damage. However, you
shouldn’t take our word for it, below are some of the advantages you stand to gain from hiring a
car accident lawyer for your case.

Car Accident Attorney: Understands the Statutes of Limitation

As a layman, you may be unaware that you have a limited time to seek compensation in your
car accident case/claim. These limits are set in place to protect parties from the potential of
litigation being brought up indefinitely. Additionally, statutes of limitations protect evidence and the changes of proper claims for compensation. At the very least, meeting with an Oklahoma
car accident lawyer can help you to better understand the urgency of demanding compensation
or beginning the process.

Your car accident lawyer understands what the state law specifies as the statute of limitations
and helps you understand your time limits to seek compensation. In Oklahoma the staute of
limitations for car accident claims is two years from the date of the accident, exceptions exist, such as accidents involving a child claimant; however, this is a general rule and is enforced by courts.

Car Accident Attorney: Will help with Insurance

Insurance companies are in the business of enriching their pockets at the detriment of claim
victims whose cases aren’t properly packaged or represented. With a car accident attorney by
your side, you stand a chance of getting the desired or close to the desired amount in
compensation as opposed to being offered peanuts.

Remember, the smaller the amount the insurance company pays in compensation, the better for
them, and the worse for you and the damages you have suffered. If you only care about a quick
resolution to your Oklahoma car accident, you can certainly work with the insurance adjuster
directly; however, if the size of your settlement or compensation matter to you, it is in your best interest to meet with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Car Accident Attorney: Lawyers Prove Liability

In certain cases, your car accident claim may proceed to filing a personal injury lawsuit or even trial. During this period, your car accident lawyer is in the best position to present evidence that proves liability and defend your claims throughout the process.

The absence of an attorney can put you at a great disadvantage, especially in the face of legal
professionals on the opposing side whose main aim is to make sure that you do not get a penny
in compensation or a little compensation as possible. You can be assured that the insurance
company will have its insurance defense legal team fighting your claim, so you should serious
consider representation for your claim.

Car Accident Attorney: Knows when To Settle

Your car accident attorney has most likely handled hundreds of cases similar to yours and is in
a better position to advise you regarding settlement. Knowing when it is appropriate to settle out of court can save you a lot of back and forth, extra attorney fees, and ensure that you are well taken care of.

Many personal injury cases must be litigated; however, recognizing a fair settlement for your
specific damages is a form of art. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you in
deciding, if the compensation offered by the insurance company is fair and just for the damages
you have suffered or if you should proceed to filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Car Accident Attorney: Contingency Fees

Most car accident lawyers are happy to work for a contingency fee, which means you pay your
attorney nothing, unless you settle or receive a judgment in your favor.

Specifically, our Oklahoma car accident attorneys will not bother you with the legal fees ahead
of the case, however, they we will take a percentage of your settlement or judgement as
compensation once the case is won.

With a contingency fee arrangement in place, you stand a chance to lose nothing as our
Oklahoma car accident lawyers do not get a dime, unless we win a settlement or judgment for

Car Accident Attorney: Aggressive Legal Representation

Insurance defendants and insurance adjusters are tougher than they appear in their PR stunt
ads and commercials. Insurance companies are for profit businesses, which means they want to
take in more insurance premiums than they pay out in any given year. The way insurance
companies have decided to try and maximize their profits is by paying as little as possible in
settlements, even when it costs they thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in
insurance defense legal fees.

A Fierce Advocate on your side fighting for compensation in your car accident claim will stand
ready to fight for you in the claims process or litigation, if necessary. Our car accident attorneys will fight for you to ensure no stone is left unturned in a bid to get you the desired result.

You Have One Shot at Fair Compensation

Failing to hire a car accident attorney and choosing to represent yourself in court exposes you
to a number of risks

Now, you really aren’t concerned with whether or not your personal injury attorney is doing his
or her job, you are on the spot and your success or failure will stay with you forever. Chances
that you will make a mistake are higher, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing in a
personal injury claim or litigation. Hiring a car accident attorney will save you from this stress and guarantee that in your one opportunity for fair compensation your interests are protected.

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