Getting into a car accident is never expected and always an interruption to your life. In fact, the series of events that play out after a car accident can leave you completely overwhelmed and
unable to make a clear decision.

While you are struggling with injuries sustained from the accident, you are also considering the
temporary or permanent loss of your job, the growing medical bills, and others.

With all of these thoughts and concerns, you should not forget that you may be entitled to
recover damages for your pain and suffering, injuries, and property damage following your
personal injury accident. Oklahoma is a fault state, which means if another party is responsible
for your harm, either through positive action or negligence, then you may be entitled to
compensation from that party, which typically comes from their insurance company.

In this moment of realization, you should also recognize that you should not go it alone. An
experienced personal injury attorney can point you in the right direction, do the heavy lifting in your injury claim or lawsuit, and push the insurance company to provide you fair compensation
for your injuries, a thing they hate to do.

Points to Consider Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

There are several points in the aftermath of a car accident that you can hire a car accident
lawyer. Some of the milestone events that may demand the expertise of a car accident lawyer
more than others include:

1. When Negotiating with an Insurance Company

Negotiating with an insurance company on your own may leave you feeling cheated or as the
subject of an interrogation. Insurance companies are in the business of making a profit for
themselves and will not compromise this stance on account of your injury or the extent of
damages you have suffered.

With a car accident attorney on your side however, you stand a better chance of leveling the
playing field. The car accident attorney calls on years of experience interacting with insurance
companies and uses this to defend your interests while pushing for the highest possible amount
in compensation.

Negotiating a settlement payout is one of the trickiest areas of your car accident claim, you may need a car accident lawyer to do it the right way and protect you from traps set by the insurance company.

2. When the Insurance Company Blames You for the Accident and Resulting Damages

In an attempt to avoid making you whole by paying the deserved compensation, insurance
companies can turn around and launch blame of the accident on you. With this move, you are
either left with very low compensation or nothing at all. To establish the liable party, you need a car accident attorney who will gather all evidence that proves the liable party and get you a chance to demand what is rightfully yours by law. Oklahoma is a fault state, which means you must be less than 50 percent at fault in order to recover for your accident claim. The
experienced of a seasoned Oklahoma personal injury attorney can help you level the playing
field and prove the other party is at fault in your accident.

3. Your Accident Has Caused Emotional Distress

The effects of a car accident transcend physical injuries. In most cases, victims are left with
mental trauma and emotional injuries that can affect the way they see and enjoy life. This type
of damage is contemplated in civil law and falls under the umbrella of “non-economic damages.”
Non-economic damages are the only way our civil justice system has to compensate for the
harms done by another party that are not responsive to bills and property damage.

Non-economic damages are the largest part of many personal injury claims, because the impact
of a personal injury event can have a life changing impact on you and your family, which goes
far beyond the bills that resulted from your car accident or personal injury claim.

If you have found that you are a victim of emotional distress (PTSD, depression, anxiety, and
others) resulting from the accident, chances are high that speaking to a car accident attorney
can significantly help you. Car accident attorneys understand that car accidents often lead to
both economic and non-economic damages and are ready to work with you to estimate the
extent of the damage and demand compensation to help you work your way back to what would
be a normal life.

4. You cannot settle with the Insurance Company

Hiring a Fierce Advocate personal injury attorney is the right move, if you cannot reach a
settlement with the insurance adjuster. Whether the insurance company low balls you or simply
refuses to compensation you for your damages and your injuries, an experienced personal injury
attorney can help you build your claim and fight the insurance company.

Many personal injury claims can be settled out of court; however, in some instances you must
take the insurance company to court in order to receive fair compensation. The insurance
companies have the power to refuse to settle your claim, even if the defendant or party
responsible for your accident wants to settle. The insurance company controls the purse strings
and can prohibit a defendant from settling your claim, because the insurance company pays the

This unusual arraignment and the conflicts it creates between the insured defendant and the
insurance company is only one reason you need a Fierce Advocate on your side to ensure all
parties are informed of what is taking place and will be prepared to fight for you in court, if the insurance company continues to refuse to provide fair compensation for your economic and non-economic damages.

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